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Why Me ? Why Ever ? Why TODAY ? ... D=Category: DiaryRants..Days..=/
Thursday, 29 November 2007
04:01:54 PM (GMT)
Why Do These Things ALWAYS happen to me, hmm? ii think ii fall in love tuu easily for my own good. ♥ Boys Just Look Out To Break My Heart.. So, Why? Hmm, Maybeh it's the fact that ii will fall head-over-heels in love with them? Or Maybeh it's because ii can be guilable and led easily? Or Maybeh it's /me/? Hmm..Heartbroken is a feeling that swamps me again today..D= --Tears don't solve anything..Heres the overview..; When..;Couple Of Hours Ago.. How...;Over Msn..{asshole} Where..;Read Above T__T Why..;Simply, because we don't see each other enough...;__; ii Don't GET It..He lives a 15 minute journey from me, but it costs me or him £2.30 just for buses to see each other. && we can only see each other at the WEEKEND..! =/ ii try, ii really do.. But that was his only reason, pathetic, much ? If he did LOVE me ENOUGH..something like that wouldn't stand in our way..but ii should learn a lesson. Guys Who Go Out With Me Don't Really Love Me. && ii can't have that.. Grrrrr...! Hearts♥ { Like Rules } Are Meant To Be Broken ! Heres a letter ii wrote for /him/ Which i'm OBVIOUSLY Not Going Tuu Give Tuu Him =S ; Dear Martin, So, we've been in this situation before. I can't believe after admitting your love to me, and promising me so much, you had the nerve to hurt me so. Okay, the texts meant nothing then? The IMs meant nothing then? ..All of it..a lie? I hope not, but who knows if I can really rely on you anymore, to speak the truth to me? One part of me is saying, forgive him, he's just a guy they don't understand what we feel. && The other is saying, Jerk .. Asshole .. He doesn't deserve you to forgive him, hes hurt you once again. You said this, and you said that? And what of it did you mean? .... (Theres A Whole Load Of Crap In Here..ii really can't be bothered typing it..I'll skip a little)...Okay, my heart will mend in time. Laughter & My Friends & My Music..it will all gradually help me. My Best Friend will be there for me, but hey, she can't help the pain inside. The tears can be wiped away, the messages can be deleted but heart will take time. And, duh, I will get over it all..But do you REALLY think things will be the same? Hmm? Best Friends : Never..Friends : In Time? ...Pals : It's Possible..But You Are Not Forgiven. . . . . Love, Sorry, Not Loved, CJ.. Okay, thats not it all, it's too long..and emotional..! =/ {Please Comment~} Times Like This All ii Need Are Friends.. D= Thanks =3
Last edited: 29 November 2007

rinzi says:   29 November 2007   872844  
i think i fall in love too easily
x_CJ_Random_x says :   29 November 2007   886599  
Me Too.
Obviously, I don't learn my lesson, you just get HURT.


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