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Friday, 23 November 2007
10:00:19 PM (GMT)
humm a diray i think of it as a blog.......

i don't mind what you say cuz i don't know you and never will, hey if your a mean
person thats on you. 

                                                              Heaven and Hell are
here on Earth

                                           chapter 1 
                                                3 headed dragon

      my name is JoAnn Missick i'm a 16 year old bisexual and i love it. i have
friends who love me and i basicly love everyone.....i can careless how fucked up you
are cuz it really doesn't matter. Why should it your still a human, your still alive,
you can see the world though sight and or sound. if your handicap so what it's not
like you are in a world were no one loves you. 
      if you feel the way i do, some times humans can feel misplaced they think the
world is agaist them, but in reality no one even knows you and what they say really
goes into a vortex of forgotness, or what we call the past. if you havent already
noticed you have lived though it before and guess what your living now, and you will
live though it again and again. i know how you feel we shouldn't have to go though
this, wheres God? well i can't answer the God part but who cares why we have to go
though this, human lives go on, and there is no way us nobodies can stop humanity
from creating itself. 
       even if i was not a bi, why would i have any reason to hate them? why because
humans say so, most people don't like bi's because of what there friends or family
has told them or what the majority says, i bet it wouldn't be half the haters there
are now. but any who, sometimes you want to live in pease and think on my side of
views, you mite want to just read up on some things i have to say, all i want is to
help people and let people know that there are others like you, how do i know because
one of those people wrote this blog. let me know if you want me to continue to write
blogs to give you the latest up dates on my thoughts if not thats fine


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