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Thursday, 1 November 2007
05:44:49 PM (GMT)
Oh, here's a survey that explains what else I'm like:

Do you have any pets? yup...4 dogs, a cat, and two turtles

What color shirt are you wearing?    different shades of blue, and white
Name three things that are physically close to you:  my algebra book, an empty dr.
pepper can, and my turtle pen

What is the last book you read?  The Grooming of Alice by Phyillas Reynolds Naylor

Are you or were you a good student?   yes...

What's your favorite sport? soccer to play and basketball to watch

Do you enjoy sleeping late? yes...but i have to get up around 6:30am most
days...*cough* school...

What's the weather like right now?   sunny, windy, chilly

Who tells the best jokes?    Heather...

What was the last thing you dreamed about? a really really big chocolate

Do you drive? If so, have you ever crashed?   no...and i most likely will

Do you believe in karma? not really

Do you believe in luck?  eh...i guess so

Do you like your eggs scrambled or sunny side up?  scrambled

Do you collect anything? If so, what?  nope

Are you proud of yourself?   at times i am

Are you reliable? i can be  

Have you ever given money to a bum?  no
What's your favorite food?   pizza

Have you ever had a secret admirer?    yuppers

Do you like the smell of gasoline?   actually...i do...don't know why though
Do like to draw?   uh...no

What's your favorite invention?  electricity...and the internet

Is your room messy?   its kinda clean...kinda not...

What do you like better: oranges or apples?  oranges

Do you give in easily?   not really

Are you a good guesser?   not exactly

Can you read other people's expressions?   i can with some people...jus depends on
the person

Are you a bully?   only to my brother
Do you have a job?   nopers
What time did you wake up this morning?  6:36 am
What did you eat for breakfast this morning?  a chocolate chip granola bar
When was the last time you showered?  last night

What do you plan on doing tomorrow?  nothin really...school and then come home and
get on the computer...

What's your favorite day of the week and why?  Friday...the bestest day EVER...lol
Do you have any nicknames?  yup...smartass, sweetheart, susie Q...and so on

Have you ever been scuba diving? nope...i would like to though

What's your least favorite color?  orange

Is there someone you have been constantly thinking about? If yes, who?  Josh...i miss
him...and vincent...but they aren't vewy nice thoughts...

Would you ever go skydiving?   no way...terrified of heights...

What toothpaste do you use? crest
Do you enjoy challenges?   noooooo
What's the worst injury you have had? um...probably the knot on my head when i ran
into a tree... 
What's the last movie you saw?  The Ring 2
What do you want to know about the future?  um...idk
What does your last text message say?   don't have a cellphone...
Who was the last person you spoke over the phone to?  Louis...(my cuzzy) his gf was
mad at him...so yea...i got stuck calmin em both down *sigh*
What's your favorite school subject?  social studies/history

 What's your least favorite school subject? math/algebra
Would you rather have money or love?   love
What is your dream vacation? Italy...Rome in particular
What is your favorite animal?  doggies ^_^
Do you miss anyone right now?   Josh...like i said before
What's the last sporting event you watched?  whatever my dad was watchin

Do you need to do laundry?  yuppers...i'm actually supposed to be doin that right
Do you listen to the radio?  all the time...
Where were you when 9/11 happened? at school...
What do you do when vending machines steal your money?  kick the damn thing...
Have you ever caught a butterfly?  yea
What color are your bed sheets?  blue/purple/green striped
What's your ringtone?   don't have a cellphone...
Who was the last person to make you laugh?  my lil brother and his gf...they're SO
adorable...lol (he's 9...she's 10)
Do you have any obsessions right now?   yes...with the letter Q
Do you like things that glow in the dark?   uh huh...they facinate me
What's your favorite fruity scent?  coconut
Do you watch cartoons?   nah
Have you ever sat on a roof?  nope
Have you ever been to a different country?   no...but i would love to
Name three things in the world you dislike: preps,cheerleaders, and perverted guys

Name three people in the world you dislike: brittany, chris, and Jesse
Has a rumor even been spread about you?  not that i know of
Do you like sushi?  never tried it before

Do you believe in magic? depends

Do you hold grudges?  sometimes


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