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Wednesday, 31 October 2007
07:03:42 PM (GMT)
"Can I do to the Movies?" I asked.
"sure, with who?" dad asked
" Carson. chill dad" I said.

I walked out the door wearing jeans and a tank top. The tank top was really tight. i
liked it, it made my boobs look big. 

Carson was the hottest lez at school. i think she knew it wasnt just for fun. but for
REAL fun. 

The movie theater was only a block away from my house so i walked down there myself.
I looked around and saaw her standing by the wall in a mini skirt and a tube top. All
the guys of coarse were staring at her. She mouthed to them she was a lez but they
kept staring at her anyways. I walked up to her. She already bought the tickets
because i saw them in her hand.

"Hey." Carson said.
"Hey" I said back. 
we started walking into the theaters. i didnt know what movie tickets she got but it
didnt matter. I went to the popcorn line.
"we dont need that" she said. Then She winked.

I knew what she meant. we walked into the theater. we sat down in the very back row
where no one was sitting and where no one would see us.
i saw her open her legs wide. her mini skirt was up and she had no underwear on. She
was rubbing her pussy. She started rubbing it really hard. I heard her moan. I moved
her hand and i started doing it myself. I rubbed it and kept rubbing it. I got really
into it. so i stuck my finger down her pussy really hard. She wasnt expecting it. She
moaned really loud. Some guys that looked about 13 saw her. They ran to our row. 

"You guys can watch" Carson said. 

The guys took out their phones and started video taping this. 

I began to take my finger out. I stuck it down her pussy again. I did it again and
again and then i stuck 2 fingers down her pussy. She moaned again. Her back arched. I
could tell she liked it. I liked her pussy a lot. my tounge went in and out of her

"Don't Stop" Carson said.

The guys behind me started holding they're dicks. I guess they were getting horny. 

I ripped Carson's shirt off. She wasnt wearing a bra. The guys were talking amongst
themselves. Probably about her boobs. They looked like a C. I couldnt believe how big
the are. I started sucking her tits. I climbed on her and started humping her really
hard. She moaned. 

"your turn" Carson said.

She ripped off my jeans and my undies. and she pulled off my underwear and started
licking my pussy. 

" dont stop..........I luv you!" I said. 

She pushed her hand on my pussy really hard. I couldnt believe how horny she was! and
i couldnt believe how horny i was! She put 3 fingers up my pussy.  I screamed really
loud. she kept taking her fingers in and out. 

"Harder" I said

She followed my directions. Everytime she did it, she did it super hard. I couldnt
believe how fast she was doing it! 

One of the guys couldnt resist. He JUmped on me and started dry humping me. The
presure of his dick felt so good. I unzipped his pants so his dick would come out. It
was really big. I told him do it fast. He pushed me in him. 

"mmm" i said. 

He took his dick out and kept doing it again and again. he did it harder each time! I
couldnt believe how my pussy felt. This feeling was so good.  cArson didnt know what
she was missing. This sensation felt so good. He took his dick out and put it by my
mouth. I started to suck on it while his juices were pouring out. He smiled. His
pleasure was fulfilled. His friends tho looked so horny and jealous. 

"You can do me too" I told him as I took the dick out of my mouth. 

He came up to me and started pulling my shirt off. He unstraped my bra and looked at
my boobs. He bit them a little bit and kissed them. He french kissed me for about a
minute. He was so forceful. I liked his style better. While he was kissing me, the
other guy stuck his dick into me unexpectedly. I jumped up a little. The guy kissing
me pushed the other guy away. He told him that he would do it. He stopped kissing me.
He took his pants off. and his boxers. His dick was a little smaller but it still was
kind of big. He put some ointment make it bigger because within 10 seconds
his dick was double the size. He began to feel my pussy. He knew i was sweating but
thats what made him horny. He stuck his fist into my pussy. I felt him feel all
around me. I put my hand on his arm and pushed it more into me. He pulled him hand
out. he stuck 3 fingers into me and out again. I liked this so much. I didnt know
what to do so i looked at Carson. She was sticking a finger up her pussy.

I grabbed her head and started kissing her neck. I moved up to her lips and pushed my
tounge into her mouth. She put her tounge into my mouth. We started making out really
fast. She sat on my face. I started licking her pussy. it tasted so good but i dont
know why.  The guy flipped me over, he was going to do me doogie style....and yet i
was right. He pushed his dick super hard into me! He took it out suddenly took it
out. I left my legs open. the two guys left. 

"what did i do? " i asked Carson.

"apparently let them do you." she replied.

"no. I didnt take any pills....and they didnt use a condom. I might get pregnant." I

-to be continued-

sexy_love990000 says :   26 December 2007   871958  
wright moreiamsohorryutym bf & i are do ing it now thankstoyou 

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i donot even havewords to talk it in 




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