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Hogwarts: THE MUSICAL!Category: prologue
Sunday, 14 October 2007
05:43:05 PM (GMT)
Okay, so this is my new HP fanfic. The only reason I wrote a prologue is for you to
COPYING. I'm simply using the songs, character personalities, theme
(somewhat), and a little bit of the storyline, except I Harry Pottered it up a
little. So if you don't like the idea, stop reading and find something better to do.

Still reading? Good for you! Well not really, it means that you have nothing better
to do. Anyway, this story is basically a Draco/Hermione love story, except with a lot
more singing, dancing, retarded lines, made up characters (by yours truely), and
stupidity. So it's too stupid to be a mushy-gushy-icky-wicky-romantic fanfic. No. Not
my style. If it's YOUR style, then stop reading and find something better to do.

STILL reading? Wow, you must be really bored. I feel sorry for you. I have a million
things to do instead of typing this, but I'm neglecting it all to write this for YOU,
the amusing little fanfic reader who actually DOES their homework. ANYWAY, (I'm
serious this time) besides the Draco/Hermione stuff, this story takes place just
before summer break for the Hogwarts students. (Alas, 'What Time Is It') All the
Gryffindors and Slytherins need summer jobs, since they have nothing better to do
(reminds me of someone..) and they're basically broke. I know what you're thinking,
"What about the Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws?" Well they actually HAVE things to do.
Which means you're probably in neither of these houses. ANYWAY, (DEAD SERIOUS THIS
TIME) Draco's father thought it would be fun to have them all work at their mansion.
Draco agreed, and the Slytherins got extra goodies while the Gryffindors worked their
arses off. (hehe.. I used 'arse') And then there's all this stuff, and other stuff,
and stuff. Details, details. Who needs them. I do. So BACK OFF!!!

ilikeydepoopey says:   14 October 2007   752572  
lol.. good idea
windwitch writes:   14 October 2007   222467  
Chinese_Moonshine says:   14 October 2007   539125  
You sound like a good writer. Actually, I'm not really bored. In
fact, I think I'll subscribe to you! xD
‹I <3 kitties XD› says:   14 October 2007   594391  
HAHA I'm like a Ravenclaw...
smart and with better things to do.
(than what?)
I don't know! Stop asking!
GRRRRR!!!*also sulks*
author_2B says:   15 October 2007   788859  
aw... u guys r so nice.... too bad (cuz of school.... and homework..)
ill probably get the first chappy done by a weekend... ='(
Water_Elementess says:   16 October 2007   865657  
I'm a Hufflepuff. I know that for sure. Oh, man, I should go put that
on my profile...
cellochick7 says :   16 October 2007   435385  
I'm a Ravenclaw too. All us Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs will be
working at...
somewhere... lol


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