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Thursday, 13 September 2007
07:33:48 AM (GMT)
marie always had lunch under the oak
tree with her best friends rose and andrew.

they also did their homework there.

sometimes, they even have a campout
there during summer.

enough about the oak tree,
let's talk about marie.

marie is our main character.
she secretly has a crush on andrew
for two years until now.

then, there's andrew.
he also liked marie
but never had the
courage to tell her.

rose, was the line
between marie and andrew.
she knew of course that
they had a crush on
each other.

but she never told them.

summer came,
john, who was a close friend
of andrew sent marie a text
message which went like this:

what if i said that you are
the only star in my sky?
what if i said that you were
the only fish in my ocean?
what if i said that you are
the only rose in my garden?

what if i said that i needed
you and can't let you go?

what if i said that i love you?

marie hesitated to answer
john's text message
because she had great
feelings for andrew.

she stared at the message
for two hours. waiting for
someone to tell her what to do
or at least something to give
her a sign.

then her phone rang.

it was john's number that lit
on her screen. she hesitated to
answer because she thought that
john decided to tell her what he
sent by voice.

but she answered it anyway.

"hello marie?"

marie was shocked by what she
heard. it was a voice that
gave her butterflies.

the voice belonged to andrew.

"marie, it was me who sent
the text message, not john.
sorry if this may sound weird
but i love you."

marie stood in silence, still
in shock.

"marie? are you there?"

still, marie was frozen solid.

"marie, if you don't love me,
it's okay, but if i have to
forget about you, then---"


"no? marie? what do you mean
by no?"

"i DON't don't love you. i LOVE much... i just never had
the guts to tell you."

excited, andrew hung up the phone
and rushed to marie's house.

"hello? hello? andrew?"

no andrew answered.


no one was there.

marie rushed to the oak
tree where she spent so many
memories with andrew and rose.

there, she sat crying and crying.

andrew arrived at marie's house
where no marie was found.

he sat there quiet.

then rushed to the oak tree.

there marie sat almost stopping crying.

"what's wrong?"

"it's just that my friend,
i loved him, he said he
loved me, but he hung up the
before even saying goodbye."

then marie started crying even more.

"your friend hung up on
you because he rushed to
go to your house where
you were supposed to be."

"how would you know?"

then andrew showed his
face to marie then gave
her a kiss on the cheek.

"because i was there"

then he hugged marie
and said

"promise me that you
won't get upset when i
hang up before saying goodbye,
cause that would mean that
i'd rush to see you..."

repost if you like...
repost if you dno't like...
i'm not going to make any
promises, but, wouldn't
it be nice if more people
read this story?

your choice.

you're not gonna die or anything.

repost with any title...

it's a free country.


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