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uh..a milloin ?'sCategory: Quizes, Test
Monday, 20 August 2007
05:53:55 AM (GMT)
i got this from BOPitAIMEE

[A is for age:] 11

[B is for beer of choice:]  dont drink

[C is for career:] game designer

[D is for favorite Drink:] Fanta

[E is for essential item you use everyday:] watch

[F is for favorite song at the moment:] lean like a cholo

[G is for favorite games:] alot Oo

[H is for hometown:] N/A 

[I is for instruments you play:]  drums and xeleyphone

[J is for favorite juice?] ._. none.

[K is for kids?:]  no kids but they bug me alot ._.

[L is for last kiss(when)]  uh...*shrugs*

[M is for marriage:] no 

[N is for nickname:] sora,lollies(dont ask),beef jerky

[O is for overnight hospital stays:] dunno that happend when i wuz barly born. i
dunno how many days

[P is for phobias:] big bugs (bigger than a a trancula)

[Q is for quote:] "mmkay","Hey hey hey",idk",Love bring people together and tears the

[R is for biggest regret:] ._.

[S is for self confidence:] ._. some

[T is for time you wake up:] around 8:00 am and go back to sleep and wake up 10-3 pm

[U is for color underwear:] lots of colors

[V is for vegetable you love:] celery

[W is for worst habit:]  forgetting stuff

[X is for x-rays you've had:] 2 or 3 i think

[Y is for yummy food you make:]  ramen lol

[Z is for zodiac sign:] the fish thing

What is your name? krystal
Righty or Lefty: righty?

*********YOUR LOOKS********* 
Hair color: light brown
Eye color: dark brown
Height: 4'11"
Do you wear contacts or glasses? glasses
Do you have any piercings? no i hate needles ._.
If so what do you have pierced? -
Do you have a tattoo? no
If so what and where? -
Do you wear any rings? i broke mine ._.

**********JUST LATELY*********** 
How are you today? ugh...stoopid pyro
What shirt are you wearing right now: black/green kakashi shirt
What does your hair look like at the moment? short and ina braid
What song are you listening to right now? "the kill" on 99.5
What was the last thing you ate? uh.......paper?
How is the weather right now? itsh night
Last person you talked to on the phone? cassie
Last dream you can remember? uh i think it wuz when i wuz fighing alond side axel
Who are you talking to right now? no one
What time is it? 03:27

**********MORE ABOUT YOU************* 
If you were a crayon, what color would you be? red,blue or gray
Have you ever almost died? like 9 times
Do you like the person that sent you this? this wuz a chain? o.o
How do you eat an Oreo: take it apart and eat/dip it in milk
What makes you happy? seeing my friends/antone i know smile
What's the next CD you are going to buy? dunno
What's the best advice ever given to you? "watch were ur going" and "Every1 has
Have you ever won any special awards? yeah
Do you like to dance? heck yeah! ^^
Worst sickness you ever had? the flu. i wuz sick for a week and a few days
What's the dumbest thing you've ever done? um......dunno
What's your favorite memory? too many. but the mermories at my other school r fading
away...i could hardly remember there faces
How many kids do you want to have? one if i get married
Son's name? hmm....i wuz thinking of naming the son sora but dunno
Daughter's name? -
Do you do drugs? no
Do you drink a bit of wine? no
What kind of shampoo and conditioner do you use? head and shoulders
What sport do you hate the most? football
What are you most scared of? like im telling
How many TV's do you have in your house? 5 i think
Do you have your own? yeah
Do you have your own phone line? no
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? there at the end of meh bed
Have you ever broken/sprained/fractured a bone: yeah but when i wuz barly born
Who do you dream about: i usually have dreamless sleep but when i do have a dream
itsh crazy
Who do you tell your dreams to? no one
Who's the loudest friend you have: they say IM loud
Who's the quietest friend?: eric

***********THIS OR THAT********** 
Lights on/off? on
Sun or rain? Rain
McDonalds or Burger King? Mickey d's
Scary or happy movies better? neh...both
On the phone or in person? in person
Paper or plastic? paper
Sausage or pepperoni? pepperoni
Summer or winter? um....really dont like neither
Chocolate or white milk? white milk
Root Beer or Dr. Pepper? Dr. Pepper
Glass half full or half empty? trick ?
Tape or DVD? DVD
Cats or Dog? dog
Vanilla or Chocolate? vanilla
Skiing or Boarding? neither
Day or night? both
Cake or pie? both ^^
Sunset or sunrise? sunset

***********YOUR FAVES*************** 
Color: black/red
Food: ramen
Fast food: pizza
Candy: snickers or take5
Animal: wolf,dragon,dogs, ect ect
Number: 13
Radio Station: 96.1 99.5
Band(s): too many
Actor or actress? *shrugs*
Day of the year: *shrugs* 
Month: march
TV show? naruto
Store: hot topic
Teacher: a few
Saying: "everyone has a reason to live"

**********HAVE YOU EVER********** 
Broken the law? dunno
Ran from the cops? no
Stole something? does ur sis diary's count?
Tried to kill yourself? no
Made yourself throw up? no
Made yourself cry to get out of trouble? no

NINE last things you did;; 

9. last place you were: natural bridge wildlife
7. last beverage: water or that blue slushie
6. last movie watched: the invasion
5. last phone call: rena(4 me)
4. last cd played: Lp-hybrid theroy or sometin
3. last bubble bath: long time ago
2. last time you cried: last night reading a book
1. last alcoholic drink: dont drink

EIGHT have you evers;; 

8. have you ever dated someone twice: no
7. have you ever BEEN cheated ON: no
6. have you ever kissed someone: no
5. have you ever kissed someone you regret: no
4. have you ever fallen in love: dunno
3. have you ever lost someone: um in a way yeah
2. have you ever been depressed: yeah
1. have you ever been drunk and thrown up: noz

SEVEN states you’ve been to;; 


FIVE things you do on a daily basis;; 

1. talk
2. go on here
3. watch tv
4. eat
5. stare into space

THREE favorite colors;; 

1. red
2. silver
3. black

So Far in 2007 I have;; 

Been to school - summer skool
Made a new friend - yeah
Laughed until you cried - not yet
Went behind your parents back - ?
Cried over an ex - no
Disappointed someone close - like they tell me anything
Pretended to be happy - .........
Met someone who changed your life - no
Lost someone close to you - they didnt die just....went somewhere. and some of my
friends know that
Gotten close to someone - no
Given up something important to you - like hell i would
Found out who your true friends were - dunno


1. Has anyone ever thrown you a surprise party?: No

2. Are you easily excited?: lil bit

3. What event is coming up that you're most excited about?: skool seeing meh friends
again :D

4. Which of your friends gets you the most excited?: um christian and usually evann

5. If you won a million dollars what would be your first thought? "wuts the catch" or
"im gunna go to hot topic brb"

6. If you could have anything right now: um........nothing really just to kill a
certain someone 4 being a @$$t@rd

7. Love or money?: neither

1. Where do you hang your towel to dry after showering?: moms room

2. What kind of mouse pad do you have?: road runner

3. Do you brush your hair with a comb or a brush?: both

4. In your opinion, who do you think is the hottest celebrity?: jesse mccartney?

5. You have a project due tomorrow, do you use tape or glue?: tape *gets dad's big
wide tape*

6. Chicken or pork?: in ramen, pork

7. By the time you get to school, is it still dark?: beats me

8. If you had a choice to be a unicorn or mermaid which would it be?: unicorn go and
kick everyone that calls me a horse

9. What color is your underwear? wut kind of ? ish that

10. What time does the sun usually set?: 8:30 ish

11. What/who do you think of last before you go to sleep?: fantasy stuff

12. fan or AC?: wut? 

13. Do you wear braces?: no

14. Can you do a hand stand?: no

15. If you were the opposite sex, how would you style your hair?: short with bangs

16. What level English are you in?: 6th grade honors?

17. Jessica Simpson or Alba?: Alba

18. Which subject is worse, English or Math?: english, bad at selling and the other

19. What's one thing you really want to do this very moment?: kill pyro for being a

20. What movie are you embarrassed to admit you've watched?: none. ^^ "I WATCH DISNEY

21. CD player or iPOD?: cd i dont own a ipod

22. Would you rather spin upside down going 30 mph or drop 400 feet from a bungee
cord?: both sound awesome

23. What’s your favorite shape?: never really thought of it

24. What do you have planned for the weekend?: nothing get more skool supplie maybe

26. If you were put in a room with nothing except for a pencil and paper, what would
you do?: write "BRING MORE STUFF" and slip it under the door

27. Is it always easy finding your remote every time you want to watch TV?: no

28. How was your day?: good untill i stubed my toe and it started bleeding

29. Do you grow your nails, bite or cut?: everytime i bite them, they grow back

30. Describe your handwriting: in cursive:unreadubale print: iffy

31. Do you consider yourself a stalker?: sometimes

32. Do you bruise easily?: dunno yes?

33. There's nothing on TV except Barney and Japanese news what do you do?: turn the
tv off and spin around till i go dizzy @_@ lol

34. Do you know more then 3 myspace codes?: no

35. You got an essay due, you either can type or write in pen, which will it be?:
write in pen(pencil lol)

36. Do you wear jeans to relax at home?: no i switch it shorts

37. Describe yourself using three words: crazy,try to make best of things,good

38. Do you use deodorant?: ................

39. Do you like ice in your drink?: neh....

009. Food? pork ramen
010. Drink? fanta or lemonade
011. Movie? naruto the 1st movie
012. Music Band? Linkin Park
013. Animal? wolf
014. Sport? basketball
015. Place to live? here
016. Subject? math

017. Best thing that happened to you in the last few years? um.....*shrugs*
018. Do you want to get married? no
019. Kids? adopt
020. Best place to go on a date? movies :D
021. What is your dream? to live my dream b4 i die
022. What do you want to do when you grow up? b a game designer
023. Play an instrument? drums, xeleyphone
024. List 5 things (inc. brand) you are wearing right now :

1. VIZ media shirt Oo
2. arazonia short thingy
3. sport watch
4. the undies u buy at target
5. spurs cap

025. Friend you have known the longest? noel,rene
026. Best friend(s)? rena,shade
027. Friend that makes you laugh the most? rivanna
028. Friend who you can talk to anything about? i would say rena but.....
029. Friend with the best personality? lolz. there all awesome
030. Last friend to call you? rena
031. Last friend to talk to you? melissa
032. Last friend you hung out with? melissa
033. Last friend you went to a movie with? melissa
034. Last friend to make you laugh? melly
035. Most memorable experience with a friend? too many
036. Anything you plan to do with friends when you get older? dunno
037. Any trips planned with friends? not anymore

Other Questions... 
043. Ever traveled anywhere?  yeah
044. What places do you want to visit? japan or something 
045. Where do you want to live when you're older? *shrugs*
046. How happy are you with where you are in life? *shrugs* happy i didnt die in the
life-death things i had
047. What's your most embarrassing moment? uh..none cuz i laugh too
048. Do you have any art or pictures on your walls? no
049. Do you remember your dreams? kinda
050. Do you believe in love at first sight? no
052. What was your favorite childhood toy? the thing where u stack up the blocks and
u pull em out 1 of a time until they fall
1.How many letters are there in your name? 7
2. Do you have a nickname? yeah
3. Does it have more or less letters than your name? depends wut nickname
5. Do you like your name? yeah. ^^ thank godness meh dad named me
6. How about your middle name?  yeah but meh mum says its part of the name 'krystal'
7. Do you know what your name means? named after a gemstone
10. Does it match who you are? beats me
14. Have you donated to Gaia? no
15. Do you like real money or gold better? real money
16. What's your favorite coin? the peso's(sp) the mexico money. ^^
18. Do you have a job? no
19. What is it? -
20. what's your dream job? b a game designer
25. Do you live close to water? no
26. What kind of water? -
27. Do you live near mountains? no
28. Which ones? -
29. Do you live near a geographical thing my of any sort? -
30. What is it? -
33. Are the the youngest, oldest, or middle child? youngest
34. Which would you like to be? i'd just like to b taller
35. How many cousins do you have? um *shrugs*
36. Have you met all your cousins? from my mum's side
37. Do you get along with them? i hardly c them
38. Do they live near you? dunno
39. Do you have large family functions? no
40. Would you like to have large family functions more often? no
41. Do you live with your parents? yeah
42. If not, do you live with anyone? -
43. If yes, do you get along? -
44. Who would you like to live with? dunno
45. If you had to share a house/condo/apartment with someone famous, who would it be?
46. Would you live in a camping van? no
48. Would you live in a castle? that'd be kool.......
49. Would you live in a cottage? near a river yeah
50. Which would you rather live in, out of those four? castle
54. Are you a private person? sometimes
59. Are you a homebody? say wut?
60. Do you have chores? no
61. What are they? -
62. Do you enjoy doing them? -
63. What's your least favourite chore? -
64. Do you like dusting? its fun to write on the dust and say its clean
65. Do you ever dust? no
66. Are there dust bunnies in your house? lol dunno maybe
67. Do they have faces? no
68. Names? they would if i found them
69. Do you have pets? cats,dog,fishy
72. If not, would you like to have pets? -
73. Is there a reason that you don't have them? And what is it? -
74. Do you like animals? yes
75. Do you prefer domestic or wild animals? wild
78. Do you have an imaginary friend? yeah but i forgot its name so it left me ._.
79. Have you ever had an imaginary friend? yeah
80. Was it male or female? dunno it never told me
81. Was was his/her/it's name? -
82. Was it a better friend than your real friends? i kept losing it cuz it wuz like a
keribo but way smaller
83. Do you have real friends? duh
84. Do you actually like your friends? yes
85. Do you think they like you? some
86. Do you fight ever? stoopid arguments but its usually me agansit me and christain
or javier
87. Is there lots of drama? no
88. Do you have a best friend? yeah 1 i think that hates me
89. If so, how long have you know them? 3 yrs.
90. Have you always been friends? no
91. Do all your friends know each other? in skool yeah
92. Where have you met your friends? school, movies,b-day parties
93. Do you have enemies? *koff*
94. Are they real or imaginary enemies? *koff*
95. Why are they your enemies? they hatin on me/friends
96. Did you ever pretend to be a superhero when you were little? gunno but at ecess
with meh friend javier wind wuz blowing in front of me and the hood of my jacket wuz
on my head and i said "Im superman!"
97. Do you still pretend to be a superhero? neh...........
98. Are you, in fact, a superhero?  ima ninja :D
99. If you were/are one, what's your name?  Sora of the sand
100. Or is that secret? lol

101. Type a random word. ghostie
102. Give it a name. boo

103. What are you doing right now? hearing my sis talk to her friend and typing
104. What should you be doing? sleeping
105. Does food sound good? neh.....right now? iffy
107. What's the scariest household appliance? my dad's bucher knife
108. Have you ever used a saw? no
109. Have you ever used a shovel? yeah
110. Which would you rather receive as a birthday gift? idc
111. Who are you most likely to receive it from? dunno
112. Do you write thank you cards? no i say right then and there c"Thank you itsh
awesome dude"

117. Do you use spell check? if i remember
118. How do you feel about dictionaries? i hate trying to find words
119. Thesauruses? lolz. funny name XD
120. Do you care if you mispell things? i dont care
121. Do you make fun of people for spelling mistakes? only sometimes 
122. Do you judge people for them? no
123. What do you judge people on? uh..........
124. What do you judge yourself on? *shrugs*
125. What's your best feature? my hair?
126. Which feature could use some work? like i care
127. Are you happy with yourself? im good with the way i look. love it or shove it
128. Are you happy? neh
129. At this exact moment, how do you feel? bord and my butt hurts
130. Do you know about "I" statements? think so...
131. Do you hate "I" statements? *shrugs*
132. Have you ever used one? *shrugs*
133. Did it work? idk
134. Have you ever been camping? i wish
135. Have you ever been to camp? no
136. Which would you rather do? go to camping with some friends
137. Have you been a camp counselor? No
138. Would you like to be? no
139. If you were, was there an initiation? ?
140. What was it? ?
141. Did it involve chocolate pudding? roflmao
142. Are you allergic to chocolate pudding? no
143. Do you like chocolate? hardly eat it
144. Are you allergic to anything? stuff in the air
145. If so, what? stuff in the air
146. How do you get around it? i cant
147. Do you eat healthy food or junk food? mostly junk food
148. Do you eat too much, too little, or just enough? *shrugs*
149. Is your porridge too hot, too cold, or just right? porridge, that food from the
goldilocks story.
150. Do you even eat porridge? no
151. How do you feel about fairy tales? neh.......
152. What is your favorite fairy tale? cinderella
153. Do you only know fairy tales because of Disney? yeah lol
154. What's your favorite nursery rhyme? hot cross buns. ^^ (i have the tape some
where with mother goose)
155. Post part of it. hot cross buns hot cross buns one a penny to a penny hot cross
156. Do you know any? huh?
157. Do you keep a journal? idk
158. Do you keep a journal on Gaia? no
159. How many journals do you have? 3-6
160. What do you usually write about? draw
161. Do you write poetry? my poems suck ._.
162. Would you call yourself a poet? no
163. Do you consider your poetry to be good? noz
164. Do you like to read poetry? dunno
165. If so why? dunno
166. If not, why not? dunno
167. What's your favorite poem? uh some poems in a poem book i have
168. What's your least favorite poem? dunno
169. Have you visited all the forums? where?
170. If you haven't, which ones haven't you been to?  ?
171. Do you think you'll ever visit them? ?
172. What's your favorite forum? ?
173. Why? questions,questions questions! y isnt there ramen
174. Why are you on Gaia? cuz uh...no reason
175. Why are you on Gaia right now? o__o
176. Why are you taking this quiz? bordum
177. Why are trees green? cuz they felt like being green
178. Are trees green? no
179. If you had to eat the squirrel or save the cake, which would you do? niether
180. What is the strangest thing you've ever been asked? uh..."Are you bi?"
181. How did you respond? "No"
182. Which is the better word, no or yes?  depends
183. Have you ever been to the o

ADarkAngel says:   20 August 2007   676916  
thats long.
sand_ninja says:   20 August 2007   379585  
yeah ._.
‹Mikandycane› says:   19 September 2007   517349  
wow. and ur 4"11 and in 6th? or did u grow sinc this?
sand_ninja says :   19 September 2007   239982  
actually, i shrunk. now i'm 4"10


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