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From that moment my life turned upside down.Category: Story.
Thursday, 12 July 2007
01:51:56 PM (GMT)
Story.. I felt like writing one.

 I wrote that at the top of my page. I was in a History lesson, everyone else was
chatting away, but me, no. I sit on a desk towards the back of the room, its kind of
dingy up here. No-one chooses to sit back here, but I didn't get to choose so I'm
stuck. I carried on with my work, doodling as I went along. I'm always doodling, it
keeps my mind of things. I usually draw things that are happening infront of me,
like people chatting and playing football. Its calming; thats until I get
  I go to high school, its not really a particulary nice school, there is alot of
litter and graffiti. I loved school, until I came here. I had loads of friends at
Elementary, Sophie, Ellen, Mischa, Naomi, Jessie, Gemma, I could go on.. but I
won't. You see these were my friends, well I'm still friends with Gemma, she's my
best friend, she is so pretty, with her blonde ringlets and big green eyes. We stick
together, forever and always. 
   'Louise is a fucking neek, she like has no friends apart from alien Gemma. What a
freak show!' That is one of the conversations I heard, during my lesson. Gemma sits
nearer the front, I feel for her, she is right in the centre of the 'populars'. The
'populars' have bleach blonde hair, fake nails and everything else you can think of.
Rich bitches. I hate them with all my guts, they are the ones that make me and
Gemma's life a misery. Everyday, they shout as much abuse at us as they can say
without stopping to breathe. Lesbian, Retard, Cow, Cunt, Fucker, Shit. These are just
a handful of the words they shout at us, oh yes there are so many more. 
 'Move out the way you little shit, what's wrong with you?!' Nicole the 'ringleader'
of the 'Populars'. She a right bitch, I hate her, she was the one that started all of
this. Sophie, Jessie, Ellen, Mischa and Naomi are her cronies. They just follow her
around like sheep, I bet she doesn't really like them only because they're pretty.
Melanie is her best friend though, she's just as bad. 'Hey slag, whats up with your
face? Oh sorry I didn't realise you look like that all the time!' She laughed, they
all laughed. 'Cunt' I mumbled back. 'WHAT was that?!' At first she was smirking, then
it turned to a snarl. 'N-n-othing' I said as if I was standing to attention. 'Good!
I'm glad you cunt faced cow' She scratched my face as she left. 'I hate them, I hate
them' I sobbed as I looked in the mirror. My blonde hair had red stains in it from
the scratch, my blue eyes all watery. 'Louise' Gemma said patheticly. 'We need to
tell someone' She said again. 'We can't though!' I shouted. We both knew if we told
anyone we'd be in deep shit. 'Louise I don't care anymore, its getting out of hand
and I'm telling someone!' Gemma stormed out. The bell rang.
 I trudged up the stairs to my next lesson, Gemma was already there sitting at her
desk. We said nothing. All afternoon we said nothing to eachother. The last bell rang
to mark the end of the day. Gemma and I left without speaking. 'Bye losers!' Mel and
Nicole cooed. Sophie, Mischa and Naomi made a rude gesture to us and smirked.  Ellen
and Jessie just laughed. 
  I'd woken to a start, I checked my clock it was half past ten! I was so late for
school! Why hadn't Mom woken me? I ran downstairs to see if everything was ok. I
looked into the Lounge, Mom was sitting with two men. Her face looked distraught. I
walked in and greeted the men. Mom told me to sit down, I did. From that moment my
life turned upside down. Gemma had been raped and murdered yesterday on her way home
from school, that was why Mom never woke me. I did not stop crying, the two police
officers told my Mom that it was best for me to go to the scene and identify her
before I couldn't face it. 
  It was a few streets away, a very isolated street. I walked down the alley to the
park, the police officers and chief detective behind me. I asked Mom to wait behind
because I wanted to see for myself, and say my goodbyes. I reached the white tent
surrounding a tree. I peered in, but had to take a step back. Blood stained the
leaves from green to a deep red. The tent stank of corpse. I looked up at Gemma, she
had been tied to a tree. She had deep lines where she had been tied, her body deep
red. Her eyes were empty. Her body had been slashes several times, and a knife had
been plunged into her stomach and another down her throat. Blood covered it. A lock
of her beautiful blonde hair lay on the floor. I picked it up and left. 
  I visit Gemma, every year on her birthday, the day she was murdered and christmas

Shall I write more?

skaterdude123 says:   12 July 2007   696684  
write more! im subscribing to ya!
funnyman432 says:   12 July 2007   166239  
dude nice story
Gem_Ward_Fan says :   14 July 2007   832879  
Oh ok thanks. Its kinda how I feel except my friends are still alive
and they don't get bullied its only me.

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