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Wednesday, 4 July 2007
08:09:05 PM (GMT)
I love ghost stories so I picked some off the enternet to share with you tell me
what you think

Some Czech Ghosts 

by Derek.puffer@netchannel.net 

I was vacationing in Prague last year and gathered some interesting ghost stories
about the city. The first tale is of a Templer Knight who rides through the streets
of the Jewish Quarter with his head tucked under his shoulder. He was decapitated by
a butcher during a progam in order to drive out the Jews from the city. Another tale
tells of a man with lots of hair who was ridiculed by his neighbors. After awile, he
started to strangle people to death, including small childrean. To this day, people
have reported hairy hands trying to choke them and repulsive odors coming from
noware. A more friendly ghost is of a beautiful lady in white who haunts the garden
near Prague Castle. No one knows who she was, but some people think she's the spirit
of a woman who hanged herself after her child died from the plague. Now for more
gruesome stuff, the ghost of a turk who carries the head of a young woman haunts a s!

treet near Tyr's Church. He killed her in a fit of jelousy and took her head so he
could take it back to Turkey with him. But soon, he heard vocies telling him to bury
her head with her body, so he did. However, the gruesome sight of the murderous turk
still haunts the street of this brutal murder. Last is a more recent haunting in the
city. During the 1970's, the Communists ordered the destruction of a graveyard for an
apartment building. Soon, residents reported tales of skeletons and specters walking
through their rooms and evan a vampire who lurks in the building. The Communists
dismissed this as nonsence and some people got arrested for their beliefs. After the
collapse of Communism in Czechloslovakia in 1989, a group of gypsies performed a
seance in the building. They say it's an evil place and from thatday on, nobody lives
in the building. Some people stil think the ghost still haunt the site and will only
rest when the building is demolished. 


Ghost Story 
by  KHANTY@aol.com 

When I first married my husband, I thought I was marrying into a strange family when
they told me about the ghost of their beloved dead. My sister-in-law, A, confirmed
this story after moving in with them years later. She has never heard of this story,
and the family don't talk about it much. The only reason they told me is my husband
spilled the beans.It happened to him when he was 4 yrs.old. He was at his
great-grandmother's house, I will call her V. He asked V. who was that strange man in
the living room, V. assured my husband that it was nothing to worry about, he just
checks on her ever so offend.My husband decribed the man to a tee. My mother-in-law,
G., has seen the ghost too while she was there helping out with the ironing, he
apperaed to her, she became frightened and threw the iron at it. The ghost as it
turned out, was V.'s deseased husband, who died before my husband was born. After my
husband's father died of cancer in his home , the room he spent his final days in was
only used for storage. This is where my sister-in-law, A, comes in. She tells me that
she sees my father-in-law walking down the hall late at night and he isn't alone. She
wanted to know who the white-haired lady was. That was V. who died when my husband
was 9 yrs. old. She was full-blooded Cherokee so her hair turned white in stead of
gray. And she was the only one in the family with Indian blood in her veins.The
ghosts don't harm anyone they just show up every once -in-a-while to see if everyone
is o.k. Have I ever seen these ghost ? No I haven't. I don't spend the night there
either. I have never seen a ghost in my life and I don't plan to either! 


Unrestful Slumber Party 
by bobbyhill@earthlink.net 

My story begins back home in El Paso, Texas, when I went to vist a house 

where several of my friends rented a house and lived as roommates. I was 

told the history of the house, but I didn't really want to believe the 

stories. The stories were typical of ghost stories where a figure of elder 

woman was seen walking around the corner, a telephone cord swinging on it' 

s own, animated dolls, a face present in a lit fireplace, and so on. 

The basis for this story is that an elderly woman was killed by an intruder 

and was discovered a while after. It was said that the chalk outline of 

the body was left to be covered by carpet along with other markings typical 

of a murder scene. I was a little uneasy being left alone in that room, 

because I was afraid of seeing or feeling something. 

One day I decided to take up an offer to spend the night with my friends 

because the majority of us worked at a movie theater and decided to carpool 

to work the next morning. The night seemed all right as long as the lights 

stayed on and everybody hung around and watched the television. That night 

would bring the things I didn't want to know. 

We got settled to get ready for bed and we decided to sleep in the room 

where "she" was murdered. The first thing we heard was a slow rapping on 

the side door and the neighbors dog was crying mournfully. The first we 

did was look at each other, pick up our sleeping bags, and sleep in the 

next room which was the entry room. Four of us slept in front of the 

couch, one slept on one couch, and one on the other. 

We heard the coffee table creaking as if someone was sitting on it while a 

knocking sound came from the wall. I made the mistake of speaking first 

telling this being I wanted sleep because I had to open the next day and 

didn't want to be disturbed. 

While I was facing the room we had just run from, I heard a Christmas 

ornament being yanked off the tree while the TV guide flew off the table 

and landed on one the guys. He put the guide back on the table, only to be 

hit by a coaster. Then the girl laying in front of me yelled at me because 

she thought I had kicked the back of her knee. My knee was bent behind 

hers, but I would know if I had kicked her. Meanwhile, the creaking and 

knocking continued. 

I was afraid to face the dining room so I stayed facing the abondoned room 

and I continued to see things fly off the coffee table. After about an 

hour of disruptions and my threatening we decided to see if we could 

recreate the sounds with what we thought was the cause. 

We found a extra Christmas tree pole behind one sofa, sat it straight up 

and let it drop against the wall. When the sound resembled what we had 

been hearing, we screamed and ran into the girl's room. 

Everyone got tucked into bed and I turned the lights off and as soon as I 

got into bed we heard a loud thud. I got out of bed and turned the lights 

back on only to discover an address book onthe floor. It had been thrown 

from a dresser and against the door. I then turned off the light and laid 

down when I was hit on the head. Now I thought someone had thrown it, but 

it came from direction of the ceiling and no one could have gotten up quick 

enough to hit me as soon as I turned off the lights. Cursing, I got up and 

turned the lights to find a Disney figure from a Happy Meal in our bed. I 

turned off the light, threw the figure straight ahead, and was about to 

cover my head when I hit in the mouth very hard with something. This time 

I was scared and angry and everyone knew I had been hurt because I had 

screamed very loud. I once again turned on the light and found the figure 

in the bed and the head had been turned around. I knew I had a welt on my 

lip because it strung and it felt like it sticking out pretty far. I threw 

the doll in the closet and packed up my bag, because I had enough of this. 

Everyone else decided to follow me into the guy's room and once again we 

got ready for bed. 

I was hit on the head with a quarter and had my sleeping yanked over my 

head, but after that evening nothing bothered us again. I ended with a few 

hours sleep and was very grumpy. 

I never saw a being, but I knew that someone had dome those things to me. 

There was no way for my friends to hit me because of the timing and the 

direction the object came from. I had learned my lesson never to stay in 

house that is haunted because I may not enjoy my stay there. 


The Man 
by Debm73@aol.com 

Well to begin I have finally felt the relief of knowing by coming to this site that
what has happened to me and my family isnt as rare or unheard of as I had once

We were all very scared and spoke to no one about any of this for fear of people
finding us absolutely insane or a joke.About ten years ago my family was going
through some financial difficulties and realized we had to find a more affordable
home to live in. So my parents and my younger brother and sister and I went around
and looked at many different homes.We were all starting to feel a bit discouraged
because the homes we were seeing in our price range were all very small and
cramped.We had one more home to see that day and the owner had told us over the phone
to feel free to stop by and look at the home and let him know of our decision. 

When we arrived we at first thought that it had been the wrong house because of its
enormous size and the price the owner wanted for rent.We all went in very excited at
the room and the 4 levels of this home and decided that this was the ONE..So the next
few weeks were spent on the normal moving in and all the excitement that comes with a
new beginning.I picked for my room the 4th level of the house which seemed to an
attic converted into one large bedroom..At my age at the time which was 14 I figured
I could have all the privacy I wanted away from my parents because it was a level all
to itself.My first memory of this room was opening the door that led up to the
stairway and feeling a very cold air hit me as soon as it was opened.I figure the
house was vacant for awhile and there would be no reason for it to feel any
different.I went on to unpack the boxes and set up my room in my own little world
until about 900 that evening every single light in the house had went out.My father
had reset the breaker twice that night and spoke to the landlord in the morning about
it..He said he would have an electrician come out in the morning.But as luck would
have it the electrician found no problems and we chalked it up to just one of those
things.The second night in that home we were all awakened about 3 o'clock in the
morning by the blaring sound of the first floor stereo on full blast. I remember
running down the steps and seeing my father with a furious look on his face thinking
one of us were up at that hour. But we all got downstairs and we realized we had all
been sound asleep until this minute.We then shut it off and we all went back to bed
and about 1 hour later the exact same thing happened which my father than ripped the
plug out of the wall and stamped back into bed.In the morning we were all talking
about the broken sleep and how strange that had been.Well that day wore on setting up
some more things and all seemed fine until late afternoon my brother hightailed it
down the stairs screaming and we were all yelling in unison "WHATS WRONG?" I had
never seen my brother look so pale and so shaken in all my life and I started to get
really worried.He finally told us he was fiddleing around in his room putting up some
posters when he realized some man was standing in his doorway.My brother said "who
are you?" and man came towards him at a very fast pace and slapped him so hard across
the face that he still had a red mark on the right side of his face.My father than
ran up the stairs seaching for this intruder and found nothing.My mother called the
police and they didnt seem to believe one word of what we were saying but they
offered to make a report of it..OH great some comfort in that!! We were all very
shaken up and my brother decided to take his sleeping bag and bunk in my room that
night.I was grateful for the company.In the middle of the night we were awoken by
mother screaming for my father and we all ran down to her.My mother had went down for
a glass of water and found a man staring at her through the kitchen window over the
sink.At this point my father flung open the back door screaming various obcenites
looking for this guy and found nothing.I dont think any of us got any sleep that
night. My father spoke to the police and the landlord again and they could offer no
relief or explanation.And now as I come to this next account I feel absolute terror
just remembering the details.Later that day I had went to take a shower.I stepped
into the bath and started the normal routine of washing.I had just started lathering
up my hair and tilting my head back with my eyes closed under the shower head when
all of the sudden I felt this gripping feeling around my neck.I coundnt move, I
couldnt scream and the grip was getting tighter and tighter. The hot water came on
full blast and burned the entire back of my body.I dont know how long in actual time
I was standing there being chocked and burned but I felt like I was going to die.In
one instant it stopped and I let out the most gut wrenching scream I had ever heard
come from my own mouth.It seemed everyone was in the bathroom in seconds pulling me
from a crounched position in the shower begging me for an explanation.My mother than
saw the hand prints on my neck in deep red marks. Over and over she asked what
happened.I couldnt utter a word.My mom started crying and yelling at the top of her
lungs WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN THIS HOUSE??? I remember her holding me and
rocking me as we both sat there and cried for what felt like hours. 

Well I cant remember how long in between it took for the next occurance but in the
meantime I felt like I was going to have a nervous breakdown.I would not take a
shower without my sister sitting on the toilet until I was done.I would never sleep
the same way again.Every sound made me jump and my nerves were absolutely frazzeled.I
didnt want to be there,none of us did. We had no expalnation and who could we turn
to? Six more months went by in that house with various things happening which would
take a novel to explain in detail.Lights turning off and on,doors slamming open and
closed sounds of someone walking up and down the stairs when we were in bed.My family
was coming apart.My mom and dad started to fight constantly.My mom begging him to
leave and him screaming in frustration we had no money to move.We made sure no one
was alone in that house ever.We were all scared to do normal things alone in a house
which most people took for granted such as take a shower ,get a glass of water
anything which entailed no ones usual assisstance. My dad finally figured out a way
we could save some money and leave.He just plain out stopped paying for the rent and
we had enough to leave before we were taken to court. 

Well we found another home and life seemed to get back to normal.I cant tell you how
awful life was for us until we left that house.We were all deeply changed forever and
it will never leave the back of our minds that it could happen again.I dont know what
happened to that house ,if another family moved in and so on and frankly I dont
care.None of us ever will drive down that street again or utter a word about it until
me today writing this.Im not sure how my family would feel knowing I shared this
story but being that no names were mentioned I guess this could never come back to
us.That is my story.That was our living hell . 


A Lifetime of Visions 
by thomasent@www.valuu.net 

Ever since I can remember I've been able to see and feel things that 

nobody else could. My mother says I have an old soul because when I was 

barely old enough to talk I would tell her stories about things that I 

had done...things that I couldn't have even known about. When I was 

very young I was playing in one of those little plastic Wal-Mart 

swimming pools at my cousin's house in Texas. I heard someone behind so 

I looked up and saw an angel plain as day...the angel stood there and 

smiled at me, she said something to me, but I have never been able to 

remember what it was. The whole family was out in the yard at the time 

but nobody saw anything. I've always known what people and places where 

"bad", meaning that they had negative energy surrounding them. I'm so 

sensitive that everytime we drive by this one house I start to cry 

uncontrollably. Needless to say that we try very hard not to go that 

way. When I was 16 I went with my friends to a place in the ozark 

foothills in Arkansas called Dover Lights. It got its name because 

according to legend, Spanish Conquistadors (sp?) buried their gold in 

the valley and their ghosts came back to look for it. The lights are 

the lanterns that they carry. I don't know how much of this is true, 

but I know that spanish ghosts aren't the only thing up there. Let me 

give you a little layout info so you can understand the rest of the 

story better. To get to the Dover Lights you have to drive up a steep 

curvy dirt road for several miles. It's not really a mountain, but it's 

close enought for the locals. Dover Light's itself is really just a 

parking spot on top of this hill that overlooks the valley of the 

legend. The drop from the spot is several hundred feet almost straight 

down. There is a railing at the edge of the "cliff" so people don't make 

a fatal mistake and keep driving. We went up there during the day at 

first to get a glimpse of the beautiful view. There was another car 

there, but it was empty. Around midnight we went back up there to see 

the "lights", the car was gone and the railing was smashed through. 

Several of the other people I was with had been up there before and had 

seen the lights, but this was my first time and I found it interesting. 

I immediatly didn't like the place at all...it was evil if ever there 

was a such thing. I mean the PLACE was evil, like it was a doorway or 

something. The first thing I noticed was the dark shapes in the 

treeline. Then I started feeling something moving closer. I told my 

friends, two of whom were as or more sensitive than me, that we had to 

get the hell out of here now or we might not ever make it. They all 

agreed and we jumped in the car and took off as fast as possible down 

the dirt road. The chase was on. There are different levels of demons, 

strengths and sizes I mean. At first the things coming out of the 

treeline after the car were small, land bound creatures that really 

weren't very fast. Then bigger and faster. Finally the most terrifying 

thing I could possibly imagine was on our tail. It was huge and it was 

flying. I could hear it behind us. I could also hear it in my head. 

Not words so much as images and violent emotion. One of my friends in 

the front seat told us not to look back. The guy sitting next to me 

thought we were all crazy and said we were just trying to scare him, so 

he immediatly looked behind us and lapsed into some sort of trance. He 

passed out and we could not wake him up for anything. I was slapping 

him, beating him, pinching him, yelling at him and nothing happened. 

Then the mental beating I was going through got worse.

MistyMoonDrop says:   7 November 2008   432872  
That was scary, yet awesome at the same time!
Elphaba117 asks :   2 January 2009   767949  
i agree. where did you get those?


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