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sex on tha beachCategory: sex stories
Thursday, 14 June 2007
05:53:19 AM (GMT)
one day jenny the school slut was walking home from school with her friend matt they
went to her house and her parents wernt home so they got on myspace and then matt
just started rubbing jennys hair and shes said do u want to go to my parents room?
and he said yes but they didnt know that her little sister was sleeping in there so
they go in the room and he rips jennys shirt off while shes getting his pants off her
little sister wakes up and sees them she crawled from the bed without them noticeing
and gets under the bed they get on the bed naked and hes kissing her body then he
goes down to her pussy and sucks it widly then he slowly licks her whole body then
once he reaches her mouth they start making out the she sucks his dick hard and fast
after that they have sex jenny is screaming at the top of her lungs with joy as his
dick goes in and out with every pleasureing push  meanwhile her sister is hearing
everything while her parents pule up in the driveway jenny hears the car jumps up and
gets dressed so does matt aand they go back to the computer and her sister get out
from under the bed and lays back down her parents open the door and say were home!!!

on the next diary of jenny will she get caught or not find out next time on jennys

emo_vampiress says:   14 June 2007   664838  
*claps* im not bi and i don't get horny over this gay shit but bravo
and kudos 2 u!
cutiepie222 says:   14 June 2007   768384  
dat made me horny
xxcrocodilehunterxx says:   14 June 2007   222623  
wow nearly as good as sex stories author herself! *claps*
emo_sabrine says:   14 June 2007   397182  
this may sound weird but the way you wrote it just seemed rushed like
he did this she did that then blah blah blah it just seems like it was
rushed ya know?
Maddy13 says:   14 June 2007   224489  
hahahaha... I'm sorry for laughing but how many periods are in that
whole story? NONE! It's like the biggest run on sentence ever!!

I have nooo clue why but I find reading these "sex stories"
entertaining :D
danyelles says:   14 June 2007   775587  
make arealy,realy good sex story about me my name is anna
sex_stories says:   14 June 2007   132954  
ok and thanxs evry body 4 reading it
hottie_3333 says:   14 June 2007   182314  
goos storyu
sex_stories says:   15 June 2007   662169  
kool072 says:   15 June 2007   944614  
that was good wanna be friends
ALEX2222 says:   15 June 2007   627146  
****claps***. very good story.....tres,tres,tres,tres...bon, bon,
bon. that is french for: very very very very very good good good.
sex_stories says:   15 June 2007   969287  
sure kool72 and thanx both of you
nicky7127 says:   15 June 2007   883219  
Bi Da Waii Alex Its Bien Nd Dat is Sik Gd Bt Sik..x
Danielle10 says:   15 June 2007   225239  
that was.....interesting...
sex_stories says:   16 June 2007   516165  
animelova says:   16 June 2007   418246  
Maddy13 says: 

hahahaha... I'm sorry for laughing but how many periods are in that
whole story? NONE! It's like the biggest run on sentence ever!!

I have nooo clue why but I find reading these "sex stories"
entertaining :D

Lmao yah I was gonna say tht...NONE
I_love_zac_efron says:   16 June 2007   448155  
I found that very amusing!
sex_stories says:   16 June 2007   399774  
thanx and i kno NONE r on there i dnt like putting periods
fastgirl45 says:   16 July 2007   445654  
that is good
sex_stories says:   16 July 2007   386364  
thank u
5_star_sex_stories says:   27 December 2007   265846  
but i did seem a lil rushed
xExotic says:   28 December 2007   588832  
k, ew.
and that whole story was like.. one sentence.
orlandobloom says :   25 January 2008   432891  
dat woz awsome nd weird keep up da gd wrk

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