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LOLOMG PERVERTS PEDOPHILES!?!?!!!??!!!111oneCategory: (general)
Sunday, 20 May 2007
12:16:35 PM (GMT)
Okay, if you have ever found yourself saying/thinking any of these things with
regards to kupika:
"what is someone so old doing on kupika?"
"omg they are such a pervert"
"There are children here, he/she/it shouldn't be doing that!"
Then this entry is directed at you. A number of things you might want to consider:

1. Age.
Stop being so damn arrogant. The internet is not solely for the use of teenagers.
Kupika is not solely for the use of teenagers. I doubt it was even intended for the
use of teenagers.

2. Age and it's relation to paedophilia.
Hina is 22, and yet I don't hear anyone saying he should find something better to do,
or that he's a pervert.
Newsflash: Not everyone over the age of 20 is a paedophile. Why do you think that
anyway? Because the media has hyped up paedophilia to the point where people are
almost hysterical. Rape occurs far, far more than paedophilia, and is committed
mostly by men, but I don't see anyone proclaiming all males are rapists.
The chances of you coming across a paedophile are almost nil. And if you did, they
likely wouldn't reveal their true age. So stop assuming people that put their age as
32 are going to come and get you.

3. Perversion.
Calling someone a pervert on the internet is almost laughable. Why would you? If
someone in real life is harassing you, then that can range from uncomfortable to
extremely distressing. But on the internet? You can just ignore them. In fact, the
opportunities for you to ignore them are huge! You can blacklist, close the window,
turn off your computer, or even just not look at the words.

And most of the time you're not even justified in calling people perverts. Enjoying
sex does not make you a pervert. Being bisexual does not make you a pervert. Cybersex
does not make you a pervert. Exchanging pictures of various bodily parts does not
make you a pervert.

Actually, I lied. Pervert is pretty subjective, so what is and isn't perversion is up
to the reader to decide. But as long as it's not hurting anyone, what's the problem?
Why do you feel the need to push your nose in where it's not wanted? Let people
express themselves how they like. Else you won't have a leg to stand on when you
argue against your expression being suppressed.

That is all.

‹HANNER› says:   20 May 2007   825728  
Oroborus21 is a pervert. He is 34, and he is going out with a 16 year
KOTORgamegirl says:   21 May 2007   678948  
oh the fuck he is not u stupid kiwiface! im actually a good frends of
his, and he isnt  a perv. ur immature for saying that! 

btw, good article
hotholly says:   22 May 2007   434842  
‹♪can☼you♪hear☼me♪now› says:   30 May 2007   257323  
I see where you are coming from in your idea here. Its a great point.
But the thing about hina being 22 nobody knocks on him because 1 he
created the site and 2 nobody considers 22 being old yet. And enjoying
cybersex doesnt make you a pervert still true unless you kind of push
it to the limit. so i guess thats plausible in a way. but otherwise
all this is well put togeteher thank you for your time if you acctully
read this.
dee asks:   5 July 2007   724747  
your right about the older people on this site. THe last time I was
looking for penpals, a guy was 33. I know it's not really a old age
but isn't this a kid's website.
neoeno says:   6 July 2007   836381  
Dee: Who are you talking to? I was arguing that older people are fine
to have on here.

Also, in answer to your question "isn't this a kid's website", no.
Cyber_angel16 says:   9 July 2007   664265  
agree if this was a "kidz" website it would have been under kupika as
a subtitle, A kids website, older ages people on here r fine, u have a
problem with that, hey theres plenty of of other places 4 little
kiddies like u 
‹EvaHEROIN› says:   9 July 2007   354531  
I agree...For a first...I think we've all had drummed into
society/media (Oh yes, here I go) telling us "everyone over the age of
20 is a pervert. Do not talk to them, but talk behind their backs and
make their lifes a living hell". These kidz who decide to do this,
fine, thats your fault. Perverts, ok yeah, but get EVIDENCE! Not just
age, or else would Hina have let them join? Because a few people have
admitted their real age (like the mums and dads who have joined and
such) and Hina has let them! So really, if you think that older people
shouldn't be let on Kupika, you're saying Hina is wrong. And didn't he
make the sight anyway? SillehPeopleWhoAreStupid...
Thats all :D
Emerald asks :   20 July 2007   986357  
im sorry im kinda slow here but wat is cybering?

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