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The Mirror of Memories: Part OneCategory: Stories :D
Tuesday, 3 April 2007
06:37:34 PM (GMT)
"Aina! Come on, we're leaving!"

    I sighed, setting down the book I was reading, which had unfortunately been
When the Wind Blows. In case you didn't know, When the Wind Blows is
probably the most boring book in the US. I had been forced to read it for this stupid
school assignment, and I have got to tell you, it's hard to read a single sentence in
that book without losing interest. I had to practically hold my head in place so I
couldn't look away from the book just to help myself get through a few pages. I don't
even know what the point of reading a book about the wind is, anyway. But apparently
it was a classic, a book that our parents read when they were our age. Or so my
teacher said. But who cares about teachers? I think they're stupid.

    "I'm coming," I replied, not nearly loud enough for my mom to hear, as I hopped
off of my bed. I slipped my feet into a pair of pink fuzzy slippers. My family and I
were going to our neighbor's house for a fancy party, but I didn't really feel like
making myself look presentable. After all, we weren't exactly the richest family on
the block, so I guess it didn't matter. Our neighbors were sympathetic people, and
they knew we couldn't afford to buy gorgeous dresses and all of that junk.

    Our neighbors are extremely wealthy. They have a huge house, which I guess you
could call a mansion. Well, yeah, you could call it a mansion. Anyway, even though my
mom, dad and I live in a tiny one-story house with three rooms, the house we were
going to is only two doors down the street. Some people think it's weird that there's
a gigantic mansion on the same street as my pathetic shack. There are all sorts of
different people here. There aren't really any streets with only huge mansions on
them. There's variety everywhere.

    I went out of my room and made my way into the kitchen, where my mother was
tapping her foot against the floor impatiently. Her arms were folded across her
chest, and she was giving me a dirty look. I almost burst out laughing when I first
saw her. She was wearing a really, really ugly orange dress that had tiny rhinestones
on the edge of the collar, and worst of all, it had little frilly sleeves. I couldn't
believe my mom was wearing that. Luckily, I kept myself from cracking up, and kept a
straight face.

    "We have to leave now. We're already late," she told me. My dad came out of the
bathroom and nodded. He was wearing a nice black suit that actually didn't look too
bad. "And what in the world are you wearing?!" my mom demanded, pointing at my
pink fuzzy slippers.

    A smirk spread out on my face. "Come on, Mom. No one will care if I wear this to
the party. My friends are going to be there, anyway. They'll think it's great."

    Mom looked thoroughly annoyed, but I kept smiling. My dad didn't seem to care,
though. So we left our lame excuse for a house, and started down the street to the
neighbor’s. Their house was so big and bright, it was almost blinding when you got
close to it. The walk was short, and soon we were at the front when the maid opened
the door for us and let us in. There were tons of people crowding the house, and I
immediately ran upstairs to try and find some of my friends who I knew would be
there. Some people stared at my slippers as I climbed the huge staircase, but I
really didn't care.

   To be continued...

Pea_pod_bunny says:   3 April 2007   427399  
Awesum!!! First comment! (Does first comment dance) That was GREAT!
You should make more!
teh_master_lol says:   3 April 2007   344627  
Thank you!! ^^
callie11 says :   25 June 2007   921629  


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