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Another One ;-) 18+ ONLYCategory: (general)
Thursday, 22 March 2007
11:33:37 PM (GMT)
Sammy Vannister is 16 years old, she's about 5'5 115 lbs. with 36C tits. One day she
was sitting around with some of her girls and they got on the subject of porn. 
"Have you ever watched one?" Ananda, one of Sammy's friends asked.
"Yeah of course, I mean who hasn't right?" Sammy answered. "I think it would be so
cool to star in one, I mean, you get paid to get fucked, plus you get star status,
what more could you ask for?"
"I don't know, it sounds so sleazy to me." Another friend, Vicki, said.
"But we're talking about pussy satisfaction here!" Sammy exclaimed. She could feel
her tight virgin pussy getting wetter and wetter by the second. Soon she would need
to do something about it, but she wasn't sure how she could satisfy herself with all
her friends around. 
"Hey you guys wanna watch one?" Ananda asked half jokingly.

"YES!" Sammy almost screamed. Her pussy was on fire and she was hoping that if they
watched a porn she'd be able to play with herself a little bit and not seem totally
weird. Ananda popped the porn in the VCR in Sammy's bedroom.
The first scene was kind of boring, the couple was talking about this vacation they
were going to take, you could see the woman's hard nipples through her thin little
sundress, but little else. Soon though, things started to heat up and the couple was
on the floor in the kitchen, the man was between the woman's legs and he was licking
her clit and trying to tongue fuck her pussy hole.

By now Sammy was trying very hard not to just reach down and finger her little clit,
she thought she could steal a look at Ananda and see if she was getting turned on, to
check if it was ok to touch herself. When Sammy looked over, she was very surprised!
Ananda's hand was buried in her pussy and so was Vicki's! Sammy reached down and
started to fondle herself. She never could be quiet, so she started to moan and make
a lot of noise. "OOOOOOHHHH mmmmmmm yes" Sammy murmured. Her fingers were moving
rapidly now on her clit and in the porn the girl was finally getting fucked by the
guy. That turned Sammy on a lot more and she started to insert a finger into her
tight hole.

"Let me help" Ananda said in a husky voice. She moved Sammy's hand and started
pushing her own finger inside. Suddnely, out of nowhere, Vicki was standing over
Sammy's head, she sat down on her face and at first Sammy thought she would
suffocate, but then she got a whiff of hot teenage pussy juice.
Sammy was afraid, but then decided she needed to do it. She stuck her tongue out and
touched the hot clit of Vicki. Vicki moaned and grond deeper into Sammy's face, Sammy
seemed to find her rhythm and began licking harder and faster. 
Ananda had 3 fingers deep inside Sammy by this time and was finger fucking her hard
and fast. Sammy started to clench up, so Ananda took her hand out and began licking
and sucking on Sammy's clit. 

"OHHHH yes!!!!! lick me Ananda! I like it I like it!!!!!" Sammy screamed. Ananda and
Vicki started to moan and groan too, they all knew that soon they'd be covered with
hot cum.
The porn had turned to a gay guy and his lover fucking each other up the ass, and
Sammy just happened to look over when they were pumping it in hard! She could see the
look of pleasure and pain on the guy that was bent over and she knew then and there
she wanted that too. 
Vicki started cumming and was bouncing up and down on Sammy's face, it seemed like
buckets of cum were coming out, Sammy tried to swallow her girl-cum, but there was
jst so damn much of it!

"Vicki honey," Sammy called, "Do me up my ass baby! Make me feel good...I want you to
feel me cum from both sides!" So vicki lubed her up and got down underneath her.

Vicki and Ananda were each fucking Sammy from one side and Sammy was feeling on the
brink of cumming. Suddenly, without warning, she let go! She came for what seemed
like 5 minutes, juice going everywhere, Sammy feeling up Ananda and Vicki fingering
Ananda while all the time Sammy was still cummming. 
Finally, Sammy and her friends collapsed on her bed, maybe next time they can have a
few toys...

szymon says:   25 March 2007   593755  
man i wish i was there.....
girlsrule2300 shouts:   28 March 2007   754215  
girlsrule2300 says:   30 March 2007   426811  
christine94 says:   2 June 2007   327461  
do that2 me!
B_Baby_Sexi says:   20 June 2007   636294  
I love it i wanna fuck my friend now. Oh she naked now i licking her
pussy thank oyu.
iiLOV3Rzu says:   17 July 2007   573146  
damn that was good omg u made me so horny well bye
chris_dagget says:   10 August 2007   253773  
holy cum that was fucking hot
lil_drama2000 says:   27 October 2007   155727  
angiegirl says :   11 November 2007   845429  
holy crap what was that it was so great!

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