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A Death Note Sporking Part 2Category: Sporkings
Thursday, 22 February 2007
09:21:47 PM (GMT)
(stats and first part can be found here- 
http://kupika.com/diarypage.php?id=x45dbcb693f224pdl4kx )
More of what I say: okay...part two. My god this chapter was boring. Thus, I'm afraid
it came out a little forced. Also, Cid Highwind apparently owns the sporking
theater... I honestly have no idea where that came from...but i like it...and its
being kept. Still too lazy to do color tags. 

Chapter Two
Snip (Disclaimer and general review whoring)
Snip (The last two sentences of the previous chapter)
Secret girlfriend to be exact. Or was she? Sin had spent a lot of time thinking if
they had feelings still, for this ‘L’ had sent her back to Britain in shattered
tears when he told her he was going after Kira and that it’d be too dangerous for
her to be around him.

L: No…I’ pretty sure it’s because even non-me hates her guts. 
Raito: Un-you should’ve used her as bait.
L: She’s a Sue…wouldn’t have died anyway.
Raito: You have a point.

Sin found it amusing with Sai’s fight with L when he told her to leave Japan. And
he didn’t know why she refused so badly with L’s suggestion to live at his
mansion or whatever the humans called it, in Britain. He had seen the mansion; it was
quite big and well...rich. But Sai’s response?
Priceless; cake thrown at his face along with some lines that went along with:

Raito: *as Sue* You’re breaking up with me?!?! 
Misa: *as L* It’s not you, it’s me.
Raito: *as sue* But you were my first…doesn’t that mean anything at all to you?
Misa: *as L* …Nope.

“I don’t need your pity,” of some sort.

L: Good, You’re not getting any.

It’s quite an offer to turn down, Sin mused, if she went to his mansion the maids
would look after Sai’s grandmother, giving her some time to herself. 

“This will help L.” said Sai quietly, staring at the book.

L: Yes…Do it. Kill me now! I’ll even tell you my real name 
it’ spelled- *Looks at Raito* Um… never mind.
Raito: *innocently* What? 

“Are you going to Japan?” Sin asked, crouched on the side wall.
“Depends. I don’t even want to see him again!” she spat and folded her arms. If
Sin had any eyebrows, he would have raised them. “I might just send it by mail.”
“But then I’ll have to go to him...” said Sin, lazily. “You would be doing a
great favour to him if you show him yourself.”
“Why? He’s not going to see me again, not when I threw his favourite cake at
him.” she snorted and put the Note in her drawer, walking out.
“L is in danger. But you’re so worried about his feelings... what’s more
important to humans I wonder; feelings or lives?” 

Misa: Love!
Raito: Power!
L: Cake!

Snip (Sin ponders. We find out that Sakia’s grandmother is senile)

“I’m sorry grandma. But I have to tell you something.” Sin ‘hmphed’. “Do
you remember Ryuuzaki?”
“That nice boy with the red hat?”

L: I wish I really DID have a red hat.
Raito: Don’t we all.

“No, that’s the paper boy, Grandma. I’m talking about the one with the Mansion.
Remember the big house with the nice roses?”
“The Secluded Manor is what I’d call it.” added Sin thoughtfully. Again Sai
ignored him.

Snip (Sakia lies to her grandmother. L shares sweets? Also the Sue refuses to use the
Death Note)

Sai had gone to her university and told them she was going to defer for a year,
shocking them. “I have something important to do.” she explained briefly about
some family trouble in Japan.

“So you do care for him.” 
“I don’t know how he will see me.

Raito: Whoa…The Sue’s INVISIBLE!
Misa: Step right up and see the AMAZING INVISI-SUE!

But at least he will know I’m still there.” murmured Sai,
She wished her friends good bye, and Sin watched from a tree top. ‘Human friends
must be essential I suppose’, thought Sin bitterly, ‘definitely not for me’.
The closest thing Sin considered a ‘friend’ was a ‘brat’ named Ryuk, the
Apple Muncher. Often as Sin would sit on a rock watching the Human World, the one who
would be beside him, talking or poking every now and then would be Ryuk. Once or
twice Sin would push Ryuk off the rock and see him mock a fall down to the human
world. But he’d be back.
Then there was the day when Ryuk had said for the umpteenth time, “I’m bored.”
Then Sin would reply a “Then do something.” There would be the usual grunt,
however, instead of the expected reaction, Sin watched as a certain Death Note
‘dropped’ into the human world.
“Oops. I’ll just go get that aheheheh...” 
“Ryuk, what are you doing?”
“You said do something. I’m going down to the human world to hunt for
And at that moment Yagami Light saw a black book fall from next to the school
“Better than watching a girl, you perv, Sin.” 
“The Human world you consider rotten, yet you drop your book. What a coincidence
for you.” there was a hint of sarcasm within Sin’s voice, as Ryuk cackled and
swooped out of view.

L: Hey look! She just raped canon!
Misa: Bastards!
Raito: *mutters*…Stupid shonen jump and their stupid translators…MY NAME’S NOT
“LIGHT”! IT’S “RAITO”!!!!! R-A-I-T-O! 
Cid: *Over the PA* You @%#$!-#@%&$ Better stop abusing “HARRY POTTER’S CAPS LOCK
OF RAGE!!!!!!!!1!!!!one” Goddamnit!
All: Sorry, Cid.
Raito: *continues grumbling* 

Snip (Further Canon-Rapage)
Meanwhile…no cake for Sues.

 “Welcome home dear.” her grandma was baking something.
“Mmm, I smell cake! Chocolate?” asked Sai hopefully. “Aww, thanks grandma.”
“Not for you! For the nice boy.” Sai pouted, but knew she couldn’t take the
cake to Japan.
“So mean...I’ll go pack your things.” she ran up the stairs and packed her
grandmother’s clothes. Then she grabbed her fairly sizeable pink duffle bag.
“I’m only going for a bit...” she mumbled and packed a few clothes and other
accessories. “Sin get out I’m getting changed.”
“It’s not like I haven’t seen you bare skinned before.” said the sly
shinigami, however just lying through his mask.
“You pervert!” she yelled as he chuckled, floating out of the room. “Ugh!”
she pulled on her casual garments (black cargo pants and a white, black outlined tank
top if you’re wondering).. 

Misa: We weren’t.

She tied the top layer of her hair back in a low pony tail and grabbed a jacket and
then her bag.
Later that day Sai had called the ‘Secluded Manor’ as Sin put it, and a limo
turned up. 

L: *as self* Wow guys! Thanks for finding my limo!
Raito: *as Sue* Oh, It just turned up!

Saika was still surprised to why they still heeded her requests and asked. The driver
had answered,
“Watari said Miss Saika’s home is Master L’s—pardon me—Master Ryuuzaki’s

Raito: He got your name wrong…you should fire him.
L: Honestly, I don’t remember hiring him.

“W-What? Since when?” she asked, shocked.
“Since when you first stepped into the Manor, Miss Saika. No one other than Master
L has been in the Manor besides the servants and Watari.”
Snip (The author admitting her own story has no point)

Ryuk: I’m tired of this… I’m leaving. *Leaves, Flying through the wall just
above the door marked “Exit”*
Raito: Wait…shouldn’t he be contractually obligated to sit through this? Or, if
not, at least morally obligated to finish what he started?
L: Obviously not, Raito-kun.
Misa: Even I knew that.

‹BOOMSHAKALAKA› says:   4 March 2007   617315  
yay 1st comment quite good whens part 3
LadyDa says:   4 March 2007   959336  
um...eventually...once i get started on the cid/vin i've been meaning
to spork
‹Saurfang› says:   7 March 2007   895657  
do part 3!!!

i want to read part 3 now!

im waiting for the delivery people to deliver death note 7, 8 and 9

they captureded the third kira!!! zomg!

and misa now knows who the original and second kira where!! zomg!!!

and now...

they captureded the third kira!!!

i already said that...
LadyDa says :   7 March 2007   193842  
HA! I finished part three!...i should be uploading it sometime


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