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Thursday, 4 January 2007
12:25:43 PM (GMT)
YAY!!! Gangstr123 dumped me well actually I dumped him but he acted like I didn't so
a few days later he said he dumped me and than he emmbarrsed me and wrote a diary
about it!!!!! I really wish he'd stop bugging me. He can just burn!!!! I truly mean
it...also if any of you dated him you would know that he calls you stupid nicknames
like ''sweety'' and ''baby''!!! It's like so annoying and Gangstr123 if you reading
this you really emmbarrased me and that's why I just like hate you!! I know that's
mean to say but it's true!!! I wish that people would know that you just can't accept
boundrys' and you cross the line!!!So sorry for emmbarrsing you but I got one word
for you ''carma'' what goes around comes around sorry!!!

ItsMehx3 says:   5 January 2007   734774  
Heyy doll face!! iits your siister [ Rockii ] yeah oh my gosh he kept
telliing me to tell you he saiid iit was over and ii was liike NO ii
am not breakiiing the to my liitle siister she means wayy to much to
me and she wiill thiink that ii am behiind thiis all so NO you can
tell her...grr that kiid makes me soo soo MAD!! but anyway iim glad
you know that Karma will come back and biite hiim the the  butt for
what he put you through and iim soo glad you know that!! i LOVE you
giirly!! ♥ Rockii [ your siister ]
Mamie says:   5 January 2007   731496  
Thanks sis!!!!!!!! you have my back I really wish that he would of
just knew that if he emmbarresed me i would embarress him just as well
gangstr123 says:   5 January 2007   244818  
oh wow u were embaressed ur friken 9
Mamie says:   5 January 2007   588466  
I don't care I broke up with you first and you still acted like I
didn't!!!!! And not to be off the subject but you spellled friken
wrong it's freakin' okay? And umm....none likes you now (probably) of
my friends exept cheerleaader!!!!
Cheerleader says:   5 January 2007   567733  
what the heck stop pulling me into this!Mamie just move on he's is
not with u anymore so don't worry and just leave each otha alone and
if u say i spelt eahc otha wrong i ment 2 so yeah u kinda act like my
teacher LOL u should be a teacher!
ItsMehx3 suggests:   6 January 2007   238656  
Whay dont you cheerleader and gangstr leave my little sister
alone....she dont have to move on if she dont want to its a free
country DO NOT try to tell her what to do. if she wanted to move on
she would and if she didnt want to move on she wouldnt and cheerleader
uhh just so you know she can drag you into ANYTHING she would like to
drag you into..mmkay. hope you all understood that. because Amy will
tell me if you 2 cause her ANY TROUBLE what so ever.
bye bye  now
♥ Rickii aka Amy's big sister
Mamie says:   7 January 2007   589913  
Awww....thanks umm...cheerleader you do kinda need to lay off and I'm
sick of you and gangstr123 holding grudges on me!!!!!!
ItsMehx3 says:   8 January 2007   538622  
yeah no problem...they better leave you alone
horselover shouts:   9 January 2007   358638  
Mamie says:   9 January 2007   238448  
Cheerleader says:   11 January 2007   663587  
ur nine right? lol scary!!U act like your 14 for some reason what if
u r 56!!!!AH!!And i don't think that she is really your sister and
listen to your own advise it is a free country i don't have 2 back
Mamie says :   12 January 2007   656566  
She is....we can act at least!!! Gosh!!! Anyways just get over
it...move on with this diary!!!! Your just making it harder on


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