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My True Love "Chapter 1"Category: stories
Sunday, 3 December 2006
08:03:26 AM (GMT)

I can't believe it; tomorrow is the first day of 10th grade. I know I'm in the
popular rich clique, but what if people think I'm the most spoiled brat in the whole
world. Maybe even worse, maybe they'll call me a w- " Alexa, get down here! Mollie
made chocolate chip pancakes! " my dad called. I guess he could call me down. I mean
its like 8:00. I went downstairs to see 2 of my favorite people; my dad and Mollie.
Mollie is like my mother. Speaking of mother, I still miss my mom. My dad said she
died of cancer 4 years ago. After I finished eating I just remembered. " Dad, Jessica
and Sarah are going to be here any minute! I got to get dressed " I kissed My dad on
the cheek and gave Mollie an air kiss. I ran upstairs to my room and picked out this
adorable outfit. I got changed into pink roll up pants, a pink tank top with a
sweater, pink flip flops, and a cute white purse. I ran downstairs and Jessica and
Sarah were at the door. Me and Jessica are turning 16. My birthday is later this
month ( August because school starts at this time in California ) and Jessica's
birthday is in November. Sarah turned 16 in March so she has her licence. We hopped
into her convertible and went to the mall. " I bet we could shop here for hours "
Sarah said as we entered the mall. " Yeah, good thing we have- " Jessica said and
then all 3 of the girls said in unison " CREDIT CARDS!! "

All of a sudden, when I was walking with my American Eagle shopping bag and
Abercrombie shopping bag, I bumped into this guy. " Watch i- " I got lost into his
beautiful blue eyes. " I'm sorry if I was being rude. Hi, I'm-I'm-I'm Alexa." I said
still looking into his beautiful eyes. " No, I'm sorry " he said smiling, " I'm Zack.
" I didn't want to be rude so I wrote down my cell phone number and said smiling"
Call me. " I could see he liked me too. He looked familiar. I think he was the new
kid at school. I think he was in the popular poor clique. But still, he was so
handsome and I hoped he'll call me. I knew we would be the perfect couple.


colagirl4 says:   3 December 2006   222664  
You are a great writer!!I can not wait for chapter 2!!
PunkyMunky11 shouts:   3 December 2006   341315  
Wow, you're story is terrific! Can't wait 4 the second part.
Kimberly2 says:   3 December 2006   682636  
You are a fab. writer!!!I can't wait 4 chap. 2!
cheybaby12345 cries:   3 December 2006   949586  
your story was thrilling i thought it was fab i cannot   wait for
chapter 2  please write to me
hunny963123 says:   7 December 2006   968642  
Passions story was better
cutiepieface54 suggests:   12 December 2006   168266  
your story was so cool and thrilling and i cant wait for chapter 2
and chapter 3 and chater 4 and chapter 5 or if you arnt doing 5
chapters just email me on jacks013'
Prettystone says:   18 December 2006   734979  
this is such a great story,Now I know why so many people like it.
ianagoldtuna says:   22 December 2006   655379  
um..........i didn't read it.....sorry, my eyes hurt, but with all
these people saying it's really good. i 'll read when my eyes get
better. ok?
Kecoroe says :   6 January 2007   648425  
um... aah.... thats nice


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