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me talking about school and workCategory: (general)
Friday, 2 February 2018
04:46:42 AM (GMT)
idk why im doing this im kind of just in the mood to ramble and also i dont wanna do
my chemistry homework

i am a bit scared im not gonna get the grades for vet school so to fix that im making
a dumb diary on kupika instead of acc studying
like my offers aren't that difficult i know i'm capable of getting higher grades but
im SOOO LAZY!!!!!!
my ability to waste time is incredible i think bc i just dont feel bored a lot of the
time so i can sit doing basically NOTHING for ages
i've tried to stop that by getting a weekend job so i do something every day 
and also it means i have money so i can go out w my friends more

i need to quit my job soon anyways bc everyone says i won't get the grades i need if
i'm working
and tbh i agree bc i'm always tired af after my shifts so i don't do anything
idk why i'm so tired i'm literally just on the tills at a shop but i guess it is
standing up and talking to ppl for 4 hours
also my supervisor literally hates me
idek what beef she has with me but i would prob like my job a whole lot more if she
she legit targets me and this other guy so we became friends over that
then she told the manager to change his shift bc we talk too much..........
sometimes i feel like reporting her but i'd have to keep track of Incidents and i
customers have complained about her to me before so maybe one of them will do
something but i doubt it
i'll miss the money but i would literally die if AFTER WORKING THIS HARD TO GET THE
OFFERS i didn't get into vet school bc i was busy scanning shit at a shop

i'm sooooo excited for uni honestly
i say this all the time but i so badly wanna be a vet and IT'S HAPPENING
like a week ago i ordered a stethoscope lmao it wasn't even a proper one bc those are
expensive (obv i'll get a proper one later tho i'll buy all the stuff i need over
summer probs) it was like £3 so it's basically a toy but it does work so that's
enough 4 me
i've had to wear scrub tops before when watching surgery and whenever i saw myself in
the mirror wearing one i was like !!!!!!!!!
literally gonna spend my life helping animals and learning abt biology things cannot
get better

one thing is i don't know if i rly feel content just learning science
just studying what other people have found out
i wanna ADVANCE the knowledge and find out new stuff
feels kinda like a moral obligation after being lucky enough to have an education in
the first place
but i know it's unlikely that i'll come up with some miracle cure and i want to work
in clinical practice not in research so i won't really have the opportunity anyway
being like noel fitzpatrick would be the DREAM
he works as a vet in practice but he takes referrals and does new procedures he
invented himself where other vets would prob put the animal down
watch this space i may become the next supervet !

oh also i need to decide which vet school i wanna go to
which is crazy bc i thought i'd get rejected from everywhere lmao 
i applied for 4 and right now i have 2 offers 1 rejection and then an interview in 3
it sounds strange but i'm quite happy about the rejection bc most of my friends have
also gotten at least 1 rejection so we are a rejection gang and we're planning a
rejection party
weird to think my school is full of Academic High Flyers but most have gotten
i guess that's what happens when you have big ambitions tho

idk how to prepare for my interview bc my previous experience has shown preparation
isn't rly useful
and the ppl on the applicant group chat say it doesn't help
but i feel like i gotta do something.......
this place has a diff interview style to the others
there's 3 interviews which are 20 mins each
one is just a normal interview, one is a "practical" interview so like you have to
physically do something and one is a group interview
i rreeallallylyllrreally hope i get in i love this place so much
tbh i was surpised to have even gotten an interview from them
i didn't care much about my first rejection but i'll be so emo if i get rejected from
i got to ultrasound a dogs heart myself at their open day HOW COOL IS THAT
i didn't rly know what was going on BUT IT WAS STILL SO COOL

i wish i was going to uni with the friends i have rn
but we're disappearing all over the country ): 
i guess everyone says this and then everyone moves on and makes new friends but
i hope we actually stay in contact and don't just say we will like i heard happens a
lot of the time
i'm not thinking about it too much tho bc i wanna enjoy the few months we do have
left together
today i acc cried w laughter my tummy hurt so much i need as many moments like that
as possible
also there's the yearbook stuff going on which is making it more real
i'm in the polls for best finsta, most childish and biggest gym lad
imagine being so lazy u get voted for biggest gym lad bc it's such a
but i can agree w most childish lol and i do like my finsta 

anyways so back 2 my CURRENT school work
i'm starting the GRIND now
so like my plan is to study for 1-2 hours after school and use my free periods
rn i just talk to my friends during my frees but we all need to get our heads in the
game (i love high school musical i will never stop loving it just like i will always
love this site)
so that'll be like 3-4 hours on a weekday outside of lessons
thennnn i'll do whatever i can on weekends
which will be much more when i quit my job

idek how long i've been writing this for
ik i prob sound like a nerd but this is an important year for me so i gotta be
SERIOUS about school
tbh there's literally no point in posting this but i will anyway
bc yolo
love u all
except eddie and crazyhot

pussydestroyer says:   2 February 2018   463602  
this was such a delight to read. ur the most adorable person i have
ever met i love u so much.
Grizzlies says :   3 February 2018   247231  


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