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Weird dream ventingCategory: i just dont know~
Monday, 14 December 2015
09:58:06 PM (GMT)
k so it's like I'm working for the Russian government and Vladimir Putin, i dont
want to, but i have no choice. they want me to steal a bunch of super-weapons and
stuff from America.
eventually I end up in the headquarters control room of Putin and his people, but
he's not there. on a table in the room I see a familiar clear garbage bag filled with
old clothes from a few years ago. I look in it and see several bras that I used to
wear when I was younger and "developing". I'm some mix between confused, scared, an
mad, but mostly mad. I take a bra and storm off, wondering why he has this bag of
I come back later and he's in there, in the middle of making some plans to capture a
specific weapon. I walk up to him and he's like "ah you're here" and I straight up
ask him why he has this bag of my clothes, holding up the bra I took from the bag. he
takes it from my hand and looks at it and is like "oh, those. I like to keep them,
and sometimes I smell them and bite them." (I know that you're like wtf this is weird
but it was really disturbing for me because he was talking about my bra like
so now I'm like totally disgusted and really disturbed, like that kinda feel when
you've been sexually harassed or whatever. so I'm like fuck this guy is perving on me
and he's my boss so I can't do anything about it and I'm angry at him and I storm off
again after I'm forced to sit and listen to him explain this mission to me.
so then cut to the next part of the dream where I'm fighting Bruce Willis in a mecha
suit underwater, he calls in an American submarine, but then Putin shows up with this
giant-ass fucking submarine and this hatch opens, letting out this thing that kills
Willis and his suit and everyone in the American sub. originally Putin wanted the
suit, but then the Am. submarine showed up and the suit sank so before the hatch
closed I used my suit to put the sub into the cargo platform of our big sub. I get
out of my suit and Putin walks into the hold with his crew of feds and he's like
"good work men" and I'm like "hey how about this American super sub that I just got
for you that's much better than the suit we wanted, that I got for
YOU." and Putin's all nonchalant about this shit like "oh yeah, good job." and
I'm just really pissed because he's got all this power over me and I can't do
so then I wake up and I'm really disturbed and almost traumatised because Putin was
perving on me and playing with my old bras.
this dream reminds me of dreams I used to have in middle school about my band
director. I won't go into detail, that's for another time, but basically I had
recurring dreams in which he was hunting me down and preying on me in sexual ways,
but I couldn't do anything about him because he was always in charge of everybody and
would make sure no one believed me. those dreams would leave me totally screwed up
for months, to the point where I didn't want to be anywhere near my band director and
even considered quitting band because the dreams felt too real. 
this dream was similar; I was being targeted by someone powerful and I knew that I
couldn't do anything about it because he was in charge.
so yeah, all in all the dream was weird and I can laugh about it now, but maybe
there's something I've been struggling with for a few years.

thePhantom says :   21 December 2015   413808

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