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Previous entry: Rp Gonna have Cloudtail as me best freind and shadow as me other best
freind and I'm Nixi.
in category The rping age =^ . ^=

The idiotic best freinds first move on the other girl's crush ((Rp))Category: The rping age =^ . ^=
Saturday, 4 October 2014
10:03:44 PM (GMT)
((  Imma add me as Nixi I'm the one with the crush and Cloudtail is trying to make
my first move on my crush Leo))

     Leo: *Catches up to Nixi* Hey Nixi!

   Nixi: Oh uhm hey Leo 

   Cloudtail: *Runs up to Leo and Nixi* Hey guys and gals! *Has confused expression*

   LEo: Could me and Nixi talk in private?

    Cloudtail: Sure *Runs back to shadow*  

     Leo:So uhm Nixi I was wondering if you wanted to go to the prom with me?

   Nixi: I'll think about it

     -Two hours later Cloudtail's point of veiw-

    Cloudtail- *Writes love note saying: OMG of course I wanna go to prom with you!
Just meet me behind the bleachers! 

    Nixi:What are you writing? *Snatches paper and reads over it* How did you even
know LEo asked me?

    Cloudtail: *reaches for note* Because some things are Obvi *Falls out of desk* 

    Big night- 

    Leo: I'm glad your coming with me  

    Nixi:Me to well I mean well

    -Cloudtail comes in dropping a note as Nixi picks it up- 

    Note: Dear Leo: Wanna hold hands with me? Well then just grab it! I dont mind! 


  Leo:Who me? Because if you want me to go I'll go *Almost steps out the door when
Cloudtail walks in handing me a note-

  Nixi:Not you LEo the girl who just passed by

 Note: Dear Nixi, Hand him a love note already!

   Nixi:Leo when I yell this soo not talking about you: THAT MORONIC IDIOTIC CRAZY

       -Ignores everything as they both try to have a good prom night-

  ((Tell meh how stupid Cloudtail is!))

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