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I HATE ENTITLEMENTCategory: Random Rantings and Ravings
Tuesday, 8 July 2014
07:32:27 PM (GMT)
Okay time for another rant/complaint thing. If there is one trait in a person I can
not stand, it is entitlement. And I see it way too often. Entitlement, in this
context, is the belief that you have right to something from someone else, and that
it should be granted to you automatically. Probably the worst way this social
phenomenon manifests itself is when someone thinks they are entitled to sex from the
person they're dating. Being someone's boyfriend or girlfriend, buying them dinner,
spending time with them, none of that means you've "earned" sex from someone. Or even
kissing if they aren't ready for that. So I think that's pretty obvious; unless
you're a total scumbag, you probably understand why sexual entitlement is a no-no.
But there are plenty of other ways I see people demonstrating this awful behavior and
attitude. As I've mentioned before, some people think they are entitled to look
through my sketchbook just because it's there, or because they saw someone else
looking in it, even though that is an invasion of my privacy, no different from
reading my diary. 
Here's one I'm sure is relatable: That sorta-creepy old relative who's just a little
too affectionate and wants hugs and kisses every time they see you. They think
they're entitled to that sort of greeting when hello, a handshake or a wave would do
just fine. The thing that really sucks about entitlement is that even when a person's
entitled behavior really pisses you off, you can feel guilty for denying them what
they want. (That's part of why sexual entitlement can be so difficult.) Personally, I
believe if I don't want to greet someone with a kiss, that should be my decision. I
don't care how old you are, I don't care that you're probably just trying to show
love, I know I've seen a cold sore on your lip before and you can just stay five feet
away from me, thank you. 
The final type of entitlement I'm going to talk about is one you may not even know
you've been guilty of: When you are a customer, at a store or a restaurant, and
assume that you have the power in the interaction because you are the one paying
money. Employees, waitresses, artists, and salespeople aren't robots for you to
disrespect just because you've had a bad day. They don't HAVE to help you. It almost
seems to me like sometimes you assume just because you're there and paying money to
someone for an item or a service, that they NEED your money, and that YOUR money is
THE MOST IMPORTANT money. Since these situations are usually complicated, all I'll
say is that you should remember to treat them like people. (That is, with respect.) 
~End Rant~

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