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Sunday, 6 July 2014
02:58:16 PM (GMT)
Answer these with the first line of the song

This morning your alarm went off at 5:00 AM. you say:
"I know you so better in the city than the rear view." 
(song was Night Drive y All American Rejects)

Then you get up and get in the shower and sing:
”She's 18 and a beauty queen, she makes the boys feel so weak" 
(Song was Girl's do what they want by the Maine) 

When you can’t find your favorite shirt, you yell:
"Headlights burning on an interstate pavement"
(Song was Someday, Somehow By Every Avenue

After getting dressed you go downstairs get a bowl of cereal. It is stale. You say:
”I swear that you don't have to go, I thought we could wait for the fireworks, I
thought we could wait for the snow, to wash over Georgia and kill the hurt"
(song Was Three cheers for five years by Mayday Parade)

After eating your stale cereal, you head out to catch the bus, but the bus already
left. You curse and scream:
”They're on you like a tattoo, They're watching every move that you're making"
(Song was Life of the party By A Rocket To the moon)

So now you have to walk to school. The Populars drive by you and say:
"So Sick of the Hobo's always begging for change, I don't like how I gotta work, and
they just sit around and get paid"
(song was Hate my life by Theory of a Deadman)

You reply angrily:
”I got your call, and now I am here at your door"
(Song was Fuel To the fire by The Maine)

They drive off and scream:
"Back In 95, a little boy from just outside London look a fated trip across the
(song was So long solider by All time low)

You try to cross the street, but can’t because of a car wreck. You say:
"What am I supposed to do?"
(Song was That Girl by All time low)

So you walk all the way back to the other side of the street to the store: 
"It's freaking me out that i didn't see you're so damn hot girl, it's crazy!"
(Song was Heaven sent by Hinder)

You go in the store and ask the clerk:
”I leave you behind, it's not the first time that we've been through this; it
happens every time."
(Song was Are You Catching My Drift Yet by A Rocket To THE Moon"

He replies:
”I try to sleep, but my eyes are open, I try to think but my heart is broken"
(Song was Everything's an illusion By Mayday Parade)

You give him a strange look and say:
”It's gotta be love"
(Song was It's gotta be love by Kristina DeBarge)

Then you get some chips, but you can’t find your money. You mumble:
”Top down in the summer sun, the day we met was like a hit and run and I still
taste it on my tongue"
( song was Love Drunk by Boys like girls"

The clerk says:
”There's people talking, they talk about me"
(Song was Wake Up by Hilary Duff)

You angrily walk out of the store saying:
"There was a new girl in town, She had it all figured out"
(song was Into your arms by The maine)

So… You go to the Starbucks across the street and a man asks you: 
”It's coming down outside, another lonley night' you said you were jest going out
with your friends"
(Song was Last kiss Goodbye by Hinder)

To which you say:
"You, You've got a way of keeping me on my toes"
(Song was I Forgive You By Every Avenue)

…When your cellphone rings. It’s your friend. She says: 
”You're looking kinda lonely girl, would you like someone new to talk to?"
(Song was Sharing the Night together by Dr. Hook)

You tell her:
"Even though you're gone and far away, I feel you all around, i think about about you
every single day"
(Song was The first one By Boys Like Girls)

So she gets mad and hangs up the phone. You yell:
"Don't want you back"
(Song was Don't want you back by Backstreet Boys)

People start to think you have problems, so you tell them:
"I'm feeling like a Star, you can't stop my shine on!"
(Song was Ridin' Solo by Jason Dderulo)

The man at the counter tells you:
”You took a chance, you took a shot, and you might think you're bulletproof, but
your not"
(song was Tell me why by Taylor Swift)

So you say:
”She left me hanging by a thread again"
(song was Anybody by Jesse McCartney)

Then you leave the Starbucks. You can cross the street to get to school now. You get
across the street and a rabid dog starts to chase you; you scream:
”I said Don't do it babe, said It ain't worth it, babe"
(Song was Invincible By Jesse McCartney)

When you get away, you say:
"Suppose I called you up tonight, and told you that I loved you, and suppose I w=said
I wanna come back home"
(Song was I told you so by Carrie Underwood)

You finally get to school: Teacher wants to know why you’re late:
”Let it go, let it roll right off your shoulder don't you know, the hardest part is
(song was little wonders by Rob Thomas)

She doesn’t believe you. So you tell her:
”Everything you own, in a suitcase by the door, the words that keep you home are
(Song was The Story Left Untold By Every Avenue)

She still does not believe you, so she sends you to the principal. He asks:
”This world will never be, what I expected, and If I don't get along, who would
have guessed it?"
(Song was Never too late by Three Days Grace)

So you reply:
"This city, so pretty, moonless skies have me hanging like a cigarette"
(Song was Hello, Brooklyn by All time low)

He thinks you are getting an attitude so he tells you:
”We'll try to fight for what we thought we believed in, maybe it was all for
(Song was The End by Mayday parade"

Then sends you to detention. You mumble:
"She knows exactly what to do, when I'm alone with her"
(Song was Dakota by A Rocket To The Moon)

Sitting in detention, you meet a butch girl named Ashley. She asks you:
”I wish you could see your face right now, 'cause you're grinning like a fool"
(Song was Daydream Away by All Time Low)

You look at her in horror and tell her:
"Get me dizzy, spinning in circles around my head"
(song was Happy Endings are stories that haven't ended yet, by mayday parade)

Then move to the other side of the class. She yells:
”Paint yourself a picture, of something perfectly obscure to hide away the messes,
behind your manicure"
(Song was My Only One by All Time Low)

There are people in the back trying to sing. It’s really bad. You tell them:
”You a re a handful of roses, a thorn in a cheap bouquet"
(Song was Forget about it by All Time Low)

They get mad and say:
"He woke up from dreaming and put on his shoes, started making his way past 2 in the
morning, he hasn't been sober for days"
(Song was Remembering Sunday by All time low)

So you just go to sleep for the rest of the time.
When you wake up, it’s 4:00. You look around and say:
”It's been 18 days, since I'd look at myself"
(Song was 18 days by Saving able)

You ask the teacher why he didn’t wake you up, and he says:
"Let me know that I've done wrong, when I've known this all along"
(Song was Dirty little secret by All American rejects)

So you run all the way home. Mom wants to know where you’ve been: 
”So young and vulnerable,  told myself In order to feel the joy, I had to go
through the pain"
(Song was Somebody by Kristina DeBarge)

She thinks you’re lying. You try and tell her:
”yo' give it up, 'cause i know what you've got, You can ride to the top, but you
can't ride on my cock."
(Song was Pete Wentz is the only reason we're famous by Cobra Starship)

But she doesn’t wanna hear it. She grounds you and you say:
”It's all big talk until something happens, the words mean nothing 'til they're
followed by actions"
(Song was Take a step back by Every avenue)

So she yells back: 
"We used to be so good, so real, other's looked to us for what we built"
(Song was without the bitter the sweet isn't so sweet by Mayday parade"

You stomp up to your room and trip over the top stair; you yell:
”It all goes back to the first kiss, it was the one I thought I'd never miss"
(Song was Bruised and Scarred by Mayday parade)

Then you go in your room and text your lover. He/she texts:
”It's not that I can't live without you, it's just that I don't even want to try."
(Song was back to Your heart by Backstreet boys)

You get mad and say:
"You were a problem child, been grounded your whole life so now you're running wild"
(song was Hot Mess By Cobra Starship)

Then he/she says:
"Would you Believe me if I said I was sorry?"
(Song was Between you and I by Every avenue)

Then you get so mad you throw your phone at the wall, and it breaks: 
”It's been one week since you looked at me, cocked your head to the side and said
I'm angry"
(Song was One Week by Barenaked ladies)

You sit in your room for the next 4 hours saying:
”Saw you from a distance, saw you from the stage, something about the look in your
eyes, something about your beautiful face"
(Song was Touch my hand by David Archuleta)

Your mom thinks you’re going crazy, so she says:
”She fell to the bottom of her life, this wasn't meant for two"
(song was Save Your Heart by Mayday Parade)

You look at her crazy, then walk away saying:
”it's not enough to be what you wanted, stuck in love finding your way out"
(Song was finish what you started by Every Avenue)

She throws a frying pan at you and you scream:
”Electrified we burn all night, paralyzed by black and white"
( song was Fall apart by Every avenue)

She yells back:
”On the subject of you being gone forever I still can't believe it, I can't see it,
I should just stop counting days"
(Song was If I could Have You Back by Aly and Aj)

So you storm up to your room again and say:
”How many times can you look me in the eyes, tell me everything is fine, when you
know it's not?"
(Song was Freak by Downtown fiction)

Then you get in the shower and sing:
"Home for the weekend, looking for a good time"
(Song was Where were you by Every Avenue)

Then before you go to bed you pray that:
”If heaven is a place where the angels go, well then I have a story to tell, if
heaven is a place where the angels go, well then I guess you're going straight to
(Song was Little Smirk by Theory Of A Dead Man)

what. I just. 
fucked up day. 
(this was so much fun)

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