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Sleeping With The Devil Chapter 1Category: (general)
Friday, 18 April 2014
05:34:20 PM (GMT)
~6 months ago~

Waking up at 5 every morning was a pain in the ass but whatever it took to look
beautiful. I slipped on my black and red plaid skirt that had a couple of chains on
it, and then slipped on my My Chemical Romance t shirt. Finally I slipped on my arm
arm warmers to hide my mutilated arms. Getting dressed was the easy part. 

After getting dressed, I started to brush and straighten my jet black hair that went
down to the middle of my back. It took a good half hour every morning just to
straighten it. I loved my hair though so it was worth it.

Once my hair was straightened, I brushed my teeth and started putting on my make up.
This was the longest part of every morning because I wore so much make up and it had
to be perfect. No one has ever seen me without any make up and I hoped to keep it
that way. After putting the black eye liner and eye shadow around my hazel eyes, I
took out my black lipstick and started to apply it.

After I looked perfect, I went downstairs to see my mom passed out at the table. I
checked her pulse and as soon as I felt it, I made myself some cereal. We weren't the
richest family around but we got by. I was forced to get two jobs after my mother
lost hers. This was my life. I couldn't change it. I couldn't fight it. We lived in
this apartment my whole life. I don't even remember my father's face. I can't
remember is he was kind or cruel. I just know that after he died, my mother changed

I heard a knock on the door and I quickly ran to it. I opened the door to see my best
friend standing there. We hugged. I grabbed my bag and said "I'm leaving, mom!" I
knew she wouldn't respond so I left without even waiting.

Andrea was so beautiful. Far more beautiful than I could ever be. She had beautiful
naturally straight blond hair and light blue eyes that reminded me of crystals for
some reason. When she spoke, you could hear her German accent. It was't as thick as
it used to be but it was still evidently there.

I walked to school with her every morning. Despite how close we were, she still
didn't know about my family life. She has never been over. I've always made excuses
not to let her inside my apartment. I felt bad but was always afraid of what might
happen if people found out about my life.

"Alice?" I looked up to see Andrea with a curious look on her face. I smiled softly
and asked "what were you saying? Sorry, I kind of spaced out."

"Clearly. I was telling you that there was a new kid that transferred to our school
the other day and he's the hottest guy I've ever seen."

I rolled my eyes. To me, boys weren't my life. I've never dated a guy before. Mostly
because I intimidate the boys at my school. Their such cowards. I would never date
any of them even if they were brave enough to ask me out. "You know, boys aren't
everything," I told her.

"You should get to know him. You two might hit it off. Your both dark and mysterious
after all. He's in our homeroom and Mr. Handsome is sitting next to you."

When we were approaching the school, I ran ahead and said "I have to go fix my make
up!" I ran into the entrance of the school and sighed with relief. I hated talking
about boys with her. She didn't seem to understand why I hated boys. I started to
walk to homeroom but bumped into someone. "Watch where your going..."

"You watch where your go-" I stopped when I looked up to see the most gorgeous man
I've ever laid eyes on. He was tall and dressed in all black. His black hair went
down to the middle of his back just like mine did. He looked at me with mysterious
cloudy grey eyes. He had a nose ring, a lip piercing, and an eyebrow piercing. He
seemed perfect. 

"Holy shit..." I muttered. His eyebrow raised but I pushed past him to hide my blush.
I felt his eyes on me as I ran to homeroom. I slammed the door, panting. Everyone
looked at me. The room was silent as they looked at me. I started to walk to my seat
but someone tripped me. I hit the floor hard causing all my books and papers to
scatter and everyone laughed. I heard someone cough "slut," which made the class
laugh harder.

I gathered my things and sat in my desk. I hated this school, I might be graduating
this year but it felt like so long. I still had a good 5 months left of school. And
if I kept going in and out of the hospital, I might not have enough credits to
graduate and will be forced to repeat the year.

The teacher walked in and came over to me. "I have asked all your teachers to
scrounge up the missing work you've missed in the past week. Here you go." She smiled
a little as she handed me a folder of homework. I groaned. There was so much work I
had missed and I've only missed a week of school.

Andrea walked into the class and said "there you are. I see you got here before me."
I nodded slowly as she sat in front of me. When the teacher started class, he walked
into class. My eyes met his but love soon turned to hate. He sat in his desk next to
mine, not caring that he was late. The teacher just rolled her eyes and sat at her
desk to do attendance. 

I didn't realize that the kid I had bumped into in the hall was the new kid. I didn't
see what Andrea saw in him. He was like that of another species. He had no manners,
and was the definition of an asshole. 

I looked out the window. I needed to get free. I needed to runaway but I was no
coward so here I would stay. When the bell rang, she picked up her head. "Alice? Wow,
your really spacey today." I flashed her a smile and replied "I'm fine." She nodded
but it was obvious that she didn't believe me. I glanced at the new kid's desk and
noticed he had already left. I asked "what's his name?"

"Were you not paying attention to attendance at all?"

"No. Why would I?"

Andrea laughed and replied "his name is Erik."

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