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The Hunger Games... (kinda) DreamCategory: (general)
Sunday, 9 March 2014
05:30:09 PM (GMT)
So this is my Hunger Games/ Dream kind of dream. It was a really awesome dream in
which I sadly forgot the good bits and pieces, but thankfully I remembered most of
      The characters were myself, Zayn Malik, Zayn Malik's sister, Perrie Edwards,
Harry Styles, Harry Styles son (yes he has a son in this dream and he's basically
just a lookalike of Harry, but just shorter and he was wearing those headbands that
Harry wears) Bryan Davis, Jack Ellison, Allyah Nichols, Heather VanDommelen, my mom,
Jonathan, and my maths teacher, Mr. Gonya. So we were basically in an indoor version
of Soldier field. The lights were also a little dim. There were about a kabillion
people there. I was sitting next to Zayn's sister and we were talking. Nothing out of
the ordinary. I turned around and out of all the people there, I saw Zayn sitting
next to Perrie in his Betty Boop jersey that he was wearing at the 2013 TCA's.
    It got kind of awkward sitting next to Zayn's sister, so I walked across the
auditorium where I saw Bryan and sat next to him in a booth that you see in a
McDonald's restaurant. In front of us were people in plain fold out chairs and 
that's where I saw Heather, Allyah, Harry, and a boy (which was his son, but I didn't
know that yet. All of a sudden, this huge TV came down in front of the auditorium and
this Spanish music video started playing. EVERYONE started singing it. Even Bryan. I
obviously didn't speak spanish, so I tried to sing it the best I could, even though I
was just saying random words. 
   The video ended, and (this is where the Hunger Games part came in.) A woman and a
man stood at both ends of the TV and started to call out names. Harry's son got
called, and Harry (who was looking perfect in that suit) guided him out of the
auditorium. Then Bryan, Jack, Allyah and Heather got called. I don't think my name
got called, but I ended up following them out. As I was walking out, I looked at the
sparkly chair that Zayn's sister was sitting in, but she was gone. I guess she went
to sit with Zayn and Perrie.
   We walked out the door, and Harry went back in the auditorium. We were making our
way down the halls, and there was  like a little preview box. (You know kind of like
at the Shedd Aquarium where you see the little fish and stuff?) Like that. So Jack
pulled out some Veet from the thing and Allyah started yelling at him and told him to
put it back because we didn't know what would happen. Obviously nothing did. We kept
walking and went through a door which ended up being Target. I saw my mom and brother
Jonathan. (Who was acting a fool swinging on the cart, but I ignored them) then I
ended up stabbing Mr. Gonya, who was the cashier. So much more happened while we were
walking, but this is all I could remember so yea. 

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