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The Abyss Chapter 1Category: Story
Monday, 26 August 2013
10:43:41 AM (GMT)
“Victoria, it’s time to wake up! It’s the first day of school and you can’t
afford to miss it.” Victoria groaned, annoyed that she had to get up so early after
barely sleeping the night before. She sat up, her long black hair a mess. Her aunt
sighed at the sight of her. “Here is your school uniform. Wear it well. You are now
a junior in high school!” Vicky groaned once again before getting up. “Get
out!” She yelled at her aunt. She slipped off her pajamas and put on her school
uniform. She was now a junior at Boston University Academy and had never been
happier. She was almost done with High School. It was then that her phone started to
ring. She grabbed her phone and answered it. “Hey Xavier! You really don’t have
to walk me to school.” She sighed and told him “you’re such a sweetheart.
I’ll be out in five. See you then.” She hung up and started brushing her hair and
then went into her bathroom to brush her teeth. After she was done, she went
downstairs. Her aunt gave her some toast and kissed her forehead. “Have a good
day.” Victoria ran outside. Xavier, her best friend, was leaning against the fence
post. He looked at his watch and said “four minutes and thirty seconds. You’re
getting faster.” Victoria laughed and ran over to him. “What am I preparing
for?” She asked him. He looked at her and winked. “Just you wait. There will be a
time where you will be thanking me for timing you every morning.” Victoria laughed.
They started walking to the school. They talked about their summer with each other.
Every summer, Victoria was forced to go to Canada to visit family. She would go for
the entire summer so she couldn’t hang out with Xavier. She had actually gotten
back a couple of days ago. She hadn’t even had time to get ready for school. “Are
you still having those nightmares?” Victoria looked at him and told him truthfully
“yeah. I had one last night that kept me from sleeping. It’s changed though. This
man has started to appear in them. He’s caring at first and promises to protect me
before ripping out my still beating heart and feeding on it. It scares me.” She
shivered as the memories rushed through her head. Xavier put his arm around her and
whispered “I will actually protect you.” He kissed her forehead and she came
closer to him. She looked at him with her green eyes. “I don’t know where I’d
be without you, Xavier.” He hugged her. They soon started walking again. They
finally reached the school. They walked in through the front doors of the academy.
Most of the freshman seemed to be heading into the auditorium while others were
hanging about. Victoria sighed and the two of them walked into their homeroom class.
Everyone was talking to each other and laughing. Xavier and Victoria sat in the
corner of the classroom, away from everybody else. They talked more about their
summer before a boy with messy black hair and grey, almost silver, eyes walked into
the room. Everybody became silent. He wore a black trench coat and black pants.
Victoria whispered to Xavier “there is no way he can get away with not wearing the
school uniform.” Xavier nodded. The boy sat in the empty seat in front of Victoria.
She looked at Xavier who just shrugged. The teacher soon walked in and everyone took
their seats. The teacher said “welcome back everybody. Hope you all enjoyed your
summer. Before I start handing things out, we have a new student. I hope you all
treat him with respect and not scare him away or anything. The boy sitting in front
of Victoria stood up. He said quietly “my name is Jasper. It is very nice to meet
you all.” He sat back down. He had a thick British accent and all the girls in the
room, besides Victoria, were blushing at the sight of him. Xavier looked at Victoria
and the two of them went back to talking before the teacher told them to quiet down.
She passed out a bunch of papers before the bell rang. Victoria was about to leave
but Jasper grabbed her arm. He hissed “meet me outside after school.” Xavier
pulled her away from him and dragged her out of the classroom after saying
	The rest of the day went by smoothly. Xavier ended up following Victoria to meet
with Jasper. They saw him waiting by a tree. “Be careful,” Xavier whispered to
her and she nodded. He was so overprotective of her. She told him “don’t worry.
Nobody is going to touch me.” She walked ahead of him and he smiled a little. He
followed her. Jasper saw them approach and asked “why did you bring him with
you?” Xavier slipped a knife out of his pocket and pointed it at Jasper. Victoria
grabbed his wrist tightly, forcing him to drop the knife. “That’s enough, Xavier.
You have done enough for me. Go home.” Xavier was about to say something but
stopped when Victoria glared at him. He walked off. “Sorry, he’s overprotective
of me,” she told him. He started laughing and she looked at him curiously.
“You’re just like her.” Victoria didn’t understand what he was talking about.
“What are you talking about?” She asked him, being as polite as she could. He
laughed once more. “No need to be so polite when around me. It’s not like I’m
royalty or anything.” Victoria looked down, trying to hide the fact she was
blushing. He lifted her chin and asked “are you happy?” She seemed astonished
that he would even ask that question. “What do you mean?” She asked. He just
sighed lightly and said “despite being the most beautiful being that ever lived,
Amaranth had lived a troubled life. Even so, she always found a way to smile. After
meeting Evander, she became attached to him and vowed to stay by his side for all
eternity. Of course, she betrayed him in the end but don’t they all.” This was
starting to sound like a fairy tale that Victoria had read in a book. No, she was
remembering something but suddenly a sharp pain in her head erupted. She fell to her
knees in pain, grabbing her head. She was panting. Jasper kneeled down beside her and
asked “what is it?” She looked at him and shook her head. “It’s nothing. My
head just started hurting.” She smiled, trying not to make him worry. What was that
though? That’s never happened before. It was then that Jasper whispered to her
“Evander knows about your awakening, Amaranth. You must leave here before he finds
you.” He walked off, leaving Victoria there. She was terrified by what he just
	On the walk home, she was spacing out. She was too busy thinking about what Jasper
had said. “Who is Evander?” She muttered to herself. All of a sudden she heard
someone scream “watch out!!!” She looked up and saw a car coming toward her. She
was frozen in fear. Someone grabbed her, pulling her out of the way. She opened her
eyes to find a boy with ashy brown hair and brown eyes laying on top of her. She
blushed at how beautiful he was. He then got off her and she sat up. “Sorry about
that.” He laughed a little before saying “what were you thinking? You almost got
yourself killed.” Victoria giggled and said “sorry. I had a lot on my mind.” He
sighed. “You shouldn’t space out like that. If I hadn’t been passing by, you
could have been killed.” He looked at her and then asked “what’s your name?”
She was caught off guard when he asked her name but she smiled at him and told him
“my name is Victoria and yours?” He stared at her in shock and she looked at him,
curiously. He looked through a file and when he found a photo, he said “your
Victoria!?” She was stunned by how he knew her. She had never seen this boy in her
life. “What’s with everyone freaking out over my name? I’m going.” She said
coldly before walking off. “I never knew I was so famous. Maybe I should start
giving people my autograph.” She rolled her eyes as she continued to walk home.
	“Lord Evander, how are you doing with Victoria?” Evander slammed his hands on
the table and glared at Orion for pestering him. “Your little angel buddies are
getting in my way! Get rid of them!” Orion was shocked that Evander was so angry
about angels. He told him “calm down, Evander. Do you know who it is?” Evander
looks at him and tells him “it’s your brother. Get rid of him.” Orion just
laughs. He cupped Evander’s face and whispers “you won’t have to worry about
him for much longer.” He left the room without another word. Evander sighed.
Someone knocked on the door. He looked up. He wasn’t expecting anyone. “Come
in.” A girl walked into his office. “Evander I presume?” He had never seen her
before and he didn’t trust her. In a flash, he was behind her with his knife to her
throat. He cut her throat a little and demanded “state your name and reason of
being here, intruder!” She smirked and stabbed him in the leg with her own knife.
He screamed in pain, releasing her. She spun to look at him. “You have guts
girl.” Two guards came running in. They growled when they saw the girl. They reach
for the hilt of their swords but Evander raises a hand to them. They stop, staring at
him bewildered. One whispered in his ear “you realize she broke into your mansion
and attacked you right?” Evander walked over to her. He lifted her chin and
chuckled a bit. He punched her in the stomach causing her to double over in pain.
“Guts won’t get you anywhere. You have made an enemy with the wrong person.”
She was coughing a little. She looked up at him and said “you don’t remember me,
do you?” He raised an eyebrow at her. Beautiful black wings spread out from her
back. She got up and yelled “you corrupted me and left me to die!” He laughed as
if he was just realizing who she was. He told her “you brought it upon yourself.”
He grabbed her by the throat. “I should have killed you right there.” She
struggled against his grip. She looked at him and said “go ahead, kill me but
before you do, I came to warn you to stay away from Victoria. You will end up too
infatuated with her to truly kill her.” Evander growled. How dare she underestimate
him? He tightened his grip on her neck before throwing her to the wall. She was
coughing, trying to catch her breath. He said “get out of my sight!” She went
over to him and lightly stroked the back off his neck. “A handsome man like you
should watch yourself.” She walked out, followed by Evander’s guards. Orion
walked in with Ash by his side. Orion punched Ash in the stomach and said “found
him.” Evander smirked. “Throw him in the prison. I must go back. I have class
tomorrow so I must rest.” Orion nodded and started pushing Ash out of the room. It
was then that Ash twisted Orion’s arm. “You traitor!” He hissed. His angel
wings appeared. They were beautiful and definitely accentuated his features.
Evander’s eyes widened when he saw Ash fight back. He yelled “shut him up!”
Orion struggled to grab Ash’s arms but got punched instead. Orion hit the ground
hard. Evander spun around to look at Ash. He took out a gun and smirked. “You think
you’re so tough, Ash?” He shot him in the leg and watched him scream in agony.
“Your mine.” He started laughing which terrified even Orion. He tied his wrist
behind his back before bringing him to their cellar. He tied him to one of the poles
and lifted his chin. “You won’t be going to help our dear little Victoria anytime
soon, now will you?” He punched him in the stomach before walking off, laughing. He
got back upstairs and saw Orion still on the floor. He sighed and said “come on. He
wasn’t that strong. You couldn’t even silence him. How pathetic.” He kicked him
in the stomach. “That’s punishment for disobeying my order. I don’t care if
he’s your brother. When I say silence him, you silence him. I don’t care if that
means killing him. Go ahead, kill him. He will be one less angel we have to deal
with.” Orion looked down and nodded. “Understood, my lord.”
Last edited: 21 September 2013

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