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What do you think? Thought Experiments.Category: (general)
Sunday, 21 April 2013
12:18:52 PM (GMT)
So here's a few scenarios:

A guy already has a girlfriend but suddenly tells you that he loves you and breaks up
with his girlfriend because of you. 
So would that make you a bad person who stole that girl's lover/ destroyed their love
or do you see it as a totally fine thing? And why?
(You may assume either that you have feelings for that guy or you don't)

You only have one minute to decide: A train that went crazy and couldn't be stopped
is speeding down a track. Further down the track, too far for you to reach, are 40
workers working on some construction. If the train continues speeding down the track,
most of the workers will definitely be killed. However, you are standing beside a
lever that could change the direction of track and divert the train down another
direction. However further down that direction, too far for you to reach as well, are
5 workers working on some construction. Would you let die: Do nothing and just
let the train continue towards the 40 workers OR kill: Divert the train
towards the 5 workers? And why? 

You are one of the very few boats that sail around an area of the sea. One day, you
received an SOS from a boat which had an explosion and the survivors, 12 of them, are
stranded at sea desperately trying their best to float and stay alive. While you
prepare to sail towards their direction to save them, you received an SOS from your
Husband/Wife who had been fishing when the boat started to sink. You know very well
yourself that whoever you plan to save second would definitely die. And you also know
that you Husband/Wife is a good person who would never blame you for choosing to save
more lives instead of just his/hers. Who will you save first? The 12 people or your
loved one? And why?

Fini says:   4 July 2013   267346  
Too tempting to answer, so I will.
Honestly, that doesn't make the person bad at all. Thats his decision
to go after you and break his girlfriend's heart, so you shouldnt
worry unless your her friend. That, and if he did that all for that
person, he's either really desperate or really stupid. He wouldnt
really be a good boyfriend if he just dropped it so quickly, I suppose
Gaaahhh. Itd be good to kill (okay that there is WRONG X'D) the five
then the forty. And besides, logically speaking, the train is LOUD, so
five people have a better and quicker chance to dive out of the way
then forty scrambling over the other.
First thought was that what if the loved one could swim? And yeah,
I'll go chugging after the survivors. I mean really, if you go fishing
in a boat, then that's your issue as to not know how to swim. Or a
life vest. Forgot about those. SHE COULD WEAR ONE OF THOSE? Yeah, most
boats should. Either way, of one of them dies, itd still feel really
terrible to the rescuer. Strangers, or loved one? ILL FEEL SO GUILTY
BUT ILL GO WITH THE SURVIVORS. Maybe shed have worn a life vest :'D
PuddingCakes says:   5 July 2013   582448  
Hahas, thanks for sharing your thoughts!
Ooo, makes sense that the 40 people will scramble over the other.
Hahahas, normally for questions like #3, the loved one cannot swim.
But yeah, in reality, I'll make sure my husband can swim so I can save
the survivors. =X 
Fini says :   5 July 2013   833899  
No problem, it's interesting. 


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