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Saturday, 9 February 2013
01:00:09 AM (GMT)
It was the middle of the North America Tour for 2013, and the weather was starting
to finally get colder which was both a blessing and a curse. She liked the view of
snow in the ground and the way the cooler air made her cheeks rosy, but she didn't
like getting a cold which she was prone to or the feel of frozen fingers. It's hard
enough playing the violin without hurt digits.

"Where did you just go Emmie dear?"

Veronica said and she smiled looking at her. They were in some nameless hotel, the
drapes drawn and the room lit only by a few candles that were still burning low next
to the teapot. Captain Maggot's snoring at the foot of the bed as she lay pressed
against Contessa's shoulder the only sound. Veronica was laying on the right side of
Emilie like always, those much longer arms wraped around her protectively and strong.
They often slept like this on tour because nobody liked to be alone, they didn't mind
the little room in the bed, and it seriously saved hotel money. Their manager Melissa
didn't understand it most of the time but she never questioned them.

Emilie wrapped her fingers within her best friend's and squeezed making Veronica pull
her tighter until their legs were tangled, bare skin touching. Emilie felt Veronica
sigh and kiss the back of her neck gently which made the violinist lift her head so
that she had more skin to play with.

"Just thinking...maybe we should get a bigger bed on tour. King size."

"If you say so but I don't mind taking up your personal space Emmie. You know if you
want to lay on top I won't stop you." Veronica said as one of her hands played in
Emilie's curly hair which was still blonde. Emilie turned a bit and laid a loving
kiss on Veronica's lush lips making them curve up into a smile.

"I know but sometimes I wonder why you let me do it."

"What...sleep with me?" Veronica said and Emilie just shook her head closing those
evergreen colored eyes. Veronica made a noise which caused Contessa to kick out a bit
and hit the singer on the lower leg but it didn't hurt.

"You know why...I sleep better when we are all in a pile like this. Besides who the
hell would I want to sleep with. I love you Emilie."

"Aww I love you too...probably more than is platonic but I'd be lying if I said it
was. Thank you."

"For what exactly?"

"For not pushing me away...I love feeling you near me...I love being with you."
Emilie whispered turning in the burlesque dancer's arms until they were laying chest
to chest. The paler woman's leg coming over Veronica's. Emilie felt herself being
lifted and found herself laying on top of Veronica like she really wanted and they
had a moment to just stare at each other.

"Better?" Veronica asked running a hand down her back and Emilie leaned forward for a
kiss before laying her head on Veronica's generous breast and inhaling her scent. She
smelled of cherries and almonds.

"Much better. You're so warm VV." She said looking into her eyes before kissing
Veronica under the chin.

"You make me warm...you make me glow babe."

Emilie laughed at that and then went silent. Soon they were both sleep again but the
singer remained where she was feeling safe and loved. There was no other place she'd
rather be than in that bed with her closest friends. It was Heaven.

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