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Thursday, 20 December 2012
11:25:52 PM (GMT)
I had a dream the other night that inspired me to write. Only I could only come
up with one scene. So I thought it would make an interesting short story. It's rough.
Probably will revise later.

"You don't understand!" he said loudly, frustrated with how dense she was being. He
understood why she couldn't' accept it, of course, but it was hard enough for him to
grasp the concept himself without her struggling to believe it as well.

"Because what you're saying makes no sense!" she yelled back, desperately trying to
get him to take back his words. After all these months she would have thought that by
now they would have formed a mutual trust, an understanding, a friendship. But what
he was trying to explain to her didn't fit into the definition of any of those

He pushed her away. Hard. She was grasping onto his arms so tight that it hurt, but
not quite tight enough that it kept her from falling. She cried out a little feeling
confused, hurt, scared and worried. She would have done anything for the man she grew
to know so well. He was kind, respectable, and she trusted him with her very life.
But this wasn't the man she knew. By this man she felt betrayed and heartbroken.

"It makes plenty of sense!" He responded, turning around and trying to calm himself
down enough. If he was going to do this, the least he could do was to offer her up an
explanation. It would never fully erase it, but at least it would ease some of the
guilt he would feel for this. 

"You and I... we had a common enemy." he said, turning around again so he could face
her. She had crawled over to the wall and was sitting at the base of it. Her long
legs were brought up to her chin and her eyes were meeting his steadily. She looked
so young and frightened. It only made him regret what he had to do even more. "So we
joined forces to conquer him. That was why I came here, so that I could complete my
mission. I needed you in order to do that. I... still need you in order to do that.
Because my mission wasn't only just to end the war with our enemies. My mission is
also to start one. With you."

Before she had seemed like she was barely listening, but he had certainly captured
her full attention now. "You want to start a war with me..." she repeated. "No, not
with me but... by using me? By killing me?" She stood suddenly, eyes burning
with both desperation and anger.

He nodded slowly. "You're the princess. A respectable one. Strong, independent,
devoted. When I kill you, your people will be angry. Your father will seek revenge.
But they'll also be weak and disoriented, lost without you to hold them together
anymore. And then my people will defeat them and we will have conquered every kingdom
for miles."

"That's insane. Your people are too power hungry - too stupid! Your armies will never
conquer my kingdom!" Her voice was filled with venom, but it soon turned softer,
sadder, when she addressed him directly. "But you... you aren't like them. At least I
don't believe you are. How can the man that I have grown to know so well over all
this time say things like this to me? Threaten me like this? You wouldn't really kill
me... would you?" she asked, being brave as she stepped nearer to him. She placed one
hand gently on his chest and looked up at him with sad, confused eyes, searching for
her friend inside of this stranger.

He felt like he was going to be sick. He didn't want to kill her. In fact, he really
did learn to care for the girl. She was far from helpless, but he couldn't help but
feel like she needed him somehow. And he rather liked protecting her. "If I don't
they'll kill me." he said. They were possibly the most selfish words to have ever
left his lips. If he killed her it would be the most selfish act he'd ever commit.

She lowered her eyes from his and took a step back. "I thought you were different. I
thought you were better than that. Many innocent people will die at your hands. Many
of your friends..." the words came out choked because she no longer believed that he
considered her a friend. How could he, if he was willing to kill her?

He wanted so badly to say that he was different. But in truth, he probably was not.
"I don't want to kill you." he said sadly, reaching out and taking her hand. "I
really don't. I think you're the most amazing person I've ever met. I'd live these
last few months over and over again if it would mean this moment would never have to
come. But... in truth I'm a coward. I'm a slave to my own loyalties."

"Are you not loyal to me?" she asked. "Are you not loyal to any of your friends?"

"I want to be..." he said. "You have no idea how much I want to be." It hurt that she
used the word friend. To him she felt like more than that. He stared at her lips,
trying to work up the courage to do the second hardest thing he would have to do

"But you won't even try..." she said, trying to turn away again. She knew she was
going to die. She didn't even want to fight back because to her she was sacrificing
her life for her friend. Even if that very friend was the one to bring her to her
last breath. In her own weird way it was to make a point to him so that maybe in the
future he would remember and choose to do the right thing rather than the one he
believes he must do, even if it is wrong.

His hands were shaking. How could she possibly understand how much he cared for her?
He felt trapped. He brought her back to him, and not being able to find any words to
say to her, he kissed her. He threw every bit of emotion into that kiss, trying to
make her understand how much he didn't want to see her go, and when he pulled away he
whispered in her ear.

"I'm sorry." he said, trying not to cry before he thrust the dagger into her stomach.
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