Stolen from Monkey!!!! Yeah I did it again from your new book you
publishing LOL
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Stolen from Monkey!!!! Yeah I did it again from your new book you
publishing LOL
Category: naughty stories
Monday, 19 November 2012
08:08:56 PM (GMT)
 “I'm just a writer nothing more than the sums of my words. And yet these dark
words insight ravish passion without remorse.”
(Book two: Carrier House: Vivian's Encouragement)

“Ah, you know I like your work. But seriously you need to be more assertive.
This installment is so...dime a dozen.” Vivian said as she tossed the paper around
her desk. Leaning back in the chair, Ethan's expression seems to be tiring. “V,
what do you want from me. I'm tired and on top of that I'm looking for a new house
keeper. You know how hard it is to find someone that move all the way out there and
be a live in house keeper.” Vivian rolled her eyes and used her hand gesturing as
Ethan talked. “All I'm hearing is, bla, bla, bla. You need to get on the stick and
try to relate to some of your reader, times changed. No more prissy ass stuff.”
Ethan sat up and looked at her, “What is your problem? You are supposed to be my
editor. You know sooth the artist.” Vivian stood up and walked over toward her
office door and locked it. Her long pale legs walked back over toward Ethan. Bending
over his shoulder, Vivian jet black hair flowed down his shirt. “Ok, let me sooth
the artist in what I'm looking for,” Vivian whispered to Ethan. Her hand slowly
slid down his chest and to his zipper. “Hey! What are you doing?” Ethan said as
he jumped out of the chair. Shaking her head, “You need to be forceful, and
demanding. Not willing to take no and ravish her without mercy.” Vivian said as she
pulled him close to her. Vivian dark red lips pressed hard against Ethan's. Her
tongue probed the inside of his mouth, as her hand unzipped his pants. Before he know
it she had encourage his semi harden cock out. Vivian stroked his meaty cock until it
was hard, and she forced him back to the chair. “Now demand...No take what you
want.” She said to him. Ethan looked at her as if she was mad with insanity. Vivian
stood there waiting for Ethan to do something, anything; moving her lower jaw back
and forth. “Good grief, you are such a Pussy! Just cut if off why don't you.”
Before she could continue her rant, Ethan jumped up from the chair, grabbing her and
turning Vivian around face down on her desk. He pulled up her dress and pushed her
panties aside.  “You are such a slut! You really want it!” He said as he forced
his hard cock into her swollen pink opening. With one thrust it quick disappeared
into Vivian. “AH! God” Vivian gasped as she felt it slam deep inside of her.
Ethan grab both her arms behind her, Ethan continue his onslaught against Vivian pink
opening. Biting her lips, Vivian laid there, her body being ravished by a meaty thick
cock. Gasping at ever thrust and reeling for more; Vivian body convulse as waves of
pleasure pulse through her. Letting go of her arms Ethan took hold of Vivian's hips
as he thrust once again deeply into her, but this time his cock stay deep inside of
her as his cock throb and hot streams of creamy white liquid rush into her. Ethan
slowly backed away from her, dropping to the chair, where he could see the white
steam coming out of Vivian opening. Vivian lye there for a moment and then stood up
adjust her clothes, she turned at looked at him; “On your knees!” Ethan said to
her. Vivian got on her knees and looked up at Ethan with her dark blue eyes, “this
is what I want in your stories the next time I read them.” She said as she moved
her long black hair to one side; as her lips pass over the head of his cock.
“Punishment and bondage and sex, Is that what is selling these days? Ooo, you are
so bad.” Ethan said as he looked down at her. In her eyes he could see her smiling
even though she mouth was full. After a few moments of pleasure, Vivian stood up.
“Something like that and you can add in the love bits and what not. Now if you
would please leave my office.” Ethan was surprise at Vivian attitude, as he zipped
up his pants and walked toward the door. “Oh, by the way tell that whore of a
secretary to come in here. I need to punish her as well.”

Oh shit did I blow your pen name??? LOL

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