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Friday, 16 November 2012
12:43:36 AM (GMT)
What is his name? Vincent
How old is he? 19
Height? 5' 7 ish 0.0 I'm not sure but I know he's taller than me. 
Eye Color? Brown
Hair Color? Black
Is he pretty? Pretty? No. He's gorgeous
Is he cute? Yes
Is he funny? Yes
Is he unique? Definently
How long have you been going out? 2 years
Do you love him? Of course
Who said I love you first? Me
How long do you plan on being with him? As long as my life allows me to
Would you steal or lie for him? Yes
Would you stand up for him? Yes
Would you protect him even if they were at fault? Yes
If some one touched him in the wrong way what would you do? Bitches would die....
Do you trust him? With my life
Whats your favorite thing about him? How safe and warm he can make me feel with a
single embrace
Whats his favorite music? Right now I think Voltaire. It changes on a day to day
basis XD
Whats his favorite food? Italian 
Would you stop doing something for them? I'm trying my hardest
Is he a jealous person? He says he's not but sometimes. But not like super nutso
about it. 
How often do you think of them? All the time
Have you sang for them? Yes >////> He loves it but I die of embarrassment every time
Would you let some one or something keep you from seeing him? No
Does he call you every day? No, but he texts me all the time. 
Do they smoke? I just started him. Aren't I horrible?
Name one thing you would change about him? For him to speak his mind more often when
we talk. ^.^
Has he changed you? Yes more than I think he realizes
When was the last time you saw him? Uuuhhhh 5 hours ago or so 0.0
Does he go to your school or work with you? Used to he graduated
Would you love him no matter what? Of course
What would make you break up with him? I wouldn't jump to a break up, I would try to
work any issue out with him. But if he like killed someone in my family or something
that's where I draw the line. 
Have you seen him cry? Yes, it was heartbreaking. 
Has he bitten you? Yes -smirks as I lick my lips-
Does he hate you? I'd like to think not 0.0
Does he trust you? I hope so 
Does he let you touch him? Of course
Is he dedicated to you? Yes
Is he some one you want to be with for a long time? Is forever a long time? If so
than yes ^////^
How long have you known him? 2 years
Why did you choose him? He listened with an open mind and heart. He didn't judge me
for who I was and accepted me as I am.
What would be the perfect date with him? A nice sunset sitting on a blanket on the
beach :D
Have you met his parents? Yes
Has he met your parents? Yes
Do your best friends like him? Most of my best friends are his best friends too so
yes. Plus even if my other friends don't like him it's not like they are dating him.

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