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Sunday, 14 October 2012
05:11:35 PM (GMT)
Since childhood, Lady Kari had confided in the boy, and as time went on, she had
certainly begun to feel a certain...  something.  He was a kind boy, and no
denying his beauty, but afraid of ruining their friendship, neither Lady Kari nor Mr
Salem had spoken out.  What had never crossed Salem's mind though, was the simple,
overlookable fact that if he proposed to Lady Kari, and by some marvellous chance,
her father agreed to their marriage, then he would be the new heir to Downton.  The
task of running the house would fall to him, and he had never run a home in his life!
 He was certainly not used to the responsibily and the social promotion he would
recieve.  Just think, a merchant's son to a Lord.  Such a leap would be almost
unbearable, surely!


It was mid-afternoon when Lord Longacre called the entire house to the library.  The
kitchen maids were shocked, understandably so, as the servants were lined up along
the wall, the family in stark contrast perfectly at home when he entered.  He had a
smile on his lips, aimed primarily at his youngest, but everyone deserved to hear the
"No doubt you are all wondering why I've gathered you here before me today- Don't
worry, you're in no trouble!"  He added with a laugh upon seeing one of the kitchen
maid's faces. "After some recent delving into our family's archives, I have
discovered a poor, overlooked cousin.  A Mr Dulce, and we will be entertaining him
for a few weeks to introduce him to the house.  It will also be self-evident that he
will, no doubt, be making himself known to Lady Kari-"
"But Papa!"
"Shush, we'll talk in a moment, my dear."  He waved her into a reluctant silence,
Sabriel's hand on her shoulder to keep her seated, "As I was saying, I will be
introducing him to each and every one of you throughout his time here, so I trust, Mr
Carson, that standards will not slip?"
"No, M'Lord"
"Very good.  You are all dismissed."
The servants left the room quickly, talking in not-so-hushed voices about the news,
and Lady Kari's disaproval of it.
By the time the servants had left and the family were left alone, Sabriel now had
both hands on Kari's shoulders and Celeste was offering a hankercheif.
"Papa, you /can't/!"  Kari cried, the hankercheif squeezed into a tight ball of
frustration, "Why can't Sabriel and Alex inherit the house?!"
Her sister's hand left her shoulder as she stood quickly, "No!  We want to move away,
Kari!  The house will fall without us here!"
"Well, can't I stay and live here?!  I'll stay, the house can still be yours, but I
can stop it getting run down!  Papa, you mustn't make me marry the awful man!"
"Now now, Kari, don't say anything you might regret-"
"I don't want to marry him!  I want to marry someone I love!"
"You may grow to love him in time, my dear.  You are perfectly aware that your mother
and I were in much the same predicament, and we now love eachothe-"
"Papa, I can't marry him!"
Celeste, for once, stepped forwards, taking Kari's hand, "Nobody's asking the two of
you to marry immediately."  She said gently, attempting to bring reason into the
argument, "And you haven't even met him yet.  He might be a perfectly agreeable-" 
Kari pulled her hand from Celeste's, running to the door despite everyone's efforts
to stop her.
The remainder of the Longacres stood in a tangible silence for a few long moments
before Sabriel rose and walked with relative calmness after her younger sister.  "Oh,
Anna,"  She caught her maid with a small smile, "I wonder, could you ready a bath for
Lady Kari?  She's upset and I think she could do with cheering up."
"Of course m'Lady.  I'll do it now."
"Thank you."  Sabriel smiled, walking to Kari's room ahead of the maid and knocking
lightly on the door, not waiting for a reply before entering.
"I said go away..."  Kari mumbled into her pillow, although it was without much
conviction, and Sabriel would have ignored it anyway.  She crossed the room, sitting
beside her and taking the book from her sister's hands.
"Careful, you'll ruin it with your tears..."
"It's not fair, Sabriel... Why must they force me to marry this Mr Dulce?  Why not
Celeste?  She's older than me, and he'll probably want her over me anyway!  She can
dance and sew and... not fall over her own stupid feet!"
Sabriel sighed, putting an arm around her, which Kari leaned into gratefully, shaking
with sobs.  "When I marry, I want to do it because I /want/ to.  Because I love him. 
Not for the inheritance..."
"Maybe he won't be so bad.  Maybe you actually will like him.  Maybe more than
that... Whelan boy."
Kari looked up at her, pulling out of the hug, "Is that what this is all about?! 
Papa's trying to take me away from Salem?!"
"No, no!  Not at all!  But... you have to admit, he isn't... Well, /Lord/ material,
is he?"
"I'm not saying he isn't nice-"
"I know exactly what you're saying Sabriel!  I'm not stupid.  I know that he can't
very well propose to me, but maybe I just don't want to marry!  Please, just go
away... I'll have my bath, then kindly tell Papa that I've gone to bed."
Sabriel sighed again, standing up, "He'll be here in the morning, Kari.  Please...
just try to be hospitable?"

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