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Surgery diary..? 1Category: (general)
Wednesday, 26 September 2012
07:14:20 PM (GMT)
I think this will help me as I'm preparing for surgery.. >_> It's a major surgery, but I'm not worried. Still, it'll be nice to record my thoughts. Today a nurse came to our house to evaluate me and ask questions. She helped us make an appointment with an orthopedic doctor, who I'll be going to next Wednesday at 12:30. Can you say no school? After that, she said I'll get some x-rays, at a later date, probably. Next Wednesday will be when I write my next diary, unless something insane happens before then. The pain right now is pretty bad. I keep moving, trying to make it better but it's not working. Why are people so scared of surgery? I've had two, and I'm not scared at all. I understand if you're getting a high risk surgery, but I've met people who were just getting their tonsils removed and they were SOBBING, just terrified. Some people are screaming and crying if they have to be asleep to get their wisdom teeth out. I don't understand. Is it that they're asleep? If you'd rather be awake, just tell a doctor, there are ways to have surgery but not be asleep.
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‹QueenNubia'sSpiritualBirth› says:   27 September 2012   543016  
albus says:   27 September 2012   406656  
I'm sorry, but take into consideration rational fears. Having knifes
and such things in my mouth, sounds much more terrifying to me than an
amputation of a limb. Let alone a "Major surgery" - which I'd really
only equate to open heart, major organ transplants, repairing
shattered bones in high risk areas: i.e. femur. and other things of
that nature.

-I say this as someone who does not freak out over surgeries, and
someone who's had several. I have however not had my wisdom teeth
removed, so do not think I'm biased. -

All the same, best of luck.
‹CadenCandy☢› says:   27 September 2012   601069  
My surgery is considered a major surgery because there is a risk of
permanent paralyzation, because they're messing with my spine and
could mess with the spinal cord. (I'm just saying what the doctors
told me! >_< )

As I've said, I understand being afraid of a major surgery. But, as
I've had much dental work done, I cannot understand being afraid of
getting one's wisdom teeth removed. I've been under when having teeth
pulled, and honestly, the experience was a million times better than
being awake. No pain!
I admit that the last part was unnecessary, but I think it's my
inability to understand due to the fact that, well, I've never had
that fear and I've had all kinds of things done that include scalpels
and my mouth.

Oh, and thank you. 
albus says:   27 September 2012   364092  
Ah, you didn't mention the spinal cord. Major surgery it is!

It's all subjective.
I'd rather lose a limb than have dental work done.
‹CadenCandy☢› says:   27 September 2012   112646  
That's... that's crazy. >_<
Losing an entire limb would be painful for months! And you'd be
Losing a tooth would be painful for a few days.
I can see someone doesn't think so logically about these things... 
albus says :   27 September 2012   731429  
Or I'm paranoid about having someone have me in one my most vulnerable
areas while holding sharp objects. I think it's logical to hate it
when sharp things have access to many veins and arteries, my breathing
mechanism, brain stem, digestion mechanisms, and primary mechanism of
communication. And then there's my brain which is just next door... 


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