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Stolen from Monkey!!!! "Forced" That boy got iusses...LOLCategory: naughty stories
Sunday, 23 September 2012
03:18:03 PM (GMT)
It wasn't the best job in the world but it pay well. Beside you get use to the smell
of shoveling horse poop. Don't get the job wrong, I did more than shovel poop around.
I also took care of the horse. Beside I had room and board for free while I was there
and on Sundays I was able to have the run of the place to myself, unless they held
competitions.  So it wasn't really a bad deal. I worked at Double Shoe Stables each
summer to earn my way college. It was kind of strange at first to have all those
folks looking at you because you were the only black guy up there. But they got use
to me and there weren’t really any problems; except for one young lady, Emily
Richardson. I guess she was like the she bitch of the stable. Each summer she would
come up there and ride her horse and want special attention to him.(Dancing cloud)  
Personally I would never name a horse Dancing Cloud; it’s just a sissy name for a
boy horse in the first place. At first I was nice about it and try to work with her.
But she was too much to handle. 
"Hey you need to rub down every morning," She would say. 
She would continue to banner me, "And make sure he gets his oats. None of that cheap
stuff either. My dad paid good money to have my horse taken care of and I don't want
to see you feeding him crappy food."  At times I just want to smack her into next
week and then smack her back but I always kept my cool and smile and say 'stupid
little bitch', in my mind. Sometime I think she knew what I was thinking, but that
never bother me. 
One Sunday I took a walk around the riding ranch. For the most part the owners would
take off Sunday and would be back late that night, it was a huge place and I just
enjoy the fresh country air. As I came up to the stables I walked past each stall and
said "Hi, how are you doing this morning," to each of the horses that I walk past. I
even gave some of them a rub on the nose. I came up to Dancing Cloud stall I notice
Emily in the stall rubbing and feeding him a apple. Normally this wouldn't be a
problem, but she wasn't in riding gear or called to say that she was coming by to see
"Excuse you, But you didn't call to make an appointment," I said. 
Turning around Emily looked at me. "I don't need to call to make an appointment. And
who are you to tell me that I need to make an appointment anyways."  She said as she
turn and flip her hair at me. 
I guess she just push a button in me that day. "Ok, you know what. You are a little
spoiled bitch that need to take her ass up on out of here." 
She spun around and looked at me. "What the hell. You are so fired." 
Not waiting for another word for her mouth I grabbed her arm and pulled her out of
the stall and tossing her out onto a bale of hay. Slamming the door to the stall I
turned around and looked at her. "You have better leave now, before you get yourself
in more trouble." I told her.
"You son of a bitch! When I tell my daddy you are so dead." She said with a pout mad
look on her face. 
I stood there firm, "First off I'm not your son bitch. You are 23 yrs. old and still
need your daddy, how sad." 
Emily got up and took a pair of leather straps hanging off the wall, "I don't need my
daddy to take care of you boy." 
"What! Boy? Who you calling boy? You best put that down before you get hurt." I said.

She swung the strap at me missing me by inches. I rushed in and grabbed her by the
arm and waist pushing her into the empty stall across from Cloud. We fell on the
floor that was covered with hay. "I'm going to beat you like a dog," she said
treating me.  
She took another swing but the straps got caught up, in the rope that was hanging
over head. Before she could get them down I grabbed hold of her and force her down on
the ground. 
"Dam do all white girls have issues," I said jokingly. 
Emily spat at me. "Get off me you dog."  I grabbed her hair and pull her head back
while twisting her arm, "Who's the dog?" 
"Ooooich...You are," She said again. Once again I pull her hair back more and twisted
her arm a little bit more, "Who's the little she bitch dog?"
She screamed and whimpered, "I'm the dog. I'm the dog." I let up slightly and release
a bit of the pain. I looked at her flush face and teary eyes, "I think you had
enough....." before I could finish she whispered to me. "I'm the little she bitch
dog. Fuck me." 
My jaw dropped and I thought I need to clean out my ears. "What?!?"
"I'm the little she bitch dog, please fuck me." She said. I was amazed and totally
surprised. I thought she only need to be taught a lesson but I guess with all the
fighting and forcing her to say that she's a dog was too much. 

Annie's lips parted slightly as her head came up and kiss my lips. At first I was a
bit confuse and dazed, my mind was in a tailspin. But surely enough my cock became
aroused. We slowly kissed each other, our lips pressing tightly against each other. I
let go of her arm and started caressing her body. Suddenly without warning, Annie
kneed my balls, and crawled out from underneath me. "Ooo, you little bitch," I said
clasping my swollen nuts. "I'm not the fucking dog you are." She said with a happy
grin on her face. I quickly grab her leg and as she got up trying to get away. She
squirmed and kicked to get away but feel back down. I stood up shaking off the pain,
"You bitch!"
I took one of the loose ropes that were hanging on the wall, "Naw you the little
fucking dog that need to be taught a lesson." 
Annie crawled over to one of the corners, "you better not, I'll scream." 
I closed the stall door and looked at her, "go ahead, there’s not body here on
Sunday. Scream your head off all you want." 
Annie start kicking and screaming as I wrestle with her to tied her hands behind her
back. "Stop it you baster! Help! Rape!" 
I stood there looking at her trying to squirm out of the ropes but couldn't undo
them. "Let’s see what you got under that dress," I said as I kneel down in front of

"Stop!!! Dam you!" She cursed at me as my hands reach under her dress and pull down
her panties. I smiled as she looked at me with disgusted and anger. I push her dress
up and saw that she was cleanly shaven. Her pink mound was puffy and already excited.
 "You slut, you like this don't you?!" I said as I began fingering her opening. Annie
cursed at me again and tried to kick me but I held her legs and continue to probe her
"Mmmm Stop! Please...uh mmm," She said with short breaths. 
I slipped my finger deeper into her hot moist mound, probing her every inch of the
"Oh fuck... Ooo fuck... Mmmm... stop...don't.." Annie kept saying as her lips
I pull my finger out of her hot mound, the warm liquid that coated my finger
glistening as the light hit it. I could see her face flusher and her eyes close
slightly. I took my finger up to her mouth and brush the warm juice across her lips.
Annie opened her mouth and accepted my finger. She began sucking and licking my
finger like a good little slut she is. Who's the bitch dog now?" I said as I took my
finger out of her mouth. Annie looked at me and barked like a dog. I smiled, "good
little doggie. Do you want a nice bone?" I said with a smile on my face. Annie nodded
yes and sat there waiting for her bone. I stood up and unzip my pants and took out my
7 inch hard black cock. Annie's eyes just about jumped out of her face as she saw the
massive thick cock in front of her. At first she didn't know what to do or say, but
knew that she couldn't take all of that in her. I moved closer to her face. "No...I
can take it all," She said. I just smiled at her. Annie’s head move back against
the stall’s wall, "I'm not going to....NO!" She yelled as she closed her mouth
tightly. I grabbed head and push it forward and then pulling her hair back. The force
made her yell out, and I force my thick black cock into her mouth. I could hear her
mummer and mumble trying to breathe as I force my meaty cock into her mouth deeper.
Annie's hands clutch and grab at my hips trying in desperation to pull me out of her.
But she wasn't strong enough to take my cock from her mouth. Slowly I move back and
forth sliding my cock in and out of her mouth. Each time I would push my cock deeper
into her mouth and down her throat. Annie's hands firmly grasp my hips and I held her
head and slowly pump my cock in and out of her mouth. I looked down and saw her blue
green eyes looking up at me, "Mmmm..." she mutter as I pump her sweet mouth again. My
pace quicken as I feel my balls contract. I lean my head back as I thrust deep into
her throat as I release my hot cum into her mouth. Annie push my hips back, a popping
sound came from her mouth as my cock left her mouth. Hot white stream flow from her
mouth as she gasp for air. I looked down at her, "did you like your bone doggie?" 
She looked at me, "I'll make sure after they cut off your dick, that I have it stuff
and mounted." Annie said with a fearsome look in her eyes. I just shook my head and
turned and looked away from her. 
"People like you never learn," I said as I started to walk away from her, she reached
up and pulled down the leather straps.
 "Baster! Don't you walk away from me!" She yelled as she hit me with the straps. I
quickly turned around and pull the straps from her hand. She moved back against the
wall, "don't you dare!" 
I rip over her blouse and took it off of her. She squirmed and threaten me even more,
"lay one finger on me and I swear you won't live." 
I lifted the leather straps as to hit her; Annie cringed and turned away from me. I
took the straps and swung away. The leather snapped across her back, Annie let out a
scream, "Ah!! I can't believe you did that. You son of a bitch!" She looked at me
with angry eyes.
"Like I said, I’m not your son bitch." I drop the leather straps and walked over
toward her. I looked deep into Annie's Blue greenish eyes; I grabbed her arms and
pulled her close to me. I reach down and spread her legs apart, "go ahead and
scream." I said to her.
She just kept looking into my eyes, as I slid all 7 inches of cock into her. Annie
lean her head against the wall and sigh. Panting and moaning slightly, "it hurts,
please...." she took a breath and continued to say, "slower please." 
Annie placed her hand on my chest as she placed her head on my shoulders. I grin to
myself as I lift her body up and she warped her legs around my waist. I held her body
pressed against the wall slowly slides my thick dark dick in and out of her pink wet
opening. Annie moaned and ran her fingers through my hair, "deeper...please...fuck
me...oooo deeper..." she whispered into my ears. I quicken my pace and drive my thick
cock deep inside of her. Slamming her body against the stall wall, I thrust deeper
and deeper into Annie. Each time she screamed out in pleasure and in pain. Her body
ravished, she clawed my back as she body stiffen like a board. The muscle contracted
holding my cock still in her body. A stream gently flowed from her body down to
mines. I looked into her eyes and saw tears flowing from them. I pulled out my thick
cock and let her down off the wall. She slide down onto the floor and looked at me. I
fixed my closet back, "it’s your choice weather or not to say something." 
Annie looked at me as she bites her lips, "Why are you leaving?" 
I looked at her, "The Anderson will be back in 20mins."
A shocked looked came over Annie's face, she jumped up and started pulling herself
back together. "They are going to arrest you and you’ll be someone bitch in
prison." She said to me. I just shook my head. 
Ten minutes later a car pulled up and it was the Anderson the owner of the ranch.
Mrs. Anderson saw Annie. "Annie what are you doing here?"
Annie looked at her, "I was visiting Dancing Cloud. Hope you don't mind"
"It's not mind. I hope that Alex didn't give you any trouble." She said.
Annie looked back at me, "your stable boy wasn't any problem. He let me ride one of
the other horses." 
A strange look came over Mrs. Anderson face, because usually if you have a horse you
only ride you own. "Well as long as you had fun." She said.
Annie smiled and grin, "Yes it was fun." 
Mrs. Anderson took her two daughters into the main house. Annie walked over to me,
"Who's the doggie now?" She said with a grin. I slide my hand between her legs, "Bark
bitch." The smile from her face dropped, "Whoof, Whoof..." She whispers. 
"Next time I'm going bare back riding." I said to Annie.  
A smile came across her face, "you going to make me?" I smile and nodded. 
She grinned and walked to her car drove off.

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