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Wednesday, 5 September 2012
12:44:34 AM (GMT)
I have never been a very good writer.. probably because I am never able to finish
something that i have started.. 
Since signing back on here after years of being off of Kupika.. It really made me
relize that remaking an account for this 
site was a big mistake. Before you comment , getting upset from my opinion.. let me
Years ago when I was on here... There was many perverted men that we messaging people
that they should not be messaging. 
Such as children.. Writing their sexual stories about having sex with younger
children.. It just makes me think how are this people not reported? 
Its dicusting. And cybering is so 1999.. it is over rated and stupid. Main reasoning
for me not wanting to have nothing to do with this site for years, and thinking
making a new account was a huge mistake.. 
Not only is the cybering stupid but the bullying.. and the pozers are just pothedic..
Call me what you wish but I am able to identify myself without labeling me as if i am
a cardboard box of cerial.. 
This also makes me think, does anyone on this site do anything else other than bully
other people, cyber with young children, take nude pictures of themselves and sending
them to people they don't know.. Do they not have jobs?
do they not have places to be? My life could not be all about coming on the internet
to talk to people that probably aren't even real... 
I may be just too cridical to see past what i see now or i have not been on here long
enough to see if this site has changed or not. 

What made me what to write this, is earlier i was on the chat for thoughts or what
ever it is called.. and everyone was bullying each other about the most stupid shit..

One calling herself scene, and the other one calling her names.. Like grow the fuck
If you don't like that there are other people in the world whom are different that
your perfect selves than just get the fuck off the interenet. 
I have never seen so much ridiculous people commenting on each other because of their
or because of their preference for styles... 
Some of you should read some of the words that flow so smoothly from my razor like
tongue it just may surprise you to see what you really look like when you talk over
the internet.. Talking down to people over the computer is the most ball less thing I
have ever seen.. 
If you really want to tell the person something than go up to them and tell them.. or
do you not have the balls to? 

Perhaps I am just blind to see what this site is all about.. But is its going to be
about talking down to people I don't want to be any part of it.. 
I would rather fuck myself with battery acid and bathe in a pool of acid.. and drink
nitris oxcide and jump off a building.. If any of you think that I am 
just being a bitch.. than you are blind..

kelcylane says:   5 September 2012   452834  
This would be a lot more effective if you could spell correctly. :3
cottoncandyqueen says:   6 September 2012   854588  
Lol... I personally don't really care if it's effective or not it is
just a rant. 
It doesn't really matter if it is spelled correctly lol, no one takes
the time to spell correctly over the Internet.
kelcylane says :   8 September 2012   153866  
I try to..

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