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Saturday, 28 July 2012
07:54:04 PM (GMT)
as i walk through the snow, there was a sensation up my legs as i triped over the
three feet of ice and snow.
my goggles had fallen off my head and i struggled to find them in the downpour of
snow, when i did find them they where broken. not just broken, destroyed, a knife was
half was burried in the glass part of the goggles.
that wasn't all, the knife was covered in blood. i rembered that summer day in
winfield. the car, the woman, the bike, and most of all that thing i saw. it was all
oming back to me in painfull, sudden flashbacks.
i must have passed out, because i woke up after not falling asleep. i was in a large
building made of metal, i managed to peice together the clues around me of where i
was, i was in an old power station, and i had my doubts i was alone. as i struggled
to get up off the cold, frozen metal floor an man walked up to me. he had a knife
holdster on his hip, but no knife was inside of it, i looked down at my goggles which
had made the journey inside as well. when i looked up, it wasn't a man as far as i
could tell. i still don't know what lies behind that rusty, bloody gas mask. when i
said somthing to it, it refused to speak. when i held my hand out for a handshake, he
didn't even bother moving. his latex suit matched his mask quite well, rusty blood
and all.
he walked away from me and bent over somthing, when i looked around the corner, i saw
it was a frozen, blood bathed body. the thing picked up the dead man's knife and
walked twards me, i could tell he wanted me dead.
i ran, when i looked behind me as i ran, i coould se him only walking but every time
i looked away from him to see where i was going, he got amazingly closer, my best
thaught was to run backwards, so i tried that and as i ran in revearse, i tripped on
a body, just lying on the floor, discarded. i looked at the body as the man closed on
me as his prey, the body had a knife on it,i struggled to rip the knife out of the
chest of the body.
the creature in the latex suit was getting closer, i finaly got the knife out of the
courpse but i thought it was to late, the creature's knife turned into an axe some
how, he raised the axe to strike with me on my back, waiting for the blow. i waited,
i heard a faint voice, i opened my eyes and a man in a heavy coat and sweat pants was
over me talking to me, saying comforting things to me, i still couldn't figure out
what he was saying to me. i looked around and i was out of that god forsaken place,
the dark power plant was forever gone, i was it the middle of a very small town, i
was on my feet and my head was working in order, and a man offered me a ride home, on
the way back to my home town, which was astonishingly far away, i looked out the
window and in the woods, there was the thing in the latex suit, there where two...
the driver vered right and hit a tree and he was gone. the two figures where coming
closer to me, leaving no foot prints in the snow. i looked around and apperently it
was hunting season because i found a magnum hand gun, loaded and all. i looked up,
there where five figures, aproaching me slowly, i thaught to my self "right, here we
go again".

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