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the sudden stop.Category: (general)
Tuesday, 3 July 2012
08:38:50 PM (GMT)
i was on my bycicle, riding to a friend's house. We live in the same city so i
thought it would be an easy task, an easy trip from here to there.
on my way there i rode past a wooden picket fence, the same fence i rode past on
several ocasions but this time, i looked through the fence and i saw somthing
crawling on all four legs. it wasn't a cat or dog. It, what ever it was was humanoid
in figure and extremely thin, the ribs where visable as was the spine. it was just
skin on bones, it started to look up at me. it was as surprised as i was. he made a
wierd screeching noise adn crawled off. 
i was still riding forward at a good speed when i looked forward, there was a grey
car coming extremely fast at me. I slamed the brake on my bike, but i slip in the
sand of a potthole. the woman stoped and got out of the car to help me off the
ground. she was obvously embaresed about what happened, so i tried to comfort her by
saying it wasn't her fault. i didn't tell her what i saw through the fence but i
didn't have to, she had seen it to, i could tell.
she offered me a ride back home but i wasn't even off the ground yet. i was hurt but
not as bad as my bike was, the brake pedals where bent and the handle bars where
three feet away from the bike it's self. she told me it was the least she could do
for me, but still that was a bit to much but i couldn't decline, i saw somthing in
her face. on my way to the car, i looked down and i saw blood. it was not my blood
because i wasn't injured, just a bruse on the palm of my hand. i turned around i saw
the woman on the ground with a deep wound in her arm. i picked her up and asked what
happened but she was dead.
just like that. somthing as valuble as life just given away for free to the harvester
of souls.
i looked for what could have done it so quickly, so quietly. when i looked down her
lightened body was gone as was the bike, the blood, the car, all of it. i looked
ahead of me, a small smile grew on my face, i said to my best friend, nobody, "you
know? i think it was the nothing that did all of this".
i started to walk home.

Gakupo_Vocaloid asks:   16 July 2012   157158  
What do you get high on? When I have a child of my own, I want to use
you as an example on how drugs screw up your mind.
sinclare says:   17 July 2012   116040  
listen bubbles...
shut up before i bake you into a pie....
Gakupo_Vocaloid says:   19 July 2012   212697  
I wouldn't be a good pie... And why do you call me and Kaito bubbles?
Everyonehatesmygamertag says:   19 July 2012   807998  
Ahahah i guess it's because They where blue er something like Kaito's
blue hair, u know?
sinclare says :   19 July 2012   910133  
because if i didn't call you bubbles, you would rise up and chalange
me to a fight to the death...
it's funny because... you're flexible..
eh, er....
i'le shut up now...


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