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People who hate people for being themselves...Category: (general)
Wednesday, 20 June 2012
01:37:19 PM (GMT)
Okay, no one is prolly gonna read this, and that's okay. I just want to bitch

There is this girl on Tumblr who made a blog that is nothing but 'scene' kids and her
hating on them.
She takes other peoples pictures and talks shit one them just because they are
Someone aked why she doesn't ask the people whos pictures she's using if she can use
their pictures, and she said that she didn't wanna get bitched at and it was too much
I mean it's one thing to THINK 'oh I realy don't like that style' or 'That girl looks
But it's a whole other thing to sit there and post their pictures publicly and
without their permission and trash them. Talk about how horrid they look and how
stupid they are for looking like that, etc.
Then she goes on about how she hates 'scene' kids, how they need to hate themselves a
little more, how they all look stupid, they are all annoying, and trying to ruin her
life, etc.
I mean Goddamn bitch, take that pole from your ass and stop generalizing and
Just because on person that dresses like that treats you like shit, doesn't mean that
everyone who dresses like that is a bitch.
And just because you don't like a style doesn't mean you should take pictures without
permission and pubicly trash them.
Sorry, it just pisses me off when people judge people for being themselves and for
what they happen to like, I mean damn.
Why can't everyone love eachother just for being themselves instead of hating them
because they're different, or have different tastes, etc.?
I think it' halarious 'cause she's a major hypocrit.
She has pictures of her, and she dresses mildly 'scene'.
She has black and blonde hair, and wears clothes like she mocks, same with her
I'm convinced she is just jealous as hell and can't stand it so she has to mock
someone just because of the way they like to dress.
Sorry if you think this s utterly rediculous but it pissed me off majorly. 
People who can't keep their rude and unecassary comments to themselves and have to
mock others to make themselves feel better make me sick. 
I hate people like he with a passion.
Actually that's a lie, I don't HATE anyone.
I just STRONGLY, STRONGLY, dislike her and I'm not certain that if I saw her I
wouldn't punch her in the face...twice...maybe three time... prolly more...
God, I'm done before I have a stroke with how mad I'm getting over this. X)

‹diary.of.a.dead.girl.› says:   20 June 2012   876425  
Haha, I fucking haaate bitches like that. What's her tumblr url?
‹Stellar_Sells!<3 =D› says:   20 June 2012   701148  
I happened to come across it. My first time on tumblr ad I see that.
And I got so mad.
I know it's dumb, but people like that make me sick. 
‹diary.of.a.dead.girl.› says:   20 June 2012   867012  
Right? It pisses me off like no other, hypocritical bitches. Their
ignorance astounds me. It's not dumb, I just looked through the first
page, holy shit. 
‹Stellar_Sells!<3 =D› says:   20 June 2012   108790  
I know?! Isn't it rediculous?
Why sit there and make a blog about how much you don't like a style
and generalize and stereotype like no other, then steal pictures and
trash them?
'Scene' peple are pathetic? Lmao look in the mirror bitch. 
‹diary.of.a.dead.girl.› says:   21 June 2012   501118  
Haha straight up. It's pointless, I mean, she's just typecasting all
scene kids. They all dont have the same personality, they ALL didn't
try to ruin her life. 
I don't understand why she thinks that, I think scene girls are
gorgeous. I mean she's entitled to her opinion & everything, but
goddamn, why just sit on your ass & call them out online? 
Fawesome says:   21 June 2012   732712  
Isn't it a tad hypocritical to bash this girl for bashing others?
Obviously it is silly to create a Tumblr for the sole purpose of
outing your hate for something/someone, but there are definitely worse
blogs out there that should be the focus of your anger. Let her take
the piss if she wants to, she's not doing anyone harm by voicing her
opinion. She also doesn't make assumptions about what kind of person
is in the photo (for as far as I went on her Tumblr), whereas you are
doing that here. If her Tumblr upsets you, ignore it. Or send her a
message, letting her know that you don't think it's proper to judge
people just because they like a certain style and you don't. But it is
most definitely not necessary nor right to write a diary entry about
her, mocking her and judging her, because that makes you just as 'bad'
as she is.
‹unoriginal› says:   21 June 2012   330555  
I thank you for two reasons. 
1. You can actually spell and use grammar properly, unlike the two
ladies above.
2. You're absolutely right and can make your point without being
vulgar and rude. 
Fawesome says:   21 June 2012   284933  
Thank you. (:
It's understandable why a blog like this might offend some people, I
just don't think that that this is the most reasonable or efficient
way to address the issue. 
‹diary.of.a.dead.girl.› says:   21 June 2012   814731  
We know that we aren't doing any good here, we're just discussing our
I'm not bashing her specifically, i'm bashing her intentions. She's
going well out of her way to hurt others, I mean, I'm pretty sure that
those girls don't enjoy being put down in that way. I'd be pretty
fucking upset if some girl i've never met put my picture on her tumblr
& started bitching about the way I choose to dress or what sort of
music I listen to. 
Plenty of people have sent this person a message describing what's
wrong with what she's doing, she's gonna keep doing it anyways, thus,
there's no point in addressing her or calling her out on it.
& About mocking & judging her..she's doing the exact same thing, to
others, TRYING to put them down. We're just voicing our opinions. If
she's entitled to her's, we certainly are as well. It's a bit
childish, yes, but some people just rub me the wrong way.

I have the ability to spell & use proper grammar my dear, it's just
not exactly my main priority when i'm angry. 
& I'm an extremely vulgar & rude ass lady, what can I say. 
‹Stellar_Sells!<3 =D› says:   21 June 2012   231688  
What she said ^
It'd be pointless for me to go ahead and pretty much say the same
thing she did. Also, fuck grammar. It's the internet. Atleast I'm not
fucking it up too bad and am atleast spelling out my words. You just
wanted another reason to bitch. 
I'm venting and complaining which I have a right t do. Don't like it?
Gtfo. Not my problem, yours.

Couldn't have said it better myself. 
‹diary.of.a.dead.girl.› says:   21 June 2012   168218  
Love you, Sells =] 
‹Stellar_Sells!<3 =D› says:   21 June 2012   714070  
Lmao love you too (= 
‹Stellar_Sells!<3 =D› says:   21 June 2012   835576  
You know what else is funny?
I know someone on there, from our town. 
You kow Ursla? The hair lady?
She's on there. She's not scene, she just likes crazy hair... 
‹diary.of.a.dead.girl.› says:   22 June 2012   219546  
Woah forreal? What page is it on? 
Fawesome says:   22 June 2012   135596  
If everyone were to say 'fuck grammar', the world would be pretty
messed up. Just because it's the internet doesn't mean that you don't
need to use proper English. It's a courtesy to others and makes you
look less stupid. Also, your swearing makes you seem as if you can't
make a point and thus resort to strong language. Another thing to
watch if you don't want to sound stupid. Also, I said nothing about
your grammar before. I'm not looking to bitch, just trying to point
out the blatant and childish hypocrisy of you and your friend. No, my
irritations are not your concern, but in that logic, your irritations
are of no concern to the girl in question, either. Silly you.

Just because she puts people down and bashes them, doesn't mean you
should/have the right to/etc. Of course you are entitled to your
opinion. An opinion would be 'I don't deem it necessary to make such a
Tumblr' or 'I find it childish/mean to put people down like this.'
However, 'She takes other peoples pictures and talks shit one them
just because they are 'scene'. -- I'm convinced she is just jealous as
hell and can't stand it so she has to mock someone just because of the
way they like to dress.' are accusations, you saying that she
is something as if it is a fact, whereas you don't know this
girl and base your accusations solely on what you think of her Tumblr.
Obviously very different. And you ought to stop the swearing as well,
it really does make you two seem very dumb, in my opinion. Word your
arguments well and people will take you seriously~ 
‹Stellar_Sells!<3 =D› says:   22 June 2012   237821  
At the beginning I said I just really wanted to bitch.
I was venting.
Oh my God.
You and that girl turned this into something rediculous. 
God forbid I have an opinion or say some hypocritical things when
people piss me off, or have bad grammar or sound stupid when I'm mad,
Me and my friend were just talking about an opinion, you have a right
to yours but you and the other chick didn't need to go on about how we
are hypocritical and have bad grammar. I was talking about the other
chick saying the grammar thing. I'm not saying everyone should just
forget grammar, but little grammar mistakes aren't a big deal. It's
rediculous that this has turned into this, that it went from venting
and talking about an opinion, to being hypocritical and complaining
about grammar and swearing. 
It's stupid. It was very pointless for this whole argument. 
I also was not meaning to judge the girl as a whole, just how she
acted concerning her opinion on the matter. Words tend to not come out
right when people are mad, or if people take them how they weren't
meant. I wasn't really concerned because it doesn't matter. She
obviously doesn't care about other peoples' opinions, and also I was
just expressing my anger and my opinion. 
I didn't think it was a big deal, but apparently it is.. 
Sorry if I offened you, that was not my intent. 

I don't know,  just went to the archive and saw her picture there...
I couldn't believe I knew someone on there, that's what really made me
I almost want to tell her but I don't know if it's really a big deal.
I would want to know if my picture was on a site without my permission
and they were bashing it. 
‹unoriginal› says:   22 June 2012   303941  
*Ridiculous. Sorry, but you misspelled that so many times. .-. 
‹Stellar_Sells!<3 =D› says :   23 June 2012   787961  
Wow, I bet you got so much satisfaction out of that, congratulations. 

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