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Mass Effect Roleplaying With DieTahServeXSe7en on IMVU #1ACategory: (general)
Saturday, 2 June 2012
03:40:11 AM (GMT)
DieTahServeXSe7en: I don't really care for computer games. e.e i hate using the
DieTahServeXSe7en: for gaming...
EvanescentWeb: D:
EvanescentWeb: WHAT.
DieTahServeXSe7en: e.e yup.
EvanescentWeb: That is just
EvanescentWeb: -She goes outside and tosses a watermelon on the ground, then comes
back in- Some poor Turian is going to get a surprise.
DieTahServeXSe7en: -shurgs- maybe when I get my IMacs it will change my mind e.e and
EvanescentWeb: :I
DieTahServeXSe7en: e.e is so lost....
EvanescentWeb: -She goes into the hall again and forces a tomato out the window, then
comes back in again-
EvanescentWeb: That's for the stupid Vorcha.
EvanescentWeb: C:
DieTahServeXSe7en: O.o is still lost...
EvanescentWeb: Got anything else I can throw out the window?
DieTahServeXSe7en: And vorcha are ugly little freaks >.<
DieTahServeXSe7en: O.o -shrugs-
EvanescentWeb: Grr e.e
DieTahServeXSe7en: e.e you ok?
EvanescentWeb: -She walks out into the hall and takes the elevator down to the third
floor, then storms into Liara's room, throws a banana creme pie in her face, goes
back into the elevator, comes back up to the first floor, and enters the room again,
sitting down on the bed like nothing happened-
DieTahServeXSe7en: -stares at her- O.o urm...
EvanescentWeb: :3
DieTahServeXSe7en: e.e i... have no idea what's going on here...
EvanescentWeb: :I
EvanescentWebEvanescentWeb : Got any food you don't want?
DieTahServeXSe7en: -rubs his nose- e.e
DieTahServeXSe7en: why are you trashing food... then making alien race remarks >.>
EvanescentWeb: >.>
EvanescentWeb: I said nothing about Liara :3
EvanescentWeb: I just threw a banana creme pie in her face
DieTahServeXSe7en: e.e well... it still involved and alien race.
EvanescentWeb: >.>
DieTahServeXSe7en: And i still don't get what a watermelon has to do with a Turian. A
tomato a Vorcha. And bananas/banana cream pie Asari e.e
EvanescentWeb: :I
EvanescentWeb: Nothing :D
EvanescentWeb: I'm just throwing it at them
EvanescentWeb: But throwing it at crew members is more fun
EvanescentWeb: So
EvanescentWeb: Do you have any food?
DieTahServeXSe7en: e.e -shrugs- idk... but.. why the sudden want to throw foods at
crew? and or evil and very ugly also very easy to murder Vorcha e.e
EvanescentWeb: Because they are doing nothing D:<
EvanescentWeb: Except Garrus
EvanescentWeb: He's doing calibrations. He wouldn't look at me.
DieTahServeXSe7en: e.e
EvanescentWeb: I'm gonna rape him
EvanescentWeb: :3
DieTahServeXSe7en: Liara is getting importan intel for missions e.e
DieTahServeXSe7en: Vorcha... are being Vorcha e.e
DieTahServeXSe7en: so... yeah doing nothing...
EvanescentWeb: Vorcha are scum so I threw a tomato hoping it hits them
EvanescentWeb: Liara needed a break. So I gave her some food.
EvanescentWeb: If you give me some food, I can leave to hit people and you can sexy
her up.
DieTahServeXSe7en: e.e what if it hits one of Garruses cousins?
EvanescentWeb: His cousins are probably dead. So.... no harm done. x'D
DieTahServeXSe7en: e.e well then. And I'm good. I like Liara. She's hot and all. e.e
but meh.
EvanescentWeb: O:
EvanescentWeb: I'ma tell her oooooooooo
EvanescentWeb: -She looks around your room for food- :I
DieTahServeXSe7en: -shrugs- e.e
DieTahServeXSe7en: In my opinion. There are better people to care for. e.e Liara
likes her work. There are other people on this ship that make more sence. -rubs the
back of his head and looks at the floor-
EvanescentWeb: -She stops and turns around- So you're saying I should go hit lazy
asses like ..............................................the reporter?
DieTahServeXSe7en: You can through that skank out the air lock... Though i wasn't...
hmm.. nevermind.
EvanescentWeb: o.o
EvanescentWeb: -She grins and keeps looking for food-
EvanescentWeb: -She pulls out a long, rubbery object- Hey, what is a dildo doing in
here? Oh... I have an idea >:D
DieTahServeXSe7en: Damn Jack and her sneaking in here when I'm on missions... -_-...
and O.o?????
EvanescentWeb: -She giggles like a gay school boy and runs into the elevator, zooming
down to the 4th floor and running out into Diana Allers's room and pointing at her-
EvanescentWeb: -She shoves the dildo in her mouth- SUCK ON THAT, MISS BATTLE TITS!
-She squeals loudly and runs into the elevator, zooming up the 1st floor and running
in the room, flopping belly-down on the bed- @w@
DieTahServeXSe7en: (one... OMG!!! PFthahahaha X3 wierdest thing ever. And they needed
that in the game!!! two) -stares at her- O.o I'm not even gonna ask... but thanks for
getting rid of that...
EvanescentWeb: ^w^
EvanescentWeb: Jack might just kill her when she finds where her dildo went.
EvanescentWeb: -She squeels and bounces on the bed- :D I WANNA DO MOAR PLZ
DieTahServeXSe7en: True. e.e....
DieTahServeXSe7en: >.>
EvanescentWeb: (-w- 1 and 2 were the fucking greatest. I can't stop watching them.)
DieTahServeXSe7en: o.o Go ask the "chef" e.e He probly has some.
DieTahServeXSe7en: -presses a button and monitors flip out of the wall revealing the
ships camera system- Now I'll know what you're doing... >.>
EvanescentWeb: I dunno where he is D:
EvanescentWeb: D:
DieTahServeXSe7en: In the kitchen e.e
EvanescentWeb: You may wanna turn those off.
EvanescentWeb: >w>
DieTahServeXSe7en: O///o...
EvanescentWeb: -She looks under your bed- PERFECT 8D
DieTahServeXSe7en: O///o!!! What???
EvanescentWeb: -She gets back up and holds up a bottle, shaking it- 8D
EvanescentWeb: a pill bottle**
DieTahServeXSe7en: O.o...
DieTahServeXSe7en: -shrugs-
EvanescentWeb: GAAAH -She flops on the bed again, grinning like a psycho at the pill
bottle- They are the pills Mordin made for me so that Turian cum does not kill me 8D
DieTahServeXSe7en: O///o..... alright then...
DieTahServeXSe7en: tmi...
EvanescentWeb: :3
EvanescentWeb: -She changes into a sexy outfit- -w- Oh boy he is gonna love this....
DieTahServeXSe7en: -rubs the back of his head- >///<
DieTahServeXSe7en: O///o
EvanescentWeb: -She grins and walks out- See you in a bit 8D Oh, and you should turn
the cameras off.
DieTahServeXSe7en: I did....
DieTahServeXSe7en: -he lays down on the bed- Hmm...
EvanescentWeb: -She takes the elevator down, walking slow and sexily (Now a word -w-)
through the 3rd floor, grinning when she sees Garrus-
DieTahServeXSe7en: -he stares at the ceiling and starts to change through his
different anthro forms then stops for a moment- ... I wonder....
EvanescentWeb: Hey there, you sexy Turian.... I think it's time you do some
calibrations on me....
DieTahServeXSe7en: -he starts to shift forms again but this time he takes on the
appeince of a Salarian- O.o... cool...
EvanescentWeb: -45 minutes later, she emerges from Garrus's area, her hair a mess and
a big grin on her face- I missed that, baby. -She kisses him again before going back
to the elevator and riding it up to the room again, coming in and stumbling around-
DieTahServeXSe7en: -he shifts into a Drell so focused on his form he doesn't notice
her- I... am the most kick ass male in the galaxy.. It's official...
EvanescentWeb: -She flops down on the bed, exhuasted- Drells are sexy now?
DieTahServeXSe7en: -he looks over to her- Oh hey... It's not just drell. -shifts to
Krogan, then Turian. It's... whatever!!!
DieTahServeXSe7en: I've been able to shapeshift since birth >.>... I just now learned
I can be aliens. -he stands up to test his new Turian appearince and punches the air-
Oh yes.
EvanescentWeb: ~LE GASP~
EvanescentWeb: ARE YOU A MAGE, SIR D:<
DieTahServeXSe7en: No. I'm just and Anthro... and it seems that now includes Alien
races -turns his head back to look at her-
EvanescentWeb: WAAAH -She covers her eyes- ANYTHING BUT TURIAN! I GASM OVER TURIANS!
EvanescentWeb: -She turns away and pulls her armor back on-
DieTahServeXSe7en: -shrugs- Turians are kick ass. So far I feel best in this body.
Second is Drell. More able to assassinate. Then I like Krogan. Beast enough to get
shot in the chest a few time and still rip someone apart. Haha. -he turns back around
and punches the are some mroe before headkicking the invisble form-
EvanescentWeb: @///////////@ YOU ARE SO MEAN
DieTahServeXSe7en: -he turns around- Hmm?
EvanescentWeb: NALDKFJLK
EvanescentWeb: -She runs into the bathroom-
EvanescentWeb: -...but then turns around and hides in the chair-
DieTahServeXSe7en: -he turns his head around and raises a brow plate-
EvanescentWeb: -She covers her face- :I
DieTahServeXSe7en: -he scratches his head- Well I guess you'll have to not look at
me. -he sits on the bed- This is the only one I haven't really checked out yet -he
starts to remove his upper body armor- Now to check out what my chest looks like.
EvanescentWeb: JLAJFDLSA
EvanescentWeb: T^T
EvanescentWeb: I'M TRAPPED
EvanescentWeb: -She quickly plots her next move-
DieTahServeXSe7en: Sorry. -finishes taking off his armor and examines himself- Oh so
EvanescentWeb: -She bites her lip- Do I have moar sexies with Garrus or do I torture
Liara.. Hm..
EvanescentWeb: -She gasps- OMAGAWD. VEGA. I CAN RAPE VEGA.
DieTahServeXSe7en: -shrugs- I don't really care....
DieTahServeXSe7en: -takes off his boot- That's what a Turian foot looks like aie?
Heh. Cool.
EvanescentWeb: Nyaaa @.@
EvanescentWeb: -She grabs her gun, smacks herself in the head, and promptly passes
DieTahServeXSe7en: -he tilts his head to see her slumped on the floor- Hmm... -he
stands up and walks over then picks her up bringing her back to the bed then lays her
down and returns to examining himself- Oh cool!
EvanescentWeb: -She dreams about having dinner with Joker and EDI-
DieTahServeXSe7en: -he removes the lower half of his leg armor and begins to look at
his shin and knees-
EvanescentWeb: In Dream: -She toasts Joker and EDI- I'm so glad you two finally tied
the knot! Ever decide how many children you are going to adopt? EDI: I have not
considered the possiblity of taking in orphaned children and caring for them as my
own. Do you think I would make a good mother, Shepard? Joker: How about six or seven?
And maybe a dog. A white picket fenced-in house. Nice and quiet, unlike the war.
DieTahServeXSe7en: -he looks over at her- Hmm.. she is unconcious... I suppose I
could remove the rest.... -he starts to take off the rest of his armor- Well...
that's... more surprising... than I figured...
EvanescentWeb: In Dream: -She laughs and takes a sip of her wine- You know, you could
take in a few krogan orphans. With the genophage gone and so many krogan adults dead,
they need mothers. Garrus and I are heading to Tuchanka in a few days to finalize the
adoption of a set of twins. Joker: Twins, huh? Do you think Garrus can actually
handle being a father to a different race? EDI: Joker, perhaps we could consider
taking in an orphan of our own. Joker: Uhhh..... Brittle bone disease. Krogan. I
don't want to be crushed by my own child.
DieTahServeXSe7en: hmm... -he walks into the bathroom and enspects himself in the
mirror- Jesus... This is too cool!!!
EvanescentWeb: In Dream: -She laughs again and takes another sip- Perhaps you could
raise a human child. There are a high number of orphaned humans. EDI: It would appear
that a human child would be more adequate for Jeff's condition. Joker: Yeah, way
easier. Can we get a girl? I don't think I'm really up for tossing around a football
with my son. Web: But you're up for piggyback rides for a little girl? Joker:
.....point taken.
DieTahServeXSe7en: -comes out of the bathroom and feeds the fish and kneels down to
look into the tank-
EvanescentWeb: -She stirs and frowns, groaning- In Dream: -She frowns, looking around
her as the settings start to fade- In Reality: -She groans again, then slowly opens
her eyes, blinking a few times- What happ-... Oh yeah....
DieTahServeXSe7en: -he continues to look at the fish then walks over to the side of
the bed and slides leggings on- Yeah. You ok?
EvanescentWeb: -She sits up, rubbing her head- Yeaaah. Weird dream.
DieTahServeXSe7en: Hmm. Well. You'll be glad to know I finish my inspection. I don't
think I'll change. Or put that armor back on... It's actually heavy.. And I feel like
I could do more damage this way.
EvanescentWeb: -She looks up at you and groans- ...that's just what I needed. e.e"
DieTahServeXSe7en: -he shrugs- A quick Turian is a deadly Turian -he winks-
EvanescentWeb: -She groans again and rubs her head- You're a tease, I hope you know.
DieTahServeXSe7en: Hmm? Oh.. Sorry. I... wait... O///o
EvanescentWeb: -She gets up- I have a headache now. =.= I think I need to practice my
flexibility with Mr. Vakarian.
DieTahServeXSe7en: -he sits down-.. Uhm.. alright. :/ -rubs the back of his head-...
I guess I'll.. be here.
EvanescentWeb: -She looks at you and tilts her head- Unless you have asprin?
DieTahServeXSe7en: -there might be some in the night stand -lays back and rolls over
to check-
EvanescentWeb: -She stands awkwardly and rubs her arms over her shoulders-
DieTahServeXSe7en: I wait... ah here it... damnit... -scoots around untill he's
looking under the bed- ... where the hell'd you go... Sniper skill won't help me find
you under here you lucky little...
EvanescentWeb: -She turns around so her back is facing you, still rubbing her arms-
It's alright if you don't have it... @.@"
DieTahServeXSe7en: I.. had it... it just ninja jumped out of my hand under here...
EvanescentWeb: -She runs a hand through her hair- Okay
DieTahServeXSe7en: Gyah... -he falls off the bed onto his back partially under the
bed and his legs against the wall- ... well I guess I can reach further this way..
EvanescentWeb: -She turns around, worried- Are you okay.... Oh god..
DieTahServeXSe7en: Yeah i'm fine... Turian body kicks ass heh.. I really didn't feel
that. -shuffles around-
EvanescentWeb: -She closes her eyes as not to stare- ..right, right.
DieTahServeXSe7en: got it... -he shuffles out from under the bed the stands up
slightly dusty- ... her ya go.. -rubs the back of his head grinning- I knew I had
some heh heh...
EvanescentWeb: -She opens one eye long enough to see the bottle of asprin, grasping
it and turning around swiftly- Thanks
DieTahServeXSe7en: -tilrs his head-... sure -brushes some of the dust from his chest-
EvanescentWeb: -She mumbles under her breath while she pours a few pills from the
bottle- Fucking turians and their fucking bodies..
DieTahServeXSe7en: You say something? -he asks still trying to get the dust off
EvanescentWeb: Nope! -She tosses the pills back and swallows them- @.@
DieTahServeXSe7en: -he catches them in one hand- Alright then... -walks to the night
stand and drops them back into the drawer pushing it closed with his leg-
EvanescentWeb: -She looks under the table, suddenly feeling better and curious-
DieTahServeXSe7en: -he turns around- Hmm?
EvanescentWeb: -She stands up, sighing- No food there
DieTahServeXSe7en: -rubs his head- I would figure more food would be in the
kitchen... just saying.. .-lays down on the bed one arm behind his head-
EvanescentWeb: -She grumbles- I don't wanna take the elevator all the way down to the
damn kitchen
DieTahServeXSe7en: -you could use the entercom to ask em to bring something up...
that's what I do... -lays his other arm over his stomach-
EvanescentWeb: Good idea! -She runs to the intercom and presses it- HEY HOE!
EvanescentWeb: Traynor: ....commander?
EvanescentWeb: Yeah, you skank lesbian hoe! That's who I'm talking to, ain't it?
EvanescentWeb: Traynor: ...this is-
EvanescentWeb: -She squeels and runs back to bellyflop on the bed-
DieTahServeXSe7en: Uhm.... Alright then...
EvanescentWeb: ....oops, that's not food. ^-^
DieTahServeXSe7en: No... no it's not. But hey. Heh. Now he gets to see me as a
Turian. He'll wet himself. HAHAHA!
EvanescentWeb: -She sits up straight when she hears Vega "Hey commander, I was told
you-" but doesn't let him finish as she bolts from the bed to the door and blocks the
way, putting a fake smile on her face- ........HEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY James......
DieTahServeXSe7en: -he rubs his head and stands up chuckling quietly-
EvanescentWeb: James: Everything okay, Lola? Web: Yeah, yeah, everything's fine. I
just... uh... -She looks back unsurely- James: Did I come at a bad time? I thought
Vakarian was busy calibrating but....
DieTahServeXSe7en: It's not Garrus Vega. It's Loco.
DieTahServeXSe7en: -he walks to the steps-
EvanescentWeb: -She turns around frantically- Waah, I.... James: Whoa, hey now, Lola,
are you two-timing Vakarian? Web: No!!!
DieTahServeXSe7en: -he waves his hand- Come now James... You know aside Liara i don't
get the ladies. And since Liara started being... Too busy with work to have a
relationship. I'm still on the loner side buddy.
EvanescentWeb: -She goes into panic mode and passes out, falling on the floor- James:
Whoa, shit, Lola! Commander!
DieTahServeXSe7en: Well then... Uhm.. Sorry James... I don't know what's up with
her... She's been acting... well. Hyper as shit all afternoon.... -he kneels beside
EvanescentWeb: -She goes into another dream, this time she is on Omega watching a
trio of Asari dancers with Aria, guarded by two Batarians with guns- Aria: I can't
thank you enough for helping me get back Omega. You did well, Shepard. Web: Glad to
help. Aria: I don't do charity and you know it. So what do you want?
EvanescentWeb: James: -He raises an eyebrow- You sure nothing is going on? I mean
you're...kinda...missing something..
DieTahServeXSe7en: -he looks down- Yeah... I was shifting through forms and found I
could be.. well Aliens... And i was checking out my new anatomy... -he shrugs- At
least I have pants on...
EvanescentWeb: James: -He nods- Nice. You sure Liara doesn't want to see that? She
might want to "study" it. -He laughs-
EvanescentWeb: In-Dream: -She leans back against the couch- I don't want anything,
Aria. I know how important Omega is to you. Aria: Yes. Important enough to pay a high
load of credits for. Name your price. Web: I don't want credits, Aria. But if you
DieTahServeXSe7en: -he shrugs- I don't know... I need someone.. who.. can pay more
attention to me when.. I'm not giving her information.. or knowledge... Someone who
could be out there shooting Vorcha and then be waiting in this room when we board.
DieTahServeXSe7en: Shooting Vorcha alongside me*
EvanescentWeb: James: -He glances down at Web then back up- Well, how about Tali? She
seems lonely.
EvanescentWeb: -She groans as the dream fades and she wakes again, frowning as her
blurry vision comes back- What the hell happened now..
DieTahServeXSe7en: Yeah.. But I don't want to run the risk of hurting her... Oh well.
You passed out.. agian.
EvanescentWeb: =.= -She struggles to stand up. James offers her a hand, which she
takes, and wobbles to her feet- Thanks, Vega. -She rubs her head- Hurt who?
DieTahServeXSe7en: James was just suggesting some of the girls I should... talk to..
Tali came up...
EvanescentWeb: -She smirks- Tali, huh? Never got curious what she looks like under
the helmet?
DieTahServeXSe7en: Nah... She's great and all. But I'm... more of a human kinda guy I
guess... -looks down- Though who could have guessed that...
Last edited: 2 June 2012

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