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Thursday, 12 April 2012
11:09:23 PM (GMT)
I...just had an epiphany of some sorts, concerning the "bible" world.
Everything in the bible...is of human knowledge and instinct. 
In the beginning, they claim he created the Heavens and the Earth. No where does it
mention what's past that- other than the moon and the sun.
People back then only KNEW of the basics: Earth, Sun, and Moon. They didn't have the
knowledge or the equipment to know of anything else. 
The words they speak and call it are their own- who would give someone even the
knowledge of the god(s), anyway? Who penned what millions have heard.
Back to my point,
There is no "super" knowing in the bible- no evidence of godly knowing. Only what a
simple human could come up with.
In the bible, they tell you everything god makes, and "so it is/was". They don't
mention WHAT else was created because no one knew.
I believe the "prophets" and the different "books" were the names of the people who
wanted to add to the stories. 
You can simply be aware because of our instinct ("conscience") that pangs our heart
when we know something is wrong.
The books are the opinions of the average person. When I say "average", I mean, the
"wholesome" typical person. Not someone cynical, or hurt. Just normal.
Everything in the bible is on everyday human terms.
"God" would have supplied us with what else is out there, since it says he supplied
us with everything we need, and gave us all his knowledge. 
Also, the bible is all-knowing".
Can someone really sit there and say, "I'm going to this small thing called
heaven/hell," when there's MORE we haven't seen/discovered.
If there's more we'll never know, clearly we'll never know for certain what this
bible business is all about.
I also don't believe the bible is as old as it's stated- it simply can't be. 
Maybe these stories in the bible were based on true events, but even truth gets
exaggerated. How can we sit here and claim none of this could have just been
invented, when new, original things are being created- still today?
Someone came up with the first idea of "ghosts" and "vampires".
Someone coined phrases.
Something has a beginning- and I just haven't discovered what.
If not god who created this, then who, you might ask?
Well, I don't know. I know as much as you do. The only thing I can argue is who
created god, and gave him the knowledge to invent and create? Someone has to supply.
Clearly, something CAN come from nothing.
People chose god because they can't just sit and believe it all just happened- but
that's flawed because clearly it happened with god?
I'm only 18, so clearly some of this thinking might be flawed, but I believe I'm onto
something. I think with growing up and a bit more knowledge, I'll expand and perfect
my theory. I know someone has probably pointed out everything I have, but I'm not
finished. This theory will take years, but I'll be meditating on it- quite often.

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