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Sunday, 18 March 2012
12:30:49 PM (GMT)
Lacie Konner and Ben Vassarius Sixteen Humans N/A N/A Neutral Lacie and Ben have known each other since they were born, and never leave each others side. Their parents both had no time for the both of them so they are rather lonely. Lacie can be stubborn, annoyed, weird and excited easily, but on the other hand she is sweet, sensitive, caring and friendly. Alice Kearney 14 Neko N/A Good She is very friendly and generous, she has a major sweet tooth. Hiyori Amelia Gold | Sixteen | Female | Slave of Sam Oz Learie Hoffmen | Master | Fifteen Cutesy - Hiyori's pet lamb
Alice and Jessica
Flaky & Ben Valentine (They usually call themselves both Flaky so no one knows his real name) Valda Cronnier Name: Flaky & Ben Valentine (They usually call themselves both Flaky so no one knows his real name) Age: Sixteen Demon, human, etc: Unknown slave/escapie/master: Slaves Picture: (In process) -Trying to resize- likes: Flaky likes doing housework, friends, and others. Ben likes high places and fighting. Dislikes: Flaky always stays away from danger, she doesn't like others bullying her or her friends. Ben doesn't like being bothere, and hates being left out. history: Growing up as orphans, their parents died in a car accident when they were little leaving them to be with their grandparents. Their grandparents moved in with another family so they were unable to stay. They soon felt left out and made it on their own. It was that unlucky day they became slaves. With/against slavery: Against
Name: Len Okame Age: Seventeen Demon, human, etc: Demon slave/escapie/master: Slave Picture: likes: Being alone, house work, sketching, quiet places Dislikes: Loud noises, being left out for some odd reason, lowlifes, idiots, and sensitive people. history: Len grew up with both of his parents, as happy as most would think his life was, it never lasted long. He stopped talking to people and his mother died of a car accident and his father leaving behind a huge debt. Because of this, he lived on his own and found a job. It was until one day when he was tricked and was stolen away. With/against slavery: He doesn't really care.
Name: Sei Kraner Age: Seventeen Sex: Male Race: Demon Orientation: STRAIGHT as a line. Occupation: Fighter Accent & Origin: Britain & British Language: English History: As Valda's cousin, they grew up with eachother ever since. Due to parents issues and all that happened, he decided to followe Valda anyway and become a fighter. Personality: Calm, collective, smart, and can be silly. He will protect people he cares, and normally will take things seriously. He doesn't judge himself or others. He can have a small temper when it comes to talking about his family, and won't hold back. Appearance: Name: Mio Harajuku Age: Sixteen Sex: Female Race: Elf Orientation: Doesn't matter to her. Occupation: Fighter, but likes to cook. Accent & Origin: She's just a normal American .-. Language: Finnish, japanese, english. History: As an infant, she had the best life she always wanted. It was until her father was comming up with problems and her parents divorced. After this, she basically moved out so she wasn't a burden on her mother. Personality: Dumbfounded, not so bright, clumsy, forgetful, and a whole lot more engative things. One thing for sure is, she doesn't give up and she has a hard noggin for cheering people up. Appearance:
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