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Devil Cheater: Chapter 3Category: Stories
Sunday, 29 January 2012
11:38:43 PM (GMT)
Devil Cheater: Chapter 3
	Three days later, on Tuesday afternoon, the group was together again in my garage.
Instead of practicing this time, though, we were choosing what outfits to wear on
	“Amanda, you cannot wear a trench coat!” declared Ana with her hand on her chest
dramatically. “It’s just not suitable for an important performance!”
	“It’s my signature look,” Amanda argued. “I can’t be without it!”
	“Um, hello?” Avril interrupted, waving her hand sarcastically. “I’m the
clothing designer. I’ll decide whether or not Amanda will be wearing her trench
coat, Ana.”
	Ana rolled her eyes in response.
	At that moment, Autumn walked through the doorway and into the garage with a
triumphant smile on her face. In her hands was a large plastic blue tote that was
filled to the brim with clothing. She set the container on a Ping Pong table near
where we were standing.
	“Lemme see!” Ana squealed excitedly, bouncing on her toes. Her eyes were wide,
and her mouth was in a huge grin.
	“Chill out, Ana!” Autumn laughed.
	The tote that Autumn had brought into the garage was full of clothing the members of
Devil Cheater had donated. Part of our small budget goes towards purchasing a few new
articles of clothing each month for us to wear to concerts.
	Each member of the band has a certain responsibility. I proudly hold the title of
the Devil Cheater manager. I book us gigs and look for opportunities to gain
publicity through contests and open-mic nights. Amy is the Devil Cheater planner. She
keeps track of any events we are involved in, and reminds us when one is coming up.
Autumn is the one who choses our song order for each concert. She also writes the
music and pieces bits of lyrics together for each song. Avril is the Devil Cheater
outfit designer. She picks out an ensemble for each of us when we have a concert.
She’s a pro at it; perfecting what each member should wear from head to toe. Ana is
the choreographer. She creates the dances for her and Alicia to perform for each
song. Amanda is the Devil Cheater treasurer. She holds onto all of the money we earn
and keep track of our budget. She has amazing math skills, so we demanded that she
take that position. Alicia is both the author of Devil Cheater’s online blog “The
Devil’s Revenge”. When we first created it, she had suggested that name because
we “cheated the devil”.
	Preparing for such a big event meant that each of us had to play our role and do our
part. Naturally, Avril immediately began as our outfit designer. She rushed to the
container of clothing and began digging through it. As she pulled out several pieces
of clothing, the rest of us gathered around her. Watching Avril at work is more
entertaining than it may seem. She works quickly. If you don’t look closely, she
can finish an outfit in the blink of an eye.
	Ana gasped when Avril pulled out a sparkly red tee. “I love that! It’s so
	I laughed at her. Ana was always the first one of us to fall in love with a new
piece of clothing.
	While Avril separated through the clothing in the tote, the rest of us started
preparing in our own ways. We left Avril in the garage as we entered my house. Amy
and Amanda sat in the kitchen at the table. They were going through the budget to
decide if we could use any money for props and effects. Ana was in the living room
practicing the routine to one of our songs. Autumn was in the living room, sitting on
the couch watching Ana practice one her dance routines as she decided what song order
we would play for Saturday. Alicia and I were in my room upstairs, sitting at my
computer while we decided what to write in our daily “The Devil’s Revenge” blog
	An hour and a half later, we were all gathered in the living room. Our jobs were
completed, and we were chatting excitedly with one another about our new outfits.
	“What are you wearing?” I asked Alicia as I sat down next to her on one of my
mom’s white couches. The twins were the first to be fitted.
	“I’m wearing the pink tank top you designed. You know, the one with
‘Cheater’ in black bold print running up the side?” She waited for me to nod
before continuing. “It’s so cute. I love it! Ana is wearing the purple one that
matches. We’re both wearing black jean shorts and stilettos. Mine are pink, and
Alicia’s are purple.”
	“That sounds cute,” I smiled. Ana and Alicia always matched in some way.
	“What are you wearing?” she asked me excitedly.
	“I didn’t get my outfit yet,” I confessed.
	As if on cue, Avril came into the living room, her eyes landing on me. “There you
are, A. It’s your turn.”
	I followed Avril into the garage. Ana and Alicia trailed behind us excitedly. A
messy pile of clothing was laying on the Ping Pong table. I plopped into a black
beanbag chair and neatly folded my hands into my lap. “So, Miss Avril, what will I
be wearing?”
	Avril was staring at the pile of clothing with a frown on her face and her hands on
her hips. “I’m not sure yet. You need something that says ‘rebel’.”
	“Why’s that?” I asked.
	Ana and Alicia sat cross-legged on the floor on either side of my beanbag chair.
They looked up at Avril, silently praising her fashion skills with their wide brown
	Rolling her eyes at me, Avril answered, “Because you’re the leader. Duh, A!”
	I love Avril, I really do, but sometimes the poor girl just makes no sense.
Nevertheless, I nodded in agreement. Better to just go with the flow than try to
understand her absurd way of thinking. “Oh, right. Duh.”
	“Try on this black tank,” she ordered after a moment of thinking. She tossed the
top at me.
	I caught it just before it hit me in the face. “Did I design this?”
	“No, it’s a plain one.” She saw me frown, and immediately added, “If Amanda
can give up her trench coat, then you can wear one shirt that isn’t yours.”
	I rolled my eyes in annoyance before stripping off the black and red striped tank
top I was wearing. I really didn’t care if any of the girls saw me change. It
wasn’t any surprise to them what I looked like; we’d changed together before, so
it didn’t bother me.
	“Nice bra, Alice!” Ana whistled. “Where’d you get it?’
	I looked down at the red lacy bra I was wearing. It had a small metal charm in the
shape of a star dangling from the middle. I grinned and answered, “Hot Topic has
bras on clearance all month.”
	The twins gasped and looked at each other. I could guess where they would be
shopping at Friday night.
	I pulled on the black tank top and twirled in a circle for Avril.
	“Perfect!” she exclaimed in excitement. She immediately began digging through
the mess of clothing again. A few seconds later, she pulled out a pair of black jean
shorts with a big smile on her face. “You just have to wear these! You’ll match
Ana and Alicia!”
	My duel-toned eyes grew wide as I looked at the shorts. “Are you crazy? I never
wear shorts! Especially not that short! Are those even long enough to be considered
shorts at all? They look more like underwear to me!”
	Avril dropped the shorts on the ground and threw her hands in the air in surrender.
“Ok, fine, don’t trust the outfit designer. It’s your decision. I thought since
you’re a rebel and all that maybe, just maybe, you could rebel against yourself for
a change.”
	“She has a point, Alice,” Ana pointed out. “You’ve got great legs! You
should show them off!”
	Alicia grinned and nodded in agreement. “I’m so jealous. Your legs are
	I groaned and slapped my hand on my face to cover my eyes. “Fine, I give in. I’m
only doing it because you three are so darn persuasive.”
	“Yay!” the twins cheered. They gave each other a high-five.
	Avril grinned happily. She picked up the pair of shorts and handed them to me.
	I shimmied out of my dark jeans, letting them drop to the ground. I was silently
thankful that I’d shaved my legs that morning in the shower.
	“Wow, isn’t someone looking sexy today,” Alicia teased. She had a grin on her
face as she looked at my hips.
	I felt my cheeks grow slightly warm as I realized she was looking at my underwear.
They were red and lacy, just like my bra. I quickly pulled the shorts on. I was
amazed at how great they felt. I zipped them shut and smiled, looking at Avril for
approval. My smile faded when I realized that Avril wasn’t looking at the shorts.
She was looking at my chest. “Avril?”
	Her eyes locked onto mine immediately. “What? Oh, sorry.” She looked down again,
but this time at the jean shorts. She scratched her head, looking flustered. “Turn
	I did as she asked.
	“Damn, girl,” Alicia whistled. “Where’d you get an ass like that?”
	“Shake what your momma gave you!” Ana giggled.
	I wiggled my butt, which only made Ana giggle even louder. I couldn’t help but
laugh with her. I turned my head to look behind me, hoping for a yes from Avril on
the shorts. Again, I found her looking somewhere disturbing. Instead of my chest,
this time she was looking at my butt. “Avril!” I exclaimed, immediately turning
back around.
	“Oh, what? Sorry. Yeah, the shorts are perfect. All you need are some black
	I nodded in agreement. My face felt hot. I was too embarrassed by where I’d seen
her looking to answer.
	“All I have left is my outfit, and we should be good.”
	Ana and Alicia jumped to their feet and squealed excitedly. “Yay! We can’t

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