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Friday, 25 November 2011
08:28:29 PM (GMT)
Well, it's safe to say my confidence lies in my clothes..
I went shopping yesterday, and got lots of cute blouses, but I have no pants to wear
them with. 
And leggings make me look chubbeh. 
Really I just wish I was skinny; and had cute clothes.
I think I need a boyfriend who doesn't care how much I weigh.
One who will tell me I'm pretty, and skinny, even if I'm not. 
One who will like me for who I am.
I...who the hell knows this Derek kid? The tall one. Who looks like Michael. 
Who dates odd girls, not that that's a bad thing. He's hot. 
Anyways, I'd say chance, but I gave up on him. 
Ive cried more than once this week just because I looked in the mirror. 
I want to be okay with my appearance. 
I want to be stick skinny like the girls in Austin. 
I want to be able to wear weird shit, and still be pretty. 
I don't want to have to care what boys think. 
I just want someone I like alot, who likes me back, you know? 
Who will love me no matter what I look like. 

‹Fairy.Wind.› says:   25 November 2011   388888  
Derek is my older brother <3
Him and Jacob are in my chemistry class and they've adopted me
as their little sister.
But Dirk as I call him is.. Not really your type. 
As much as I love my older brothers, 
Dirk is kind of a manwhore. 
And he lost his virginity at a young age. 
And he kinda did it with 50+ girls at his other school
but he's tried to change that. 
He's really nice once you get to know him and he's funny 
and really perverted. 
And he helps me out with my personal issues cuz he's weird. 
But yes.
SwingingInTheRain says:   25 November 2011   439238  
I don't really have a type. 
Michael was kind of a man whore. 
I don't really care too much about that kind of thing, as long as they
don't cheat or whatever. 
"I don't wanna live in a house where your memories do all the talking"

But whatever. He's hot. And nice. 
I'd settle for him, he's hot. I've just seen him date pretty girls,
that most people wouldn't notice. 
Kinda makes him stick out. Meh. 
Then again, I said that about Chance. 
‹Fairy.Wind.› says:   25 November 2011   589551  
What about the kid Rainier?
SwingingInTheRain says:   25 November 2011   186722  
He told me to fuck off, in the nicest way possible. 
Guys like him don't like girls like me. 
‹Fairy.Wind.› says:   25 November 2011   368398  
There may be a spark left.
SwingingInTheRain says:   25 November 2011   449943  
He... I doubt it. 
‹Fairy.Wind.› says:   25 November 2011   562841  
You never know unless you give it a chance (No pun intended)
SwingingInTheRain says:   25 November 2011   705130  
I tried to give it a chance last week. Didn't work. 
Does this kid not have a FB? What the actual fuck. 
‹Fairy.Wind.› says:   25 November 2011   685083  
SwingingInTheRain says:   25 November 2011   454274  
Does he have a FB. 
I can't stalk people, and see if they've dumped their gfs, if they
don't have a FB. 
‹Fairy.Wind.› says:   25 November 2011   754538  
Hold onnnn..

Nope, he does not.
SwingingInTheRain says:   25 November 2011   930909  
How even. 
Oh well. 
So am I not allowed to want manwhores? 
‹Fairy.Wind.› says:   25 November 2011   388287  
Go for whom you want? 
But he will not tolerate you 
putting yourself down.
SwingingInTheRain says:   25 November 2011   343384  
I don't even know him, hahaha.
 And how so? 
‹Fairy.Wind.› says:   25 November 2011   294565  
He tolerates me but I'm not his significant other, 
I'm his little sister. 
If you call yourself fat, ugly, worthless, etc. 
He won't tolerate it. 
He won't let you talk about yourself like that. 

And you're not fat, you're skinnier than me. 
That's not saying a lot cuz I look like a pig (ElOhEl) 
But you look like you do pot to be that skinny. 
And that's a compliment.
SwingingInTheRain says:   25 November 2011   430259  
Well what does not tolerate mean? 
Like would he dump his gf because of it? 
Or would he be nice about it. 

And Denise, you're SKIN AND BONES. If you lost more then five pounds,
I would be scared for your life. 
‹Fairy.Wind.› says:   25 November 2011   608474  
I'm not sure. 
I should ask. 
I think he meant she's not allowed 
or he'd get mad. 
But I'll investigate. 

That's almost the same thing Branden said
Speak for yourself, fragile critter <3
Lose one more inch and I'd poke to see if you're not 
a zombie.
SwingingInTheRain says:   25 November 2011   664666  
Eh, okay.
He sounds sweet. 
I don't know, even if I decide he's not my type, I still think he
sounds fun. 
As a friend. 

And branden in amazing. 
‹Fairy.Wind.› says:   25 November 2011   635529  
I'm used to being around boys like that. 
Usually because I grew up around boys a lot'which is how
I became perverted and addicted to gore and laugh
at inappropriate things. 
I remain ladylike in most situations though. 

And he's much more than that.
SwingingInTheRain says:   25 November 2011   486818  
Yeah. I'm used to it outside of school. 
In school, boys like that don't talk to girls like me. 
I give off the innocent don't pollute my mind Mormon kinda vibe. 
Even though I probably make more that's what she said jokes than any
boy. I think maybe if they talked to me then they'd like me. But they

And of course. <3 
‹Fairy.Wind.› says:   25 November 2011   342611  
Oh, I've become prone to porn because of boys. 
That's nothing to be proud of. 
Stupid males. 
Everybody thinks I'm innocent. 
They're like 
"Aww, you're so innocent!!"
Even Dirk says he thiks I'm too cute and adorable and that
it's a problem for him because he never says "Aww" to anyone but me. 
Everyone treats me like a child and refuses to take me seriously. 
But I'm okay with that. Sometimes. 

Oh dearie <3
SwingingInTheRain says :   25 November 2011   328807  
You're cute. 


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