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Saturday, 19 November 2011
06:39:14 PM (GMT)
Right now I am sitting in my mothers’ hospital room watching House on Haunted Hill
2. So far boring, and not really scary, and my mother is sitting in the chair. My
sister is in the bed, my aunt Dawn is on the end of the bed. My uncle Jerry is in
another chair, and I am on the couch with the laptop. My step-father just put his
laptop away because the internet stopped working, great! Now my family are just
talking about other crap, and my mother’s like “No one has been visiting much!”
and complaining about not being here. Now in the movie, these couples were making out
when their friend came in and caught them, and why am I writing this? I really
don’t know, and now my mother’s saying “It looks like I have a third boob.”
And I’m like gagging over here. I really do not know what to do right now and
extremely in a bore.  so I am typing this. 
     It’s weird, I’m stuck in a hospital, and somehow I would rather be at home
doing my homework. Yeah, it’s true. I mean, it’s better than sitting here
listening to them talking about crying in front of each other. Now my sister’s
talking on her phone, I’m getting a head-ache and sick of being here.  Well, now
I’m irritated with this spell check! I know I spelt bored right! Yet, it has a
freaking green line under it! You know what? I’ll just ignore it, yep. Now I’m
smiling, well for the most part. I really do miss the internet LOL. Yeah, I used text
language. Basically I have not texted to my friend for a few hours, this morning my
friend Leeann had texted me back from last night, I was at the movies so I had to
shut my phone off. I was checking for my phone, and now it’s gone! I can’t search
now because my mom will know what’s up and ask me, which will tell her I lost
something. Thus, telling her that I lost my phone. Great , another reason to be mad.
And I hear noises, not crazy noises. But noises of a phone, and I’m pretty sure
it’s not mine. I hope it is because it sounds next to me, but I’m not quite sure.
Now my foot fell asleep, now what!?  By the end I stop, I’m either leaving to go
home (Yes!) or not. What? I now have like 2 paragraphs typed and I didn’t even
notice. And it’s been 19 min. and 44 seconds! How I know? Well it’s the matter of
facts and fiction (Movie screen). 
  Yes! Another paragraph. Thank you Jesus! (Not really)   I just have gotten in
trouble because my phone rang, and it was too far away (yeah right) and Leeann texted
me. It’s because I had a tab open typing while watching a movie “How does she do
that?” and yelling at me. I’m so ticked; I just want to go home. Leeann wanted to
know if I had my math book. Well, duh! I have homework to do tomorrow night (I
don’t want to tonight)and she wants me to take a picture of a page, but I’m at
the hospital, 2) It’s at home and 3) my phone doesn’t send pictures! I told her
so many times, I don’t get it! Just got back, I had pizza and popcorn, well
hospital food. I’m now getting on my Kupika so I can paste this and Roleplay! Ttyl
for now

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