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Saturday, 17 September 2011
08:55:49 PM (GMT)
Just found the english scan of it today, I'm amazed. I'm giggling with
both excitement and amusement.

So, reading this through and making this clear...

This mixes the story of Liore and Youswell together, mixing Cornello and Yoki into a
soldier called...I don't remember. Arzen or something.

Edward's a lot more of a douche bag in this version. Not in a good way though. He
demands 10 million Cens to give a water supply to a dying, thirsty town. (I mean, he
refused when the people of Youswell asked for that kind of help, but that was with
gold, and Ed had a good reason to not do it. Here, he just uses the law of Equivalent
Exchange to show his reasoning...way to be a douche, Ed.)
Basically, he's more a cold and logical badass than a determined and sympathetic

Character designs are pretty much the same as the first chapter of the manga, right
down to Al's details. (Even Rose makes an appearance as a secondary character and she
doesn't look that much different from the manga either.)

The Philosopher's Stone looks more like a piece of Turkish Delight than a stone.

That Arzen character asks Ed to make him immortal using the Philosopher's Stone and
Ed accepts pretty quickly. Sure, he debates that he gets to keep the Philosopher's
Cube and get Al and Rose released. (They were duped into going to jail earlier.) In
fact...he actually does appear to make him immortal. Um...wasn't there a taboo about
Human Transmutation or something that causes rebounds?
Also, he swallows the Philosopher's Cube sort of like Kimblee does...I'm starting to
wonder if it really IS a piece of Turkish Delight...

Ed somehow turns this butter knife into a huge machete...I mean, I know,
Philosopher's Cube and all, but...weird.

Back story is explained in pretty much the same way it was in the manga.

Ed fires a gun. Already, that's surreal. In the actual story, he debates at one point
whether it's even alright to hold a gun.
Mind you, he does look pretty kickass packing heat, but it's still pretty

...And instead of that guy being immortal, Ed turns him into steel.
So...yeah, Ed's undoubtedly a murderer now...what the hell am I reading again?

And...he transmutes an ocean in the end for the town.
...Am I high right now? That was awfully quick that they got the Philosopher's Cube.
...And it turns out the Philosopher's Cube, while not exactly fake, was all used up
by Ed transmuting said ocean.
...Y'know, you could have transmuted a fountain or something. 
So in the end, they end up without a Philosopher's Cube and continue their merry
journey as this first version of the story would take many revamps until it actually
made sense.

Overall, that was still worth it.
Last edited: 17 September 2011

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