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MY MOM IS A STUPIDHEAD!!!Category: (general)
Wednesday, 14 September 2011
06:45:18 PM (GMT)
Okay so I sort of have like an issue where I gulp my food and it makes a noise and
it annoys the hell out of my mom, so today she just decided to rudely close her ears
and not listen to anyone which gets on my nerves, because all she had to do was ask
me to try to stop it because usually when she asks me I at least attempt to stop and
jokingly tell her "what gulping?"
So anyway I tell her that all she had to do was ask me and she flips the fuck out on
me and tells me that whenever she does I tell her I don't gulp and never try to fix
it and then I tell her that that statement in itself is wrong because its a
globalization and then when I try to calmly (I am getting irritated at this point,
because this happens often) explain to her that this is wrong and that she has no
right to tell me what I try to do or not because she does not live in my body she
says that if I say anything else that is negative to her and in her perspective
negative (as in anything I say she will say is negative) she will ground me so I
finished my dinner and said have a better day to her and she said I was grounded and
I refuse to be because she is refusing to be an adult, and only people who are adults
have the authority to tell me what to do and until she acts like she is old enough to
have a human conversation with me I will not accept any of her demands/ groundings.

erised says:   14 September 2011   415529  
Your logic reminds me of the glitter on the floor.
‹Viridian_Forest› says:   14 September 2011   362608  
@erised ...:O howso? and what glitter? 
erised says:   14 September 2011   741046  
If you knew the song you quoted in your diary, then you'd know what

And I'm not going to explain how, it's a bit depressing that you
didn't catch on right away. 
‹Viridian_Forest› says:   14 September 2011   839019  
Omg I totally forgot about the song and I haven't seen the entire
video I have heard the song like once and I had that part stuck in my
head I was bored so I put that in at the end lol :P 
erised says:   14 September 2011   297652  
I'm referring to the lyrics, not the video.
‹Viridian_Forest› says:   14 September 2011   492122  
Read the diary those are literally the only lyrics I know that and
the constant TAKE IT OFF in the chorus.
‹IcePath› says:   14 September 2011   281651  
it dose get annoying when you do that. and i've asked you to stop and
you dont
‹Viridian_Forest› says:   14 September 2011   119643  
@xComic_kittenx I try to stop but even then she didn't need to
flip the fuck out I have no idea how to stop it a lot of guys do it I
at least try so get over it. 
erised says:   15 September 2011   505299  
1). Not a girl brah'.
2). I didn't freak/flip/wtfe out, I was only a bit sarcastic. 
‹Viridian_Forest› says:   15 September 2011   726794  
1. not talking about you brah
2. lol read the whole diary my mom flipped the fuck out :D 
erised says:   15 September 2011   435345  
Oh. Ha.
My mistakes then! 
‹Viridian_Forest› says :   15 September 2011   466927  

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