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Saturday, 20 August 2011
10:14:25 AM (GMT)
Over a course of days, I have been in communication with a guy over the internet
known to be"bloodbathes" but really his name is asshole. This man has been begging my
to post pictures of myself naked and he asks frequently if i can show certain parts
of my body. when I told him no he accused me of being a man and told me "fuck off old

I would stay away from bloodbathes because he is only interested in what women can
give him, and will only use you to get what he wants.I would rather stay being single
than ever consider likeing him because all he is a horrible person who does not
appreciate women, and their feelings.

If I were you, I stay single and lonely,than with a jerk who will make your life
miserable because you'd be better off without him.

This also made me realize something also... every rose no matter how beautiful it
is,will always have a thorn.

silhouette says:   20 August 2011   496773  
Jesus. Just fucking report him.
broken_into_hearts says:   20 August 2011   579173  
i have talked with him just put no cybering on your prophile and he
left me alone after a few messages
‹I'll Love You For A Thousand Years <3› says:   20 August 2011   555840  
to:496773 and 579173

i did report him, i just wanted to help people in the future know what
a jerk he is...but thank you for giving me the advice
ScenegurlSam says:   20 August 2011   511191  
ew that gross
‹I'll Love You For A Thousand Years <3› says:   20 August 2011   815536  
to 511191

i know right?
‹BadDBboY› says:   20 August 2011   492142  
This pervert that u are talking about is TieMyShoes aka Matt under a
different name
Just to advise you, I have heard that he sometimes records people when
they cam and he posts her pixs and the video on the internet
broken_into_hearts says:   20 August 2011   345026  
really? i had no clue... 
‹BadDBboY› says:   20 August 2011   298257  
Now u know it
‹I'll Love You For A Thousand Years <3› says:   20 August 2011   191819  
to 298257

thank u for the information,i think that could be really useful
‹OnceUponAStar› says:   21 August 2011   481470  
I knew it was him! He's requesting to see my album just now! wow...
Girl, you helped a lot and @BadBoy01 , you too 
If I were you, I stay single and lonely,than with a jerk who will make your life miserable because you'd be better off without him.
‹Fairy.Wind.› says:   21 August 2011   964173  
He stopped messaging me after I replied "Nope" to his cybering
question xD
‹CastleOfSmoke› says:   21 August 2011   148475  
omg..he did the same with me!!!!
erised says:   21 August 2011   544765  
He never actually broke any rules.

They're lucky he asks before trying to cyber. 
silhouette says:   21 August 2011   454974  
Then I have no room to say anything.
Isn't that unsolicited cybering, though?
They said stop, and he keeps trying, asking for pics, etc. 
erised says:   21 August 2011   871549  
Cybering is considered erotic role play though - sadly. 
‹I'll Love You For A Thousand Years <3› says:   21 August 2011   452182  
but it gross and nasty wat he's doing...i just want people to be
aware that he's a pervert so that they will be careful talking to him
belieber_for_life says:   21 August 2011   266032  
yeah he did the same thing to me i just blacklisted him
‹I'll Love You For A Thousand Years <3› says:   21 August 2011   235352  
i did the same thing....i just want people to know how he really is
delirious says:   21 August 2011   567904  
It's good that people out there can alarm others to his
interests. Even if he can't be banned from the website, people could
choose to avoid him.
Unfortunately, Kupika seems more skilled at making a fuss of
everything rather than work on the problem. This is just my opinion,
though. .__.'
delirious says:   21 August 2011   549161  
Unsolicited cybering isn't against the rules?
‹I'll Love You For A Thousand Years <3› says:   21 August 2011   133190  

i agree 
erised says:   21 August 2011   387808  
Callan dear, unsolicited cybering is against the rules, however the
guy wasn't cybering.

Therefore, I do not have to log on to my moderator account and ban
him. o3o 
silhouette says:   21 August 2011   991778  
Ahh. I didn't know the full extent. 
‹~WildBerri~› says:   21 August 2011   876159  
Oh gawd he messaged me too wanting to know if I had advise about a
girl he knew and if I could get her to date him and give him advise
and he ended up asking me to cyber after his "Bi girl" got together
with another guy I'm like seriously? No.
‹I'll Love You For A Thousand Years <3› says:   21 August 2011   648420  

i wouldnt believe a word that he says...i'd stay away from him 
‹LilyTheGirl› says:   22 August 2011   181677  
He reminds me of Oroburus21, who was on this site. I hope he ends up
in jail like him.
I only pity those stupid girls that are on his friends list  
exquisite says:   22 August 2011   129782  
Blacklist him then. And if anyone encounters him in the future,
advise them to do the same.
‹› says:   28 August 2011   384472  
Guy's listen to me . I dated this kid .. well when is othher profile
"TieMyShoes" was up .... He told me he wanted ton be with me forever
.and he sucked me into him .. And then he asked for this shit. and he
cusssed me out. Guy's don't fall for what some of these boy's say on
here. Trust me . All of these duded want fucking sex. Im telling you .
He's a fake . And those pictures .. yes that's him . cause ive seeen
him before. he may be beautiful to you. but. his personality aint so
pretty . so please. don's  eldude into his "talk "..
‹BadDBboY› says:   28 August 2011   431536  
Congrats Macy, u have done a good job
This jerk is not worth it 
‹› says:   28 August 2011   436431  
I know babe . I know . Im sorry . I love you !!!! (:
queenlakarme says:   7 February 2012   240315  
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relationship with you , please you can contact me through my mail, 
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I will be waiting for your reply as soon as possible.
From your friend,
exquisite says :   7 February 2012   569294  
Why do you spammers even think that anyone believes that B.S anymore? 

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