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My omegle chat with a perv!:DCategory: (general)
Thursday, 18 August 2011
03:47:53 PM (GMT)
Stranger: hey

Stranger: how are you?

You: I'm fine thanks for asking

You: u sure are a polite stranger

Stranger: thank you..i try to be polite

Stranger: what´s your name?

You: My name is Tanaija!

You: What about u?What's yours?

Stranger: i am is nice to meet you tanaija

You: Nice to meet u too!

You: Would u happen to be a fan of michael jackson?:D

Stranger: sorry...not a fan..sme songs are good though

Stranger: where are you from?

You: I'm from chicago but now I live in New Jersey.

Stranger: american girl

Stranger: i am from germany

You: Awesome, i've been doing my best to learn german but for the moment I can only
say 'i love you' in german

Stranger: haha..well that is important to say

Stranger: how old are you=

Stranger: ?

You: I'm 13 but will be turning 14 the 16th of sept!

Stranger: lol...i am 27...

You: Cool, did you know there is something called the 27 club?

Stranger: no..what is that for a club?

You: The 27 club is a club comprised of singers who all died at age 27 most recently
amy winehouse

Stranger: ohh yeah i heard about that...with kurt cobain

Stranger: you seem to like music

You: Yeah, I do I tend to sing a lot and listen to much though i've been trying to do
that a bit less

You: I have tinitus in my ear

Stranger: haha..i can imagine

You: lol yeah, so you ever heard about the illuminati?

Stranger: yeah i read dan brown

Stranger: but i don´t believe in you?

You: I sort of do considering all the evidence provided that would suggest it's real

You: People such as lady gaga do appear to be in it

Stranger: serisouly?

You: She's suppose to have gotten involved in all kinds of occult worship and

You: Apparently she went through something called ''mk ultra''

You: Where she had her mind wiped

Stranger: well that would explain a

You: Yeah I suppose so her and other singers including michael jackson are suppose to
have been involved

You: it's thought there were stuff hinting to the fact it was what killed him

Stranger: maybe it was just the drugs,-)

You: Could have been michael jackson probably became a bit of a druggie after stuff
that blighted his career

Stranger: hey..i wanna be honest..i am mainly here to chat about sex...but i can
imagine that you don´t want to...

You: Yeah, I kind of don't...

You: I've tried it

You: Never really got into it and i'm not very good at it

Stranger: no cybersex

Stranger: i don´t like that

Stranger: just bormal chat about sex

Stranger: normal

You: You mean you would like for the topic to be about sex?

Stranger: alking about experiences or other stuff

Stranger: bit not like..."ohhh i am fucking you hard.."  i dont like that

You: Okay, you ever have a wet dream?If so what'd you dream about?:b

Stranger: actually no...but i think about sex all the time

Stranger: you?

You: I experiences ''urges'' which are pretty typical for an adolescent

Stranger: but you are a virgin tight?

You: Of course I don't plan on having sex until at least 17 and certainly with a

Stranger: good plan!

Stranger: internet really sucks..i get disconnected a lot...can i add you you
on a messenger?

Stranger: i have skype, msn, yahoo and gmail

You: I don't have any of those to be quite honest but I have accounts on two
different sites where you can message me...

You: Kupika has a message obtion and I have a youtube account

Stranger: what is kupika?

You: It's a website where you can make an avater

You: You can also message,chat,write in a diary, and post twits

You: Join clubs,make art, and give virtual gifts

Stranger: i can register there....would you wanna stayin touch?

You: Yes, you are a nice person to chat with

You: my username on there is childhand

You: I know it sounds weird

You: like some kind of down syndrome :b

Stranger: you don´t mind chatting about sex with me?

You: of course not

Stranger: cool..i really like you

You: Awesome!So, you will be sure to make an account right?

You: Just to be certain that I can find you what will be you're username?

Stranger: i am making an account now

Stranger: can i see then a picture of you?

You: I don't have any pictures of me currently but later i'll put some up

Stranger: okay

You: Want me to log on to kupika?

Stranger: yes..please

You: I'm logged on

You: You can go to where it says the number of people online

You: click the number and you can find me

Stranger: which number?

You: where it says 58

You: on the first page 

You: under fleeting thoughts

Stranger: i need a text about myself

Stranger: can i take the one you gat an account faster?

You: You mean for your profile?

Stranger: yes

You: Just feel it with a bunch of letters and do it later

Stranger: is are riht,)

You: would you happen to be tffos?

Stranger: ehat is tffos?

Stranger: what

You: I was just wondering if that was you're profile

You: someone new joined and I thought that might be you

Stranger: how do i find you now?

You: Do you see fleeting thoughts?

Stranger: no

You: Where are you now?

You: Just type childhand in the website's search engine


Stranger: that´s my link

You: Okay, I find you

You: I'll message you now

Stranger: okay

You: Want me to disconnect now so we can continue chatting on kupika?

Stranger: stay on here for a whiile..u ntil we are set up ober there

You: Okay, sounds like a good idea

Stranger: i jsut added you

You: Good!I'll add you too

Stranger: so when do i see a picture of you?

You: In a few days i'll see when I can put one on imageBB

Stranger: how do you look like?

You: I have short hair and i'm about 5'7

Stranger: what hair colour and eye colour?

You: Black hair and brown eyes so nothing special...=b

You: I also have a round blue mark on the outer part of my wrist

Stranger: you sound nice..that is the most important thing

You: Good to know you do too, especially in comparison to some people on here who at
times can be quite rude

Stranger: that´s true

Stranger: can i ask how big your breasts are?

You: They're not that big

You: But they're still developing

You: I still need to buy a training bra...

Stranger: yu think they will become big?

You: Perhaps but i'm honestly hoping they wont I don't think i'd feel comfortable
with big breats

You: *breasts*

Stranger: do you notice that guys look at your breasts?

You: No and I think i'm glad they don't :b

Stranger: haha

Stranger: and how is your vagina?

You: hmm like any other vagina?I've tried masturbating but I don't think i'm doing it

You: nothing happens

Stranger: i can teach you hhow to masturbate if you want

Stranger: do you have hair down there?

You: yes, and I got it at an early age from the time when I was 5 years old

Stranger: wow..didn´t know you can get it so early

Stranger: are you very hairy now?

You: Yeah, and I have to make sure it all goes down the drain after a bath...

Stranger: you shave your pussy? or what do you mean?

You: When I wash down there I have to make sure the hair that's left after the bath
is washed down the drain

You: I know it sounds weird...i've been meaning to shave

Stranger: a shaved vagina is better when aguy licks you down there...but i like it
also when it is hairy

Stranger: it looks nice

You: Can I tell you something?I don't know if you will be okay with it though

Stranger: tell me

You: Well I think I might not be interested in guys I initially thought I was but now
it just seems i'm more interested in girls

Stranger: why do you think that?

You: I see pictures of girls and I find them pretty appealing

Stranger: do you get wet then?

You: No I don't think so but I think I had horny

You: *get*

Stranger: have you ever watched porn?

You: Lots of times from the time when I was 11 though I hadn't purposely searched for

Stranger: i watch porn all the time

You: I've also seen hentai, the first time I saw porn it was cartoon porn while I
searched for nick toons

Stranger: but so you also watch real porn?

You: Yes, but porn with consentual sex in it doesn't appeal tom e

You: I prefer rape porn

Stranger: wanna get raped too?

You: I sometimes fantasize about it but it isn't rape if you like it right?:b

You: When I think about it that way it seems in that case it would be impossible to
fantasize about rape

Stranger: rape is when someone forces you to have sex...but you can secretly like

You: Yeah makes sense

Stranger: ever kissed a guy?

You: I got kissed by my cousin from 6-7 years old

Stranger: haha...would youlet me kiss you?

You: I don't know if i'd feel comfortable with that to be honest but maybe I would
still give it a try just to see how it feels

Stranger: you would be okay with the age difference?

You: Yeah and maybe that would somehow make the kiss better even?

Stranger: i would kiss you very will like it

You: Good to know, i've kissed another girl before too

Stranger: on the mouth?

You: Yes, when I was 5 years old she kissed me on the mouth when we got sent to the
bathroom together each day

You: I thought something about it at the time was wrong though so I pushed her off
one day

Stranger: well i am not sure..5 years counts

Stranger: if i kiss you it will be much better

You: Yeah i'm sure you know how to deliver a really good kiss, you've kissed girls
before right?

Stranger: yes of course..and i had sex before

You: When did you first have sex?If you don't mind me asking just out of curiousity

Stranger: you can ask me anything..i am open to you

Stranger: i was 18...quite late

You: Well in some places that's when it's legal so I don't think that's too later

You: Still I think 16 is about the right time

You: though i'll be waiting till 16

You: *17*

Stranger: would you do more tsuff with me besids kissing?

You: Sure, what kind of stuff would you like to do?

Stranger: take off your top?

You: Yeah sounds okay 

Stranger: and your bra too?

You: Yes, if you wanted me to 

Stranger: sure..i wanna see your breasts

You: Would you want to see me in my underwear?

Stranger: yes

You: What kind of panties do you like?

Stranger: do you have thongs?

You: No but I have pink ones with black poke a dots

You: I also have all white ones, and blue ones with black starts 

You: *stars*

Stranger: wud you minf if i took off all your clothes?

You: I think I would feel comfortable as log as I could keep the underwear on

You: I wouldn't mind taking everything else off

Stranger: would you be scared that i would try to penetrate you?

You: I'd try to get into it so I could feel comfortable with it if possible

You: So, I wouldn't be too scared

Stranger: if you wouldn´t want me to penetrate you then i would respect it

Stranger: i would just lick your pussy then

You: Okay sounds great!What side is it?

You: *size*

Stranger: my penis?

You: Yes

Stranger: well if you had a messenger i could show you on webcam

You: You could send me a picture using an option on kupika

You: It's at the bottom of where you send a message

Stranger: can i see you naked then too?

You: Sure, but can I see the pic of you're penis first?

You: If you don't mind because I can still send you my pic first instead if you want

Stranger: i don´t mind...but i would prefer to see you first

You: okay...

Stranger: when can you take them?


broken_into_hearts says:   19 August 2011   353439  
hehe fail
‹CNNInternationaal› says:   20 August 2011   332795  
How so?I honestly wasn't sure how to title this but I thought I make
the title my omegle chat with a perv since I wanted it to be something
interesting enough to get people to click and read rather than
something boring like ''omegle chat''. 
NeMeQuittePas says:   21 August 2011   541561  
do advertise your shit on the club. no one gives a fuck, and doesn't
want to waste their time reading this crap.
NeMeQuittePas says:   21 August 2011   957891  
erised says:   21 August 2011   804263  
Children these days. 
What is the world coming to?
‹CNNInternationaal› says:   21 August 2011   753919  
Sorry, I just wanted people to read I wont do it again. 
‹CNNInternationaal› says:   21 August 2011   352550  
Yeah I know I should be doing something better but my life is boring
and dull so...=b 
sanmaX3 says:   30 August 2011   412507  
hahaha xD wow ....... i thought this was serious.......lmao!! XDDD
LilBirdy says :   11 October 2011   142280  
Wow. That is truly messed up on his part.

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