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Can Someone PLEASE answer my cutting (SI) problem questions??? Thanks.Category: (general)
Wednesday, 10 August 2011
10:52:55 PM (GMT)
So, I was out at the mall the other day. Well forced to go school shopping with my

   I had a short sleeve shirt on and these four girls (maybe 12-14) started

   I look at them and there pointing at my cuts on my  arms.

   One girl come up to me and says, "Nice cuts emo. Are you really looking for that
much attention? Well, your not getting it from me." 

   OKAY, SERIOUSLY?! What makes these girls think I want attention?! I hated how they
assume I want their attention when I could care less about their rude assumptions and
attitudes. I have worse problems than worrying wheather or not i have someone's
attention. Things I've experianced would most likely put her into a coma from fear

  I just wanted to ask a few questions.

Why is it okay to people to laugh at someone else's obvious pain?

    Couldn't they just ask me about them, not treat me like an animal?

    What makes people laugh at my cuts?

    Why are people afraid to ask about them?

    Has this ever happened to anyone?

   I just don't understand all.

     It is on my nerves. Rawer >:'(

‹JayyDC69› says:   10 August 2011   498944  
I see your problem. I actually have lots of friends who cut
themselves, and one girl friend. I help out most of them, but my girl
friend was my main concern I had. She was cutting herself all the time
and I didn't understand why. I gave everything she wanted, I was nice
to her all the time, and I treated her like she was the only one on
Earth, but she still cut herself. Come to find out, it was family
problems. I helped her in many ways as I could because I hated to see
my baby in pain. She has stopped cutting herself because of me. So I
will try my best to help you.

The answers to your questions are..... :

1.) People laugh at you because they wanna be the "cool" kids who pick
on other people. They say you cut yourself for attention? Naw....they
laugh at you for attention. All those stuck up people do is laugh at
other kids who are what they think, "below" their level. Truth is,
we're all the same. If people laugh at you, ignoring them is the best
you can do. They wont change. And if you wanna say something to them
about it, say "Don't hate me because I'M me, hate me because YOU'RE
not me". Them walk away.

2.) They don't ask you about them because either they don't care about
you, or they are embarrassed to ask. But to that question, I'm really
not sure what to do about that.

3.) The thing that makes people laugh at the cuts is because usually
people don't cut themselves. And they think that if people cut
themselves then they are "low life piece of trash". That is the wrong
statement. The reason people cut themselves is because they have no
other way, or don't know another way of showing their feelings, or
expressing their feelings. They laugh because they don't understand
why people cut. They laugh because they think it's silly. And they
also laugh because they are wanna-be popular people.

4.) People are sometimes afraid to ask mainly because they don't want
to hurt your feelings or cause emotional breakdowns. So you have to
tell them why they are there if you want them to know. I actually have
the same problem, but I don't cut myself, never have never will. I
have this scar from where I got stabbed in a fight on my right arm and
people think I cut myself. But I make sure everybody knows why that's
there for that reason.

5.) Yes it has. Many, many people cut themselves. Many people get
laughed at and teased. And a lot of that people who cut themselves and
people laughed at them actually cause the cutters suicide. And people
today still do that. So don't think your the only one.

Now I hope I answered your questions. And My question to you is do you
want to stop cutting?
RainRational says:   11 August 2011   819723  
Thanks for those answers. It just gets on my nerves that people are
so arrogent sometimes. X.X

 But for your question, no I do not want to stop cutting. Cutting is
the only way I can still know I'm still there. I've been through so
much that I've kind of shut down so to speak. Last Summer I was
catotonic (unresponsive) for about a month. Sometimes I still space
out when I accidently think of some memories. It's sorta like my own
shield. Lately I've been getting my emotions back little by little so
I cut more to deal with them.If I DID stop I would probably try to
kill myself again to be honest.

 Hope at answered your question. -R
RainRational says:   11 August 2011   554862  
broken_into_hearts says :   13 August 2011   428734  
hey can you message me @RainRational ? 


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