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Saturday, 6 August 2011
11:32:39 PM (GMT)
do you have a child? raina. i spoil her too. ;D what is your mom's name? anita. are you having fun tommorow? possibly. are you drinking anything right now? nope. do you like the color blue? certain shades. are you a child, teenager, or adult? teenager. do you cook? uh huuuh. do you like to smell roses? i do. c; have you ever been to california? nope. have you met any tv stars before? naw. what does your name start with? em. do you go by your first name, nick name, or a middle name? first name and nickname. have you ever ate spaghetti ever in your life? NO. just kidding. do you write neat or sloppy? fairly neat. what colors are the curtains in your living room? if you have curtains. tan-ish cream. what grade are you in school? tenth. do you text alot? or do you not have a phone? i text a fair amount. lately, at least. do you like thunderstorms? love them. c; do you like the sun to get some tan? ...not really, no. do you like to stay outdoors or indoors? depends on the mood and weather. what color are your socks at the moment? not wearin' any, yo. do you like polka dots? um, you can go very wrong and very right with polka dots... do you have any nephews or nieces? no i do not. are you in a relationship with someone? no. do you have a celebrity crush? i wouldn't say so. how old is your mom? why? fifty. dad? fourty-eight? i honestly don't know... what is the time? nine thirty-two. what color is your hair? blonde-ish. are you eating? no. what do you hear when you're silent? the fan running and the tv. :P do you eat your ice? naw. do you even like ice? not so much. do you do your laundry? i fold it. what is today's date? the sixth of august. whats the best thing when there is school back? ...nothing. school shopping? do you check your email ever? not very often. who is your bestest bestest friend in the whole wide world? RAINA. My sister of course, too. When you do to the supermarket, what is the first section you go to? produce. What did you have for dinner last night? i can't even remember...OH. Portabella mushroom burger. It looked like a spider. D; Do you own anything with the Playboy Bunny on it? no. Where is the last beach you went to? costa rica. What has been your favorite concert you've attended? ooo. i don't have one, not a huge country fan. Have you ever been rock climbing? yeah. not like, hard-core rock climbing. Are ou a fan of seals? sure? Do you like ice cream? yes, but not like, "OMG, ICE CREAM!!!!" Do you own a bean bag chair? no. Who would you choose to be stuck in an elevator with for nine hours? wynton. what? c; What is your biggest fear? i guess, dying without ever accomplishing anything? Have you ever played Gamecube? no. What are you fascinated by? the littlest and the grandest things. Are you allergic to anything? What? some medication and pollen. Would you be willing to be examined for medical research? um. i probably should be. Where is your phone? staring right at me straight ahead. What is two feet from your right arm? my perfect, fat pottery owls. What has been the biggest event for you to overcome? the fear of going to costa rica without my family. (first plane trip and everything.) Do you have a favorite pet? no. that would be mean. Where were you ar 10:12 this morning? out walking. Who was your first celebrity crush? i...i don't know. If God was standing by your window while you were asleep would you wake up? no. haha. When someone drops something do you immediately go and pick it up for them? usually, if they are close by. Do you like the sound of velcro? haha, no, no it bothers me. Could you call your best friend right now and tell them your biggest secret? i don't really know what my biggest secret is. Could you trust them to keep it? oh of course. Have you ever played with toy cars before? DUH. :D What kind of iPod do you have? i don't have one. What was the last sporting event you attended? my dad's baseball game. Do you own any vinyl records? sadly, no. Are you the one in a group to talk a lot or do you listen? i tend to listen. Have you ever played Wii Fit? i have. makes me sooo mad. What was the last album you listened to? adele 21. What is your shoe size? 7, 7 1/2, or 8. What kind of chores do you do? dusting, folding laundry, emptying the dishwasher, cleaning stuff, etc. When was the last time you cried? a week or so ago. or something. Do you want to tell me about it? not really. c: If you were given a baby boy and 15 seconds to name him what would you? name him robin hood. How many hours of tv a day do you watch? hardly any. Who is one celebrity under the age of 25 you do not like? miley cyrus, i suppose. Who is one you do like? emma stone. Do you have a favorite color? i don't know. D; i think turquoise, but possibly peach. Have you ever touched a caterpilar? of course i haaave. What is your favorite kind of salad? i don't have one, salad is salad. Can you give a fact about Chuck Norris? he's overrated. Is there a YouTube channel whose videos you always watch? not anymore. i used to watch ijustine, though. In your opinion, who has the best voice of the bands you listen to? bands? i don't know about bands. but best voice right now, adele. What is your favorite coin? fifty-cent piece. Have you ever set a table? sure. but we don't even eat at the table or anything, so. Has the death of MJ greatly affected you like it has with so many others? uh huh. uh huh. uh huh. :/ Have you ever witnessed soemthing burn down? no. Do you like coffee? If so, how do you take it? i like it IN stuff, not a ton by itself. and if it IS by itself, lots of milk and some splenda. Have you ever won a game of chess? heck no. Do you enjoy staying at hotels? not as much as i used to, but suuure. Have you ever picked strawberries or apples? i sure have. Have you ever met someone famous. Who? Do tell! my mom? ha, she's pretty famous. What are you in love with? raspberry iced tea. for some reason. Who is one singer or band you would kill to see live? adele or greg laswell. oh my word. How often do you bike ride? quite a lot, actually. almost every day. What is your best physical feature? my unnaturally soft hands. xD Are you any good at Ping-Pong? probably not.

‹qwertyuiopie› says:   11 August 2011   410711  
‹freckleshoulders› says:   12 August 2011   460546  
Love youuuuuu. 
‹qwertyuiopie› says:   12 August 2011   345656  
‹freckleshoulders› says :   12 August 2011   839676  


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