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Saturday, 30 July 2011
08:40:34 PM (GMT)
I love how some HP fans automatically assume just because you don't
like Harry Potter means you lack imagination.

I, for one, certainly do not lack imagination. I just don't like Harry Potter. It's
not a big deal. I don't bash against it or Rowling. In fact I adore Rowling's
writing. I just never got into Harry Potter. Yet I mention this and a hundred fans of
the books are suddenly raising up and flaming the hell out of me. I never said it was
a bad book series because it's not. But let's face facts: Harry Potter
isn't the best book series ever invented ever. Or rather, it's not the best book
series ever invented ever to everyone. 

I have no problem if you love it. I feel the same way about the Song of the Lioness
quartet or the Pride and Prejudice and Zombies trilogy. But I'd prefer it if people
didn't automatically assume I lack imagination or hate good literature because I

Harry Potter is not the only good book series out there. There are going to be people
who don't like it. I'm sorry that this is the end of an era, I really am. I'm also
sorry I can't relate.

Now if you excuse me, I'll be over here crying over the Buffy the Vampire Slayer
reboot. That was my childhood, and now it's getting killed too. Oh, Whedon please don't let this happen.

Oh and just letting you know that even though I sound
like this whole Harry Potter thing upsets me

Saperlipopette says:   30 July 2011   771172  
Perfect marks for the trimester.

(Sometimes, methinks, people only like Harry Potter because the other
half of the human population does...)
erised says:   30 July 2011   253930  
you have some solid points.
Grin says:   30 July 2011   607495  
Why thank you.
I've met quite a few fans I'm pretty sure only like it because it's
the 'coolest thing evvaar' right now, what with the last movie out and

i do try my best, thank you 
erised says:   30 July 2011   754149  
Just don't insult Potter and i won't be madddd 
Grin says:   30 July 2011   664768  
I tend not to insult things I don't like. Just because I don't
like it doesn't mean other people can't enjoy it. So you don't have to
worry, there. 
erised says:   30 July 2011   870424  
Saperlipopette says:   30 July 2011   209365  
I find it just really upsetting in general...
The characters are so poorly portrayed and it's written really
terribly. I know that it's supposed to be a children's book and it's
meant to show ~*the real characteristics of real people*~ but
it's just a load of rubbish if you ask me, really. Every-one is very
whiny and stuck-up and full of themselves and their ideas, and
everyone always 'says' things. "Said Harry. Said Hagrid. Said Snape".
Yeeesh. What-ever.
My personal rant, desculpe-me! >_<' 
Grin says:   30 July 2011   333174  
I haven't actually brought myself to sit down and seriously
read any of the books, so I wouldn't be able to form an opinion on how
the characters are portrayed within the books themselves. I will make
a point to say that human beings in general are quite whiny and full
of themselves. But don't get me wrong, I do understand what you mean
though. c: And Rowling could vary the way she writes when people
speak, but then again I have the same problem when writing too. /shrug

I don't mind the little mini rant. It's interesting to see where other
people are coming from! 
Saperlipopette says:   30 July 2011   687970  
Oh, I've re-read the first one every time a film is about to come out,
trying to convince myself to really adore them and connect with them,
but I get to the fourth and it takes me about three weeks just to get
over the fact that Cho Chang exists, and then you read the fifth and I
couldn't handle how much of a child Harry acts like. "Why won't you
tell me anything!!!! I deserve to know every-thing!!!!!! I am the
reason why all of your lives suck!!!!!" I can't handle it... 
Oh heaves, I know that, of course! But everyone is so delusional about
how terrible everything is, though! The plot holes, as well! If
Voldemort was such a hassle why didn't they just get a gun and shoot
him, omg. I just can't stand how awful it is, help!
(This is a
really helpful guide to synonyms for 'said'. ^___^)

Ok, I am going to stop saying mean things now because the fans will
start going mad! 
Grin says :   31 July 2011   363321  
You can't very well convince yourself to connect to something
you just plain don't like. And the more you try the less you'll like
it. At least that's the case in my experience. I've tried to force
myself to like HP too. I just can't. Is Voldemort even aware of
the existence of fire arms or what? Sometimes others can come to a
logic that the author didn't really intend anyone to come to. Ha,
thank you for the list of synonyms for said. Writing 'said' all the
time is more force of habit than anything though.

Wouldn't want that now would we? The more rabid ones might eat you


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