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Sunday, 3 July 2011
07:27:58 PM (GMT)
You: Hi

Stranger: Hey!

You: Finally, I kept saying hi and no one typed out a response...

Stranger: Wonder whyy?

You: Idl, but do you ever get the feeling you have bad luck?

You: *idk*

Stranger: Yea. Ssometimes, not always

You: I see, I was just wondering since I feel a little that way right now

Stranger: Did something terrible happen to u?

You: Not too terrible but here's the thing...I nearly burnt my own house down when I
put something in the oven

Stranger: Omg! Totally scary!

You: Yeah, there was smoke all over the kitchen and everything smelt of burnt

Stranger: Egh! How old are u?

You: I'm 13

Stranger: I am14. ))

You: Cool, i'll be you're age in just two months

Stranger: Cool! So Like spetmeber

You: Yes, september 16th

You: I was suppose to go to fourth grade when I was younger but instead was kept in
third grade for some reason

Stranger: Where u from?

You: Chicago

You: I live in NJ right now

Stranger: Cool. I''m from Texas. Ever been?

Stranger: From the Dallas area.

You: No but i've heard about what Texas is like and I heard there are snakes there

Stranger: Never seen one except at the zoo.

You: I think when I was younger a guy might've put one on my shoulders

Stranger: Oh gosh that sucks! I hate snakes they creep me OUT!

You: Really?I think they're kind of cool

You: I'm defintely getting one as a pet maybe with a tirantula too 

Stranger: Don't u hate the way they move, their texture, their tungs?

You: No I think they're kind of cute and interesting too

Stranger: CUTE! Ur touched in the head!!! Lol! Are male?

You: No i'm female

Stranger: Me to. I can't believe you think their V

Stranger: Cute?

You: I guess i'm just weird that way, but snakes do kind of fascinate me so I guess I
can't help it :b

Stranger: I like monkeys, bunnies, puppies and best of all HEMESTERS!! Aren't they

You: Yeah I think they're adorable too, especially hamsters which i've been begging
my mom to get for me

You: She says they look like rats though and I wont want to hold it

You: I keep reminding her i'll be the one to take care of it but she still refuses

Stranger: I have had 2 hemesters I loved them. My Sis had 3 mouses!!! Y other sister
had a mouse to but her cat killed it. but I hate thier tales!

You: I think baby mice are cute but my grandma would always catch them and toss them

You: My cat killed a bird I had once

Stranger: I don't think birds should be kept in cages their ment to fly!!! Wouldn't
u want to fly if u could?

You: Yeah, and i've had dreams about being able to fly like a bird

You: I took mine out of it's cage and my cat ran right in 

You: That's how mine got killed so I learned a valuable lesson that day

You: Cats and birds don't miss

You: *mix*

Stranger: Funny!!! I have had a dreams of jumping high but not flying isnt that

You: Yeah, it does sound kind of weird but maybe if you watched more stuff related to

Stranger: And birds and cats do NOT mix!!

You: it would cause you to have a dream about flying

Stranger: I have watched movies where flying is involved! But I hop a lot because I
only have one leg.

Stranger: And 6 fingers.

You: Wow...if you don't mind me asking how'd that happen?

Stranger: Fire.

You: How did the fire get started?

Stranger: When i was around 1.

You: That sounds kind of sad

Stranger: I am from Ethiopa which is in Africa and when I lived thier i rolled into
the fire which was on the ground.

Stranger: But I live in America as u now. I got adopted at 7.

You: I see, it's good to know you are okay though 

You: After all fire can be dangerous so it's good you're still here today

Stranger: Yea. I mean I go to regular school have normal friends life is pretty good
but it's hard having adoptive parents.

Stranger: I have a fake leg. 

Stranger: It's a lot to process.


You: Cool, it's good that you can still go to a normal school and have friends,
friends are definitely a great thing to have. 

Stranger: Yea they make life worth living


You: Friends are kind of like a second family right?Even though you're not related to

Stranger: Yea thats how I feel!!!

You: Do you ever watch the news?:b

Stranger: Barely. 

Stranger: Why?

You: I watch it everyday, have you heard about casey anthony?

Stranger: No. Tell please!

You: It's a woman who's accused of killing her 2 year old daughter caylee.

Stranger: Wow. Do u think she did?

You: So far, yes and the trial is nearing an end 

You: I think she was charged with 1st degree murder

Stranger: Sad. My aunt is in school to become a lawyer.

You: hold on a minute

Stranger: K.

You: I'm back 

Stranger: Hi!


You: Did you know a lot of journalist have a history as lawyers?

Stranger: Really?? Ur just full of info.

You: I just happen to be interested in journalism and what's in the media lol


Stranger: I don't really know what I am interested in. 

You: You should learn about certain stuff and afterwards see which appeals to you

Stranger: I kinda like philosophy.

Stranger: But theirs tons of different philosophy.

You: Cool, I know a little about philosophy and most of what I know is from social

Stranger: Lol!

Stranger: I kinda researched it in my free time.

Stranger: It is really interesting

Stranger: Do u know what PHD stands 4?

You: I read about that but I forget lol

Stranger: Haha! PhD stands for philosophy.

Stranger: It takes like 8 years to get ur PhD!

You: I see, think you're future career will have anything to do with philosophy?

Stranger: I really don't know. I wish I killed see my future!

Stranger: Do u think ur future will have something to do with animals?

You: I'm thinking about becoming a vet which would mean years of study 

Stranger: Really I thought it took like...4 yrs.

You: I read on wikipedia becoming a vet would means years of learning about animals
and there would be certain courses to take

You: It's all suppose to help you learn how to properly do surgical stuff on people's

Stranger: NEVER trust wikipedia!!! They won't let as use it in school because any one
can get on and change the FACTS!

You: I heard, but I figure the majority of what I read is true anyway

Stranger: Don't say u haven't been WARNED!!

You: I haven't been warned 

Stranger: Haha!! Very funny.

You: lol, do you watch south park?

Stranger: It depends what kind of vet u want to be.

Stranger: I think.

You: I have to go now ):

Stranger: Nice meeting u.


You: Nice meeting you too 

You: Bye!

Stranger: Bye.


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